Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Deck the walls with.... of Ollie...FA LA LA LA LA...hold that thought...

By 'eck it's been all go here! I do apologise for my lack of contact with you all, but I've been working away like a thing possessed on Christmas commissions and all sorts of other boring non-stitchy gubbins. But I'm back and planning on a few days of catching up with my bloggy chums...brace yerselves! x;0)

So where woz I?

oh yeah...LA LA LA LARGHHHH!!!!!

Nope I've not got the words wrong and I'm not droppin' me aitches...(for a change)
I'd like to introduce you to Ollie, beloved doggy companion of the wonderous FlorenceWangDesigns.

Now if you don't know Florence's work I urge to visit her shop, not only does she make beautiful jewellery but her textile "paintings" are just DIVINE! Wee slices of New York rendered in cross stitch....cop a visual on her Rockfeller Centre n tell me it doesn't make you go all gooey with Christmassy ice skatey vibes!

Anyroad, Florence was generous enough to commission me to do my stitchy thing. I had a few guidelines; Mr. Ollie's likes and dislikes..PET peeves if you will...(titter) then I was pretty much left to my own devices for the rest, huzzah!...So that's my cue for a good old rifle through photostreams and blogs for inspirational bits and pieces!

(Once again, if you would like to commission a piece of your own, I do keep these things just the right side of stalking, so fear not, you wont find your ATM number and medical records festooned with beads and Engelbert Humperdinck lyircs....that's not to say I wouldn't do that if you asked though...)

So s'nuff of my wittering, lets get to the pics...


Meet Mr.Ollie all watercoloury in shades of golds and deep grey blues...

And bosh! Here is again in all his stitchyness!

Ollie is nestled amongst a positive rainbow of silky hand stitchy undergrowth with scatterings of red and gold glass beads and french knots and everything!

Now I'm told he's none to keen on snow, but I thought he probably wouldn't object too much if it was to snow a boney in amongst the french knot snowflakes, a fluttering of silky stitchy bonio's in silky white and shimmery silver...numnum!

I have included some of the Cole Porter "Too Darn Hot" lyrics:
When the thermometer goes way up
And the weather is sizzling hot
Mr. OlliePants for romance is not
Cos it's too darn....
Hey! Hey!

The lyrics melt into Brian from Family Guy shouting out of his car window...a nod to Ollie and his leaping loon behaviour on car journeys

After some hardcore stalking I also discovered Florence has been learning Mandarin so I've included the Chinese characters for "Good Dog" least I'm hoping that's what it says! :)

Mr.Ollie is currently winging his way to "mum" in New York, therefore I am in my usual state of postal stress disorder, so positive vibes that he gets there safely, speedily and wont be a disappointment in the flesh!

And a big THANK YOU to Florence for trusting me with her precious boy

Once again I cannot tell you how much I love doing this sort of work...just gimme a few guidelines and I'm off for a rummage around in your life! So if you have a furry, scaley, feathery or, er...fleshy chum (I do people to you know!) that you would like festooned with stitchyness you know where to find me

Now I can't show you my next piece as it's a Christmas present for a lady who I know reads my blog/flickr I've got to keep my North n South shut til I know it's been opened but rest assured once I know all is well I shall be blogging like the wind about it!

Before I fall into a mince pie/Christmas pudding induced coma I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to each and every one of you for all your wonderful supportive comments, emails, inspiration, swapsies and indeed purchases! I've made some fabulous new friends from all over the world since I started this blogging mularkey and if ever we meet, you will receive a big MimiLove hug and maybe a've been warned!

Thanks for droppin' by and have a VERY VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS! X;0)
Pass that mince pie...not that one...the big one at the back there...ta

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Little cock...


Made you look! Made you stare! Made you lose your underwear!

Well you should know me by now; show me a tone and I'll lower it ;0)

Anyroad latest addition to the Mimilove stable (nest?) of stuffed stuff, a wee Cockney Sparrow...or should that be sparra?

