Sunday, 11 December 2011


'Allo darlin's! Well you all look like a right bunch of bobby dazzlers today n no mistake!

Before I bore you rigid with my incessant drivvling I want to give a big Mimi Love thank you to the supremely gorgeous Olisa, stitchy Queen behind cocoaeyesthestitcher for featuring my flea as part of her Big Yes series.

Check out Olisa's beautiful embroidery work here:

Thank you Olisa! x:)

Now folks get your speakers on cos you need to listen to this for my latest picture to make any sense as there's a bit of a tale behind this one and not just of the feathery variety!

Many moons ago when I was knee high to a Space Hopper, my mum was suffering from all manner of heavy duty ailments which required specialist treatment and general poking about by consultants, such was the rarity of her condition our local hospitals couldnt deal with it so she was referred to the big guns at St.Thomas' hospital in London.

The hospital is more or less smack bang opposite the Houses of Parliment & Big Ben and
on appointment days mum and dad would drag me off up to old London town and whilst mum was having her tests and so forth, Dad would take me for a mooch along the South Bank and keep me amused with his stories and rhymes.

You may have read some of the rhymes he made up for me in some of my other works

To the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club song:

And his version of Hickory Dickory Dock

This particular one, (without swear words!) he made up for our London visits

When Big Ben was due to chime the hour Dad would sit me down and sing this song to the bells:

Hello Big Ben! How are you today? Bye Bye Big Ben, see you another day!

Well it kept me amused! He thought I'd forgotton all about it until the pair of us were heading up to London on the train together some 20yrs later. As the train neared Waterloo we both caught a glimpse of Big Ben, looked at each other and smiled as we were both singing it to ourselves :)

I shall shut my face now and get to the picture, inspired by all things London and my folks

Remember this fella from the last post...pigeon post if you will...snigger:


Well here is again all stitched up, as with most pigeons he's been joined by a chum, ah bless!

There's a stitchy Big Ben in the background and you've hit it just in time to hear Dad's tune

Ding dong! Ding dong! ooo it's set the other birds off with tune too, wee stitchy musical notes drift off into the sky

The pigeon pair are taking a break from the concrete city and have nestled themselves down amongst a leafy, grassy undergrowth stitched in all manner of silks and glittery metallics. French knots a-plenty!


I lost Dad to cancer back in 1995, he was 49, Mum followed 4yrs later, she was 55, but I still sing it everytime I see Big Ben and altho there's a wee tear in the eye, there's a also a smile on my boat race too!

So there we go then, with 14 days left til Christmas Day (Dad's birthday incidentally) this will be my last picture of the 2011 but I shall be back in 2012 with a renewed vigour, 2 stone over weight and no doubt another excercise machine to drape my ironing off.

In the meantime I would like to thank you all for your support of my work over the past few years, putting up with my witterings and for all your lovely comments and messages, they really do mean the world to me xx


Big MimiLoves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by! x:)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Brrrrr and Grrrrrr!

'Allo my bloggy chums I hope this finds you all magnificent and gorgeous as ever as we crash headlong towards to Christmas...arrghh!?

Gordon Bennet it's brass monkeys outside!  My garden looks like a walloping great leafy, twiggy bomb has gone off in it and quite frankly it can stay like that, I'm refusing to go out until the sun has got his hat on again, so looking around sometime next May...ish

Besides, I figure it's beneficial for the wildlife and over wintering insects...I also use this excuse for avoiding a wide variety of household chores including dusting, washing up and hoovering...Mr.Mimi is having none of it though and despite my best enviromentalist/save the planet/minimising our carbon footprint lectures he is currently writing something rude in the dust on the mantlepiece...sarky git

Anyway I can't possibly get involved with housework today cos I've got far more important things to do...there's a great big THANK YOU to the lovely Jill from first, whom I mentioned in my last post

Jill is a textile artist producing joyous fun filled pieces which are available from her brilliantly named Fiberluscious Etsy shop
From pin cushions and needlecases...

to my personal favourites fabric crowns and tiaras...

Her beautiful work that has also appeared on Martha Stewarts Dreamers into Doers website no less!!  Jill has most generously featured me as her Artist of the Month on her blog and it's such a lovely post I shed a wee tear that my folks arent around to read it *sniff*
Thank you so much Jill xx

So in between housework dodging and snivvling I have been at it with the needles and paints!I've been inspired by the chilly bones weather and all things snowy n's a bit schmaltzy too but hey what's life without a bit schmaltz...if it's good enough for Marks n Spencer!!

