Friday, 12 December 2008


...and so I'm back...BA! BA! BA!...from outerspace...BA! BA! BA!

...and so on in a Gloria Gaynor stylee

Well blimey O' Rielly it's been busy in Mimiville! As my dear, sweet, white haired Nanny Miles used to say, I have indeed been "runnin' round like a blue arsed fly"....(she wasn't y' average granny)

So I have mostly been ...

Stitching like the wind for intrepid out in all weathers/hours marvellous Miso, who's been knocking out my puggy purses n necklaces for all she's worth...BIG THANK YOU MISSY!! :)


And making a rather fabulous tutu for Christmas Eve fancy dress shennanigans...I'm going as a punk this space!

You may also like to know the elephant picture went down a bundle....although it hasn't reached the recipient yet, it made the lady who ordered it cry...I have that effect a lot...

And I've done a bunny!
Thought you might like to cop a visual on one before I go at it with the paint!

Watercolour Challenge(d)! Hannah Gordon might say (stood behind her in Waitrose once...she's very short)

I'm wrestling with the embroidery on this one...every inch of my being is screaming "CHAS n DAVE!!!"....but there's a small little voice in the dark whispering..."Doris Day...Doris Day"...(There's also a voice saying "Give it up luv"...that's there as a matter of course)

So I dunno, I'm torn...wotcha reckon?

Either way I'm saving it for the relative dodging over the Christmad answers on a comment page prizes just a warm feeling inside...I suggest Andrews.

So as Noddy Holder once said...IT'S CHRISSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!"...nearly...gratuitous cute cat picture...

Mimi tinsel duffing (3 of my favourite well as pompom)


Friday, 14 November 2008

COMMISSION!! Bless you!

Before I start: Date for the diaries folks: Sat. 29th November. Tis Dickens Night in Atherstone and the hardworking volunteers of tam cats cats protection league will be out in force with their stall to help raise funds for the shelter...all sorts of goodies to win on their raffle too, including a pet portrait by a local artist....(ahem!)

So if you are in the area hop along, join in the fun and bung a few quid on raffle tickets to help the poor wussies! x

Also a big thank you to Kelly over at the HappyShack, home to her gorgeous jewellery (and twins!) for featuring my Doris Day Cow...Woohoo for Doris Day Cow! :)

So to the pictures

This week I have mostly been painting elephants. This is a commission for a lady who's mum collects elephants....not real ones as clearly that would be madness...altho she would have magnificent roses.

Anyroad, a watercoloury elephant with her wee bairn...I've used a bit of restraint with this one...(not easy I can tell you!) I was looking for a marginally less derranged vibe from the usual

I found a poem about elephant hugs which I thought was fitting so after a bit adapting, that got chucked in, as did a sprinkling of