See the Bow & Arrow sat on his Bottle & Glass, 'aving a Butcher's Hook at the world going by..

'old the Dog & Bone...he's Pearly Queen you strolling up the Frog & Toad:
And I quote:

"Cor Blimey! I can't Adam & Eve my Mince Pies!
You're a Bobby Dazzler & no mistake!"

Bless his wee Cockney Jam Tart!

Mr. Sparrow sits on his machine stitched perch amongst a big old bunch of grassy stuff and leafery in bright clashy oranges, pinks and yellows with blues and greens and a smattering of tiddly green glass beads. The painty background has a mettalic acylic paint mixed in it for a bit of glittery goodness too. He's backed with black & white gingham, has a spotty pink & white loop and is stuffed with hollowfibre for your squidging pleasure

Bow and Arrow = Sparrow
Bottle & Glass = A....nswers on a postcard
Butcher's Hook = Look
Dog & Bone = Phone
Pearly Queen = Seen
Frog & Toad = Road
Adam & Eve = Believe
Mince Pies = Eyes
Bobby Dazzler = rather attractive (not y' classic rhyming slang)
Jam Tart = Heart
Sausage and Mash = Cash

So there you go; stuffed stuff, painty parts, stitchy bits AND an English lesson..where you gunna get that for your Sausage & Mash?
( shop by the way!)

TTFN and thanks for droppin' by!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009



I know I know! I'm sorry! It's rude, childish & puerile...but it HAD to be done I'm afraid...besides, where else y' gunna get hand painted, hand embroidered, hand stuffed blue tits complimenting you...hmm?

So, grab the smelling salts, wipe up that spilt tea vicar and cop a load of this pair of beauties!

A free style painting of a wee blue tit sitting on a stitchy branch watching the world go by.

But wait! You appear to have caught his eye:
"May I say you are particularly lovely today"

"Indubitably!" concurs his wee stitchy friend in the corner

The very polite chap and his posh mate are nestled in amongst the hand stitched undergrowth in all the colours of the rainbow. Also has a bit of glitteryness going on in the shape of some sequinny leaves and golden glass beads

Front is painted and stitched onto unbleached calico. Backing is a heavyweight black and white gingham and is filled with hollowfibre padding. Also features a pink and white spotty ribbon for your suspending pleasure!

Measures approx:Width 10cm x Height 13cm

So if you are looking for something a bit different this Christmas hop on over to my shoppe

MimiLove...for gifts that just keep on givin'...for love that keeps on lovin'!

tata for now...

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

PSSST....'ere missus...wanna buy budgie?!

OOO it's good to be back, fair missed the blogging and my bloggy chums I have, so big HELLO! to you all!

Well I have recovered from the marathon stitch fest for Aardvark; I'm rested, caked and ready to go and lately I have mostly been painting n stuffin' budgies...not literally as clearly that would be wrong plus the buggers don't stay still for long enough

A spanky new flock of budgie stufferies..winging..(titter)...their way off to Miso Funky towers for your purchasing pleasure, so if you're looking for a unique and orignal way to say "Happy Christmas Darling!"...consider the gift of's the gift that just keeps on giving!!

So here they are to brighten up a dull October day
Budgie no.1:

All aquamariney blues with whiffs of yellow sitting in his stitchy cage. As my dear derranged and ever so slightly violent Nanny Miles used to say "OOO's a pretty boy then?!?" (...she also used to swear a LOT but I didn't think it would be appropriate in this instance...altho it has given me an idea for a new range!)

A dingly,jingly bell and a sprinkling of french knots, glass beads in blues and oranges and tinsy drops of glittery gold add a bit of sparkle!

Budgie no.2

A rather inquisitive any Trill going?