Here for your purchasing pleasure, a fluffy spotty snow leopard.  I've gone a bit wild and free with the painting here in the hope that I've captured the whole snow storm, blizzard I was having a bit of a sugar rush from a batch of Christmas gingerbread stuff that I've been "researching"

Anyway he's painted in deep blues and greys with whiffs of pinky goldy browns and soft lilacs and I've stitched up a storm in silks and cottons, glittery metallic threads

If you've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...leopard!

Walloping great snowflake...bugger to stitch!

There's also some tiny glass beads and specks of glitter paint in silver and coppers which glint and twinkle when the light hits them  (no gingerbread crumbs, promise!)

 Watercolours and embroidery on paper and will be sent in his own alpine blue card mount ready for sticking in your favourite frame.
He's currently waiting patiently over at my Etsy shop hoping someone will take him home before he get's buried under a snowdrift n you'll only see his ears...come to think of it, that would've been an easier painting...

Also waiting in the this fella.
COO! A wee pigeon all sloshy in purples, pinks, greens, reds, greys and blues...pretty much any colour I could get on there really :)

I'm back on canvas with this one and really looking forward to starting work on it, it's been a while; I like working on paper but I can't let rip with the stitching like I can on canvas so forgive the delay as I will be relishing this one, and indeed gingerbread, for a bit

Stay tuned for more posts though as there's more exciting stuff that I might be able to tell you about...again much giggling and leaping around when no-one's looking! ;)

Righto, I suppose I better go and polish the swear words and cartoon genitals off the's not easy this domestic goddess lark...*sigh*

So until the next my homies, big MimiLoves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by! x:)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


..where did that go?!

Oh my poor neglected blog, I hang my head in shame for the lack of updates, but by 'eck I've been run off me tootsies, I shant bother you with all the gory details suffice to say it's been a right old bag of tights!

Most recently an emergency dash to the vets with our old girl Ruby resulted in having half her gnashers (and most of my bank account) removed only to find out she has hyperthyroidism too so now has twice daily meds, which the crafty old biddy has realised she can stash in her gummy side and spit it out when I'm not looking...grandma has been warned not to try the same trick!

Between the in-laws and the kitties with all their varous ailments, the scenes at breakfast time are somewhere between Carry on Doctor and All Creatures Great and Small and the stitching and internetting mojo has been a bit lacking of late; the overwhelming instinct being to crawl under the nearest duvet and not come out, but whinge over, cos I've had some lovely stuff going on too which has been like having a big virtual hug so I'd like to share some good stuff with you and thank you for putting up with my moaning! :)

First up to warm the cockles of my heart this week.  The wonderful Judy Darley (who wasn't put off by interviewing me last time!), featured me in this months issue of Cross Stitch Collection issue 203...yay and thank you Judy! :)

That was all the motivation I needed to crawl out from under the duvet and I have finally got my stitch back on!

So there's a bit of a Scottish theme with my most recent work, which is currently heading off to the wonderful Cathryn Sugg from the Glasgow Goodkind Gallery in Montana

Cathryn is very generously showcasing a wee selection of my work at the gallery and asked if I could produce a custom peice that represented the town..."Hell yeah!"

Cathryn gave me plenty of info to go on, including the local mascot of a Scottie dog, colours of red, black and grey and the local school song

So here is, pre-stitchy but keeping the chill off in his natty tartan scarf:

Watercolor on paper
And here is again all stitched up Jimmy!


A few lines from the school song:
"Aye! We're the Glasgow Scotties!
Proud to be the Scotties
Cheer all ye lads and lassies!

I also tracked down the school logo, a wee Scottie in his Tam o' Shanter

Keeping him company on his journey are a few of my prints and cushions including

No place like gnome with his lantern and snowflakes:

A very sleepy gnome...please do not disturb!

A glittery jingly bell budgie

And a very hungry Cockney Sparrow!

Fear not though, if you can't make it along to the gallery versions of these fellas are available over at the MimiLove Etsy shop

And whilst I'm on the subject of Etsy, a big THANK YOU! to Waterrose for including cheeky Cockney Sparrow in her beautiful treasury which made it to the Etsy front page!

So once again a big thank you to all the folks that brought a little sunshine into my life and to you folks for popping by and putting up with me :)

Stay tuned for some hot interview action from my stitchy chum, the lovely Jill from Fiberluscious ...don't you just LOVE that name?!

