A Tale of Two Kitties...

titter...see what I did there?...Charles Dickenstastic!

Well I have recovered from the foodfest that was Mr. Mimi's brithday, wiped the cake crumbs from my ever expanding chops and have been stitching like the wind ever since!

This latest piece is an Etsy pet portrait commission from the divinely wonderful GiddyGirlie.,
cLovley lady, fellow Virgo, crafting Queen and *current record holder of the Worlds largest Flickr photostream...which of course gave me plenty of good stuff to rummage about in! :)


The main painting is of Monkey and Ruckus, Mia's two gorgeous pussy cats; you can read Mia's very moving post about Monkey here, but I should warn you that if your anything like me and will cry at the theme tune from Born Free, you will be a snivvling, sobbing heap...like I was!

I had access to Mia's frankly magnificent photostream and a few wee guidelines as to favourite things (both Mia's and the furry chaps!)and my most favourite thing of all...a free rein...huzzah!

So without further ado I present...


Meet the boys! Monkey, all soft marmaladey oranges with hints of lilac and Ruckus with his soft bluey grey fur and pretty green eyes which have spotted something over there!

And here they are again!

See Monkey all surrounded by love with *millions of silky red stitchy hearts, one with wee bat wings which is something special to Mr.&Mrs Girly!

Silky shiny undergrowth and up pops Ruckus who has obviously spotted something in the leaferies!

A trail of stitchy golden stars has been left behind by wee Tinkerbell as she flew through the Oingo Boingo lyrics:
With sadness in my heart and joy in my mind
I thought about the ghost that we left behind.
With everyone around telling us what to do
With deafening sound whisper I love you

"Browar!" says Monkey..."Wow!" replies Ruckus!

Nestled in the corner are Ruckus headgear of choice, his wee pumpkin hat and Monkey's favourite Incredible Hulk with french knot bubblegum eyes ice lolly!

The chaps are currently winging their way to mum in the USA so I am in my usual state of postal stress disorder so positive vibes that they get ther safely, speedily and wont be a disappointment in the flesh! :)

And a big THANK YOU to Mia for trusting me with her precious boys! x

Once again I cannot tell you how much I love doing this sort of work...just gimme a few guidelines and I'm off for a rummage around in your life! So if you have a furry, scaley, feathery or even *imaginary chum that you would like festooned with stitchyness you know where to find me!

Now can't sit around here all day blogging about with you lot, I'm off to do something with a *bear cub and piglet...
Thanks for droppin' by! x;)


Lucy said…
your work is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I just love the embroidery you add to the paintings, the colours and textures are stunning.

So So beautiful! keep posting!!!

meplusmolly said…
Gorgeo work you cake eating fiend! L O V E as always. such a tease with your last posted lines......... ;0 Xxx
Nanna said…
I love to read your blog and to view your gorgeous paintings! What a beautiful imagination you have!
Lucy said…
haha we're in giant cooking pots, they were used to feed roughly 400= patients at Aradale Asylum when it was still running, obviously it's closed now and it used to be available for private use (photographers excursions there, they have beautiful grounds and very interesting and sad buildings)
The kitchen was definetly scary, there were giant meat cutters and many of these cooking pots!
AeFondKis said…
fabulous composition and colour palette!
Linda x
giddy girlie said…
I, of course, love it to pieces. It's not just a beautiful work of art, but it's an intimate look at my 'family' and it really does stir the soul! It conveys every drop of emotional investment that you had in the piece and I think everyone who sees it can tell how much you like doing this and the thought and dedication that you put in.

I really, truly, can never thank you enough. :)
Tiff said…
By golly, you've done it again, Mimi. These two fluffstuffs look just like my (loooongtime missed) babies, Pester Socks and Miss Bella. *sniff* I'll have to wait out this sensitive moment before I head over to read the "Monkey" post. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful as always.
Monkey has the most beautiful face, I just love the way you have rendered that particular portrait Mimilove, specially the eyes. Well done! BFN. Lesley
Anonymous said…
Stunning as ever, your work is so beautiful and you have captured these too lovelies so well . And your humour shines always - I love it!
ArtPropelled said…
I can't see it but I know there's a tail twitching in the leaferies.
Penny Nickels said…
Dear Mimi-
This has nothing to do with anything but... I LOVE that you love Vidocq! (such a fun movie!)
Did you read his autobiography?

This is my favorite quote from one of the reviews, "Its kind of repetitious. Vidocq escapes from jail at least 5000 times. and he disguises himself and shadows some one like 200-300 times."
hens teeth said…
Beautiful works Mimi creates,
animals of all kinds she stitches and paints,
commission Mimi to paint your pet,
it will be something you will never regret ;-)

Some fantastically creative work here, Mimilove, the box turtle is cool and I love the way you stitch (sew?)words into the canvas,there's something so strong about that and I can't figure what it is -and that's why i like it so much!
? said…
Hey Mimi darling, are you on facebook?
Undaunted said…
Love love love love love it! What beautiful kitties!

Hmm... you got me thinking about what *I* would have in a stitchery painting!...

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