Jingly gold bell and a garland of stitchy flowers interspersed with sequinny blooms in shades of pinks and clashy oranges, french knots and dinky glass beads

Budgie no. 3

ooo hello, it's budgie no.2's twin...same budgie, different day as they say...sort of! Shades of pinks and reds in the florals to ring the changes

Budgie no. 4

"Polly wanna cracker?!" better get him one quick of he'll be shovelling down those flowers like billy-o!
Silver metal chain with a cluster of tinkly silver bells sits amongst hand stitched flowers n shiney silky turquoise with fluorescent green french knots, glass beads and multi toned sequinny bits

Budgie no.5

Feathery fella florally festooned in er... pinks, reds oranges and golds...with bells on!

Budgie no. 6

Reds, oranges and glittery gold surround our final feathery friend!

All the gang are hand painted in acrylics, hand embroidered and then finished with spotty ribbony loops, black & white gingham backing and the merest whiff of lavender for your hanging and sniffing pleasure!

(Please note cage not's me mother-n-laws and she'd go mental!)

So head on over to Miso Funky and get 'em whilst they're hot, get 'em whilst they're stuffed...get stuffed!

Also in the works are a range of new mini's for Miso, global swapping action with my new Tokyo based chum Monsterosity which I'm unbelievably excited about and a pretty kitty commission...and also some napping and probably some steamed pudding and custard action

Thanks for droppin' by! x;0)

Friday, 18 September 2009

BOING! "Time for Bedlington" said Zebedee...


Yay! Hope everyone's fine and dandy?!
Right this is a biggun folks so you might want to grab yourself a nice cup o rosey and settle down for a bit...this may take a while!

These are the *final pieces in the series of 10 for the Aardvark Tea Room & Gallery set...*(I heard that cheer at the back!)

I am officially cream crackered with all the stitching so will be having a little breakaroonie for a while...(was that a sigh of relief George?!)

But I am taking part in the new Phat Qarter NSFW swap and also have new batch of mini's in the pipeline for my compadres at Miso Funky Towers so will be back in the stitchy groove soon. In the meantime I can be found tucked up against the autumn nip in the air with something tasty and cakeyish and Ovaltine

So, talking of snuggling up warm and cozy, I'd like to introduce...

Mama's & Papa's Time for Bedlington Terrier

Gawd I really hope you aren't getting too bored with these wee fellas? This chappy will send you right off to sleep if you are...


I usually like to give you a bit of hot pre-embroidery action with these, but the batteries packed up that day so you'll have to forgive the lack of wip shots!

See Mr. Bedlington all star gazey and woolly against the blue and purpley sky

Twinkle, twinkle little stars (and biggun's too) in a variety of metallic threads, including the one that puts my teeth on edge when I'm stitching with it!

Stitchy lyrics:
Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper I love you
Birds singing in the sycamore tree
Dream little dream of me

Well it beats counting sheep eh!?


The Cure: Wonderfully Pretty Kitty

Ah it's one for the pussy lovers (matron!) a break from the doggies to bring you a cheery, bright stripey marmalade cat, just lying about, taking it casual amongst the pretties!

I really enjoyed this one! It's just loose and free watercolour madness with sloshy flicky bits and general devil may careness...much like meself really ;0)

Kitty is surrounded by a swathe of silky, stitchy flowers in a rainbow of colours; you gotcha reds n yellows n pinks n greens...and so on! There's shiney metallicy bits, french knots and a wee stripey stitchy friend for company....see how content they are with all the "purrs"

Stitchy lyrics in shades of green and orange from one of my favourite tunes:
"We're so wonderfully wonderfully wonderfully wondefully pretty!"

Name that tune Tom O' Connor!

Picture number 2 please:
"Lucky Lucky Lucky Kylie Kitty"

Slinky black cat, well I say black but it's more shades of deep bluey/greys with flash of bright juicy orange for a nice bit o contrast!

Keeping kitty company, a saucy vintage tattoo totty! She's festooned with stitchy shamrocks in a variety of silks, fluorescents and metallics, there's another vintage "Number 7" tattoo with a cheeky wee mousey on and lots of lovely french knots and flowery bits scattered amongst the lucky stuff

Stitchy lyrics:
I'm dreaming
You fell in love with me
Like I'm in love with you
But dreaming's all I do
If only they'd come true
I should be so...

