Friday, 7 March 2008

Cow bag!

Cow bag...
Cooo'ee! Well here's another wee bag...I have to say I'm loving making these; I'm not sure who my target market is, but I think they're gunna have to be pretty out there to wear favourite so far is probably Maurice.
I've been contacted by someone who's hoping to get a craft market off the ground near Brum, so if all goes well I shall debut them there...
So the latest: it's got a green n yellow cow (thank you Andy Warhol) it's got Abba, it's even got a dingly bell...c'mon what more does a bag need?
Abba - Dancin' Queen... mooo'ooo see that girl, watch that scene diggin' the dancing queen!!

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


So I'm thinking I might throw a bit of painting into the mix, it's what I do n all that. Fabric paint? Well yeah, but I'm not keen on the spending, so I looked to my leggings for inspiration...(yes...leggings... they're comfy...ok?!)... Anyway I wipe my palette knife clean on them and figured the paint has never washed off, so acrylics it is!!...Bung in the embroidery, whack it through the sewing machine and lo... Scruff Bags are born!

Pussycat Dolls: Dont cha wish ya girlfriend was hot like me? got in my head and stuck!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Pinch,punch first day of the munf...

..and no returns!

First go.

Finally got to grips with my sewing machine...actually brought back in the early 90's and had a couple of ill fated goes, completely lost heart, so stuffed it in the back of wardobe/loft/shed...but I always felt that somewhere deep inside me there was a stitchy genius just waiting to spring forth...turns out I was wrong, but I can manage a straight line (of sorts). So this is my first go at a wee baggy thing for an mp3 player perhaps or a moby phone.
The front is hand embroidered, which I do thoroughly enjoy and find a lot less stressful than the machine.

Mud - Tiger Feet...let's face it is there a finer song? I think not...

My new work out I think.