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Well hello 2018! And a very happy new year to you all my bloggy chums....yes I know it's the 14th but it's the first time I've managed to get through a week without having to ask "What day is it today?!" or greet everyone I haven't seen since Christmas with: "Have good one?!" Having Christmas Eve fall on a Sunday threw us into total chaos this year; shopping delivered on a Tues instead of a Thursday, bins being collected on a Thursday and not Tuesday...this may sound pathetic but when you live in a fjord size rut like we do these things can cause a confusion of epic proportions! On top of that we had snow just before Christmas which meant most of UK shuddering to a halt and incited much muttering from himself.  This, bear in mind, is the man who forever goes on about wanting to move to Sweden (he watches far too much Wallander) and then refuses to leave the house at the first whiff of a snowflake?! He was virtually incoherent for 2

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