I'll name that tune in one! :)

Come in number 3 please your time is up:

"Lionel Ritchie Hello Kitty Stitchy Committee"

(working title!)

A close up portrait this time of a lovely stripey tabby (not unlike my Mr. BiteyBabe)
in shades of blues and lilacs and browns

A garland of pretty flowers and french knots in silky shiney pinks and greens and a
wee Hello Kity in the corner having a little wave at you!

Stitchy lyircs:
Hello!! Is it me you're looking for?

I'm not a number 4 I'm a free man!

"California Dreamin' Greyhound"

Another close up portrait, this time a wee brindle greyhound in shades of orangey browns and lilacs

Stitchy lyircs:
All the leaves are brown
And the skies are grey (hound)
I went for a walkies
On a winters day

(I'm fairly sure those were the original Mama's n Papa's words)

Well all the aren't leaves brown. In fact none of 'em are! They are though red and orange and glittery metallic gold and purple! See 'em all a-whirling n a-swirling round houndy head!

And finally (was that a sigh of relief at the back?!?)

"Sunny Sunny Puggy!"

Ah a return to pugsville! You gotta love a pug intcha...look at him all smiley n daft n tiddly!
Free and loose with the paints in shades of lilac, turquoisey blue and deep blue/grey

Got a touch of the Vincent van Gogh's going on here with some big old floppy sunflowers using all manner of free stitchy bits; metallic thread for extra glimmer and shedload of french knots for your texture pleasure!

Stitchy lyrics:
Sunny, thank you for that smile upon your face
Sunny one so true
I love you!

Possibly Boney M...figure they'd be quite know...Bonio's n all that

So here they all are then, a group shot if you will, and they are all available for your perusing purchasing pleasure from Aardvark, as is cake.

After nappage I will mostly be painting and stuffing budgies for my Miso Funky chums. But no need for the RSPCA calls folks, it's a new flock of lavender scented hangers - cos nowt says "Happy Christmas, I love you!" than a stuffed budgie...get them whilst they're hot...get them whilst they're stuffed....get stuffed x;0)

I'm off...and don't forget:

Thanks for droppin' by! x;0)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

A wop-bop a-loo-bop...

...a wop bam BULL DOG!

Well the mountain of cake crumbs have been hoovered up, the skip full of wine bottles removed and the muumuu has been let out (again) in preparation for Christmas.

Yes folks the birthday, like my youth, eyesight and natural haircolour has been n gone and now it's back to stitching with a vengance!

So next up in the series for the Aardvark Tea Room & Gallery. Doggy number 4 please....

Hopefully you're now familiar with:
Baz Man's Lola Chihuahua

Kojak Pug

Donny Osmond Dachshund

so now I would like to introduce you to:

Carmen Miranda vs Little Richard BullDogthankyouverymuch!

Bosh! See bully bull dog all sloshy in the watercolouring. Shades of golden browns and whiffs of pinks and lilacs all sit against a bright cheery turquoise

A face like a bulldog chewing a wasp? Well it's no real wonder. I mean, he's sitting there minding his own business....

.....singing a bit of Little Richard to pass the time and then one whiff of Tutti Frutti and before you know it, who rocks up?

Only Carmen bloody Miranda!
Look at 'er all in her fruity finery...she's so excited she's flinging grapes all over the shop...I mean really have some self control woman!

Fruity bouff is festooned with wee glassy beads, french knots and all sorts of zingy shades of silks n such...but she carries on like that she'll end up losing those narna's n pineapples!

So if you want to save him from all the aye carrumba-ing pop down to St.Leonards-on-Sea or drop Aardvark a line here and they'll oblige willingly...gawd only knows what she's doing with all the cake's n biccies down there?!....

Please remember folks a dog is for life not just for Christmas (or Carmen Miranda). But if you do want to give the gift of dog, cat or any other furry, feathery or scaley chum then drop me a line :)

Next time: Bedlington terrier vs Mama's n Papa's, a glimpse of the other 5 and some hot Miso Funky action!