And some other exciting stuff that I'm not allowed to tell about yet...but when no-one's looking I giggle and jump up and down a bit I'm that excited

ooo and a chicken ;0)

Right well it's just gone 7pm so it's time for me to don my white coat again ...if anyone out there has any tips on time management I would seriously be greatful!
Big MimiLoves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by! :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Eating out...

Well hello you gorgeous bunch, may I say you are looking paticularly lovely today!
Now I hope you've all been trying out your new Cockney rhyming slang skills on folks and family members?! :)
Well I think it's time we moved on to a bit more advanced stuff, but don't panic if you've just joined as my Cockney for beginners Sparrows are available at my Ye olde Etsy shoppe here:

Allo my old china!

So as promised/threatened last time, we're moving on to eating out!

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a big old bunch of hand stitched leafery in pink and browns, turquoise and greens with bright pinks, reds orange and purple.

He seems a bit peckish...(pardon the pun!)

Hand stitched words...repeat after me:

I'm bleedin' Hank Marvin!
I'm goin for a Ruby Murray, then off down the rub-a-dub
for a swift pigs ear!"

"Goodness me I'm hungry!
I'm going for a curry and then a visit to the pub for a beer"

Hank Marvin = Starving
Ruby Murray = Curry
Rub-a-Dub = Pub (public house/bar)
Pig's Ear = Beer

I will provide a translation with the item just in case of confusion! :)

Colourful, fun and food themed; send a surreal message via the language of Cockney Rhyming Slang, a unique gift for the fridge raider in your house perhaps...give the gift of Cockney Sparra this Christmas- nowt says "Luv ya me old trouble n strife/ pot and pan" like a Cockney Sparrow! ;0)

Big MimiLoves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mind your language!

Hello my bloggy buddies hope you are all feelin' fine and dandy?! :)

Well the kiddywinks are all back to school/college/uni by now and so inspired by all things learny/teachy I thought I'd offer you all the chance to learn a new language.

Cockney Rhyming Slang to be precise and this will be via the medium of Cockney Sparrow's a bit like Rosetta Stone only much squidgier!

Bow and Arrow = Sparrow
Pronounciation: Bow n Arra

If you are planning a trip to the East End of London or there is a traveller in your family or indeed a complete loon, then these wee fella's would make a perfect gift/ travel guide/phrase book and they're pocket sized too so you can just whip one out at a moments notice and never be stuck for conversation again! :)

So your first lesson for today is your basic greeting:
Allo my old china!
Hello my friend
China plate = Mate.

Now I know some of you may have seen these before but I think we should start at the beginning so everyone is at the same level!

Sparra no.1

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a big old bunch of hand embroidery in earthy browns, oranges and lilacs and baby blues with silky cerise pink french knots.
Also features glittery coppery bronze paint for added glitz
Hand stitched greeting in bright orange:
"Allo my old china!"
Fronts are all painted and stitched onto unbleached calico. Backing is a heavyweight black and white gingham and is filled with hollowfibre padding. This chap features a brown chiffon and cord loop for your suspending pleasure!

Sparra no:2

 Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a field of stitches in a positive rainbow of colours ranging from soft lilacs and greens to bright zingy oranges and turquoise!
Hand stitched greeting in bright orange:
"Allo my old china!"
This chap comes with a yellow chiffon and cord loop

Sparra no:3

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a big old bunch of hand stitched leaves in earthy browns, oranges and purples with shiney metallic gold threads.
Also features glittery gold paint, shiney multi golden toned sequin flower and gold glass beads for added bling!
Hand stitched Cockney greeting in bright orange:
"Allo my old china!"
Features warm sunny yellow chiffon and cord loop

Sparra no:4

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a field of hand stitched undergrowth in a positive rainbow of colours ranging from bright greens and blues to zingy oranges and reds
Hand stitched Cockney greeting in bright orange:
"Allo my old china!"
This fella has a green chiffon and cord loop

These particular little pillows/learning aids are available at my Etsy shop and each Sparrow will be accompanied with a translation card in case of confusion.
For those of you are already familiar with Cockney Rhyming Slang there are other more advanced versions ideal for the more fluent among you :0)

Passport? Check!
Tickets? Check!
Cockney Sparrow? Check!

Stay tuned for your next lesson: Eating Out.
Speaking of which, it's surely time for a cake...
Big MimiLoves to you all and thanks for droppin' by!