Well hello 2018! And a very happy new year to you all my bloggy chums....yes I know it's the 14th but it's the first time I've managed to get through a week without having to ask "What day is it today?!" or greet everyone I haven't seen since Christmas with: "Have good one?!"

Having Christmas Eve fall on a Sunday threw us into total chaos this year; shopping delivered on a Tues instead of a Thursday, bins being collected on a Thursday and not Tuesday...this may sound pathetic but when you live in a fjord size rut like we do these things can cause a confusion of epic proportions!

On top of that we had snow just before Christmas which meant most of UK shuddering to a halt and incited much muttering from himself.  This, bear in mind, is the man who forever goes on about wanting to move to Sweden (he watches far too much Wallander) and then refuses to leave the house at the first whiff of a snowflake?!

He was virtually incoherent for 2 days with all the muttering under his breath, interspersed with frequent weather updates: "It's still f*cking snowing out there!!" (I should point out he is in no way affiliated to the Met Office).  On the upside my garden hadn't looked this good in months! :)

So that was December! Well the snow has gone, decorations shoved in loft and normality, or as close as we get to normality, has resumed...huzzah!

In between the wandering around the house dazed and confused and resisting the urge to shove HIM in the loft for another year,  I did manage to get a bit of work done in the form of this wee fella!


This little peeking kitty is watercolour and (very scratchy!) pen and ink on watercolour paper.

I've hand embroidered "HELLO!" in an equally scratchy thread!

The thread is primarily black but with a lovely glittery metallic thread, in rainbow colours, running through it which was a total bugger to stitch on paper with! :)

The final piece all framed and ready to go!

The inquisitive but very friendly chap is over on the ol' Etsy emporium here if you'd like a peek too!

He comes in his very own frame and FREE Worldwide shipping! :)

Hopefully I'll be able to get a bit more work done this week, I've got lots of ideas milling around in the brain and also a recently completed interview for Plaisirs de Piendre magazine which I'm super excited about, so stay tuned!

In the meantime I hope you all had a good one! :)
Thanks for droppin' by xx


iHanna said…
Hi, hello and Miau! And Happy new creative year with lots of embroidery, I hope!
Gina said…
Happy new year! What a fun little picture but I don't envy you stitching with that thread!

Jan said…
Hello!! Happy New Year! We don't get much snow here so it nearly paralyzes us when it does come. Makes for a good time to stay inside and work on art which I can see you are doing. Good beginning to the new year.
Lyn said…
Well hello! Love the peeping kitty and so glad you are back to blogging. Xx

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