Sunday, 3 August 2014


So the *it will only take a couple of weeks* prediction for the bedroom renovation was a tad optimistic then! 
Of course we hadn't factored in that the house had been built by a cock-eyed lunatic with an aversion to straight lines, at best a vague knowledge of wiring/plumbing and a penchant for blown vinyl anaglypta paper that has had me convinced for the past few years we've been here I had a hearing problem, however after stripping 3 rooms, floor to ceiling coated in it, turns out it was just muffled by the stuff!

I have spent so much time in DIY stores and builders merchants that I'm applying to go on Mastemind: specialist subject *the Wickes/ScrewFix Catalogue* and I'm pretty much fluent in Swedish now after multiple Ikea trips!

I owe Richard Branson a small fortune and have so much wallpaper paste/plaster/dust stuck in my hair n nails there's a danger I'm going to solidify soon but we are now rocking 2 spanky new bedrooms and just about start work on the 3rd box room which is going to be my new, kitty, husband junk, free studio (yeah right!) ...HUZZAH!

So that's why I've not been around!  However in amongst the mayhem and crazy early starts I have been trying to cram a bit of artwork in!

First off to show you are my new line of canvas prints which I have to say I'm rather chuffed with!

Meet Shirley, my inquisitive chicken! She's printed onto a heavyweight canvas from my original watercolour paintings.

I have hand embroidered her with with a stitchy flourish of wheaty/corny bits in glittery gold metallics and corn coloured threads.

Bright zingy poppies in multiple silks and cottons and French knots in shades of yellows, brown and deep purple to give added texture and dimension.

The piece comes complete with a white card matting/mount ready to pop into your favourite frame and will fit a standard 9x7 inch sized frame.

Available from my Etsy shop here!

*BWARRK*...That's chicken for "I hope you like her?!"

Right I better dash, I've got an Ikea delivery to deal with now...6 boxes of Scrofula, a Snivvle and a BennyBjorn!

Ta Ta for now and thanks for droppin' by!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Allo darlin’s….you're all looking mighty splendiferous today,  how’s it hanging? Wild and magnificently I hope?!

So WHEY-HEY!  It’s only been a month (isn!) since my last post…things are looking up eh?!  Thought I better do this now as himself has finally decided it’s time to start renovating the gaff…it’s only taken 7 years to start, still nowt like a bit of preplanning eh?!  Suffice to say I will probably be spending the rest of my days schlepping round Wickes the builders merchants with a haunted look in my eye and rapidly losing the will to live.

Anyway snuff of that! 
Most of my bloggy chums know the mainstay of my work is animals; from Aardvarks to Zebra’s, I’ll give anything a bash!  So I was a wee bit out of the old comfort zone recently when I was commissioned to paint a Jaguar…not the big furry kitty type…no, the swanky sporty car type!
The client liked my painting style and wanted me to paint her husbands favourite cars.  I approached this with my usual hardcore business woman/artist enthusiasm and pointed out “it’s not something I normally do, so if I think it’s crap you’re not seeing it!”, fortunately the lady took it very well and still trusted my ability….Gawd bless you madam! :)

So here’s the first one…client wanted to keep it quite abstract so we decided on doing just a segment of the car.
 Initial (nervous) first coat of paint
Final piece!

She and hubby liked it so much they commissioned another one!
Drawing stage

Have to say I really enjoyed working on them…waaaaay outside of my fluffy bunny comfort zone but made a nice change and certainly challenged the old noggin…change is as good as a rest as they say and it’s probably the closest I’m going to get to holiday for the foreseeable!

Lots of other bits and bobs going on; I was thrilled to the gills to be interviewed by the lovely Joanna Yeoman for her glorious blog recently: Click here to read!  Should warn you there’s a disturbing picture of me on there, so brace yourselves…and a big thank you to Joanna! 

Had immense fun running a couple of Mimilove Forever workshops at the Quilt & Stitch Village couple of weeks ago at Uttoxetter Racecourse.
Hot Quilt & Stitch Village workshop action:

(more photo's to follow soon once I worked out how to get them off my phone!)
Big thank you to Angela Price and Traplet Publications for inviting me!

POP! And last but by no means least a selection of my works appeared at Olympia's Spring Knitting and Stitching show...
(yoink! Phot courtesy of Mr.X Stitch)

and at the supremely fabulous BedPop Pop Up Gallery, which you can read more about here.  

So another BIG THANK YOU to the glorious Mr. X Stitch for his continued support of my work.

Now stay tuned as I've just started work on this fella...I think we all know where this is going?!

Better dash now, he’s wielding a claw hammer and has an air of destruction about him; brace yourself for the new “Mimiloveforever Blog-101 Ways to Murder Your Husband with a Tube of Grip Fill”!

Big Mimi Loves to y'all and thanks droppin' by! :) x

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Ey up my bloggy chums!
Well I missed my *must blog in March* deadline but only by few days so things are improving eh?!

Bit of trauma today as all the brother-in-laws/partners/million kids all descended.  You know it’s going to be a bad day when you have hormones from hell arrive, then them and then himself announced he brought liver for the cats & dog’s dinner! *shudder*

Temptation at that point was to run for the hills, or at very least Tesco Express round the corner and stock up on Easter eggs and wine.

But anyway! Stuff to show n tell so pull up a chair and don’t mind me n the rustling of choccy egg foil :)

Tonnes been going on lately, cop a visual on latest commission…walloping great bear of a Newfoundland called Troy…dontcha just want to cuddle him?!

Bit of work-in-progress action shot!

I had a list of favourite bits and bob’s.

Wine…hence the grapevine which winds its-self around the whole picture and mystically witchy stuff, so a golden pentagram it is…I made sure it was the right way up too; apparently if it’s upside-down it’s well bad juu-juu!

Troy and his *mum* live in Mevagissey so I stitched up the towns lighthouse and included some wee boats.

And finally some Ultravox lyrics…all together now….ARRGGGGHHHH VIENNNAAARRGGGHH!!

I’ve also been knocking up some wee brooches!

Smiley kitties!

Grumpy Kitty!

And a flock of birds including jingly budgie, Cockney Sparrows and tits!

I’m running a couple of workshops to make these little fellas at the Stitch & Quilt Village, Uttoxeter Racecourse  on 26th and 27th of this month so if you’re in the area and fancy a bash, come and say hello! :)

I’ve also been taking a bit of time off here and there to spend time with a FABULOUS bunch of girlies and had a foray into the wonderful world of soldering!  I’ve even knocked up a chatelaine…stay tuned more details on that soon!

Right I’m off for now as I’ve got a Kinder Egg toy to play with and some offal to avoid!
Stay tuned though as I’ve got some exciting commission action to report and new paintings to show you!

Big loves my blogging homies and thanks for dropping’ by! :)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Oh gordon bennett!  So much for my “will set aside time to update blog on regular basis in New Year” resolution then?!

Where are now, nearly March, last Blog was Christmas…hmm..

Yay Welcome to the new Tri-monthly Mimilove Forever blog folks! ;0)

Happy New Year! Better late than never eh?! Bit like when the other half rocked up 20mins late for our wedding day.  I was none too impressed and him and the best man did nothing to improve my mood when they came flying into carpark, “Sweeny” style and hysterical with laughter.

Turns out they had arrived in time but had gone into the old folks home next-door to registry office.  Went in and the perplexed receptionnist asks “how can I help?”

He said I’m here to get married.  She obviously had quite a good sense of humour cos she took the pair of them into the day room where the old dear’s were all sitting, and with a casual sweep of her arm said “take your pick”

Sort of set the tone for the whole marriage really…anyway!

Shutting my face now as I need to show you my tits….(oh I will NEVER get tired of that!)…sorry! ;0)

YAY NEW TIT PILLOWS!  Some of my regular followers (and gawd bless you for sticking around!) may remember about 3million years ago I did a selection of birds on wee pillows, well they kind of came to a shuddering halt when the front fell off my sewing machine at the same time the car died.  However Santa did the decent thing with a LOT of hinting, have new machine will sew…huzzah!
So first up:


Ah, what a love, he’s copped a visual on you and you’ve obviously made quite an impression!
Stitchy words:  “May I say you are looking particularly lovely today?!”

His wee stitchy mate in the shrubbery concurs: “Indubitably!”
The very polite chap and his posh mate are nestled in amongst the hand stitched undergrowth in all the colours of the rainbow. Also has a bit of glitteryness going on in the shape of some sequinny leaves and golden glass beads

Front is painted and stitched onto unbleached calico. Backing is a heavyweight black and white gingham and is filled with hollowfibre padding. Also features a pink cord and chiffon ribbon for your suspending pleasure!


Meet Hank…I have done him once before but he bears repeating! :)

He says: "Gordon Bennett! I'm bleedin' Hank Marvin! I'm goin for a Ruby Murray, then off down the rub-a-dub for a swift pig's ear"

Let me know if you require a translation?!  Brighten up your day the Cockney way!

OOO now this IS new!  A Cockney Lavender bag…it don’t ‘art pen & ink!!  

So I've been having a bash at lavender bags, trouble is I've now got a kilo of the stuff in my sewing room and now all I want to do when I go in is have a nap! ;0)

Anyway Cockney themed, hand stitched with flowery gubbins and Cockney slang!
PEN & INK = STINK! (but in a nice way!)


A glittery chicken pillow! Not literally a pillow for glittery chickens although that's not say you couldn't use it for that if you have a glittery chicken!

A free style painting of a hen in shades of chickeny browns with lilac contrast and metallic paints.

I have hand stitched ears of corn and wheat in shades of yellows and orange with added metallic threads in glittery golds. Hand stitched chicken "wire" and small hen details.

Hand stitched word reads "BWARK!"

Last but not least…FANCY A SHAG?!  YAY! Thoroughly inappropriate gift for a loved one ;)
Look all I’m saying is, give a bird a stupid name, don’t expect me to ignore it!

A free style painting of a Cormorant/Shag, just sitting on his rock watching the world go by.

I have festooned him with a silky shiny briny sea, hand stitched in shades of blues and silver silks and metallic threads which shimmer when they catch the light.
A glittery fish in shades of purple and metallic green keeps him company.

Words read "fancy a shag?!"

All hand painted-hand embroidered-hand stuffed! Available for your birdy squidging pleasure over on the ol’ Etsy shop!

Right I expect i’ve bored you rigid by now so before you start drooling on your key board I shall clear off!  But there is some exciting stuff going on which I will tell you all about…soon…ahem!  Suffice to say there’s a workshop to report, an exciting new group of stitchy gals to tell you about and I’m going to be in a book in Brazil…blimey! ;0)

So stay tuned if you can be bothered or come over to my Facebook page and join in the fun!! :)

Big loves my homies and thanks for droppin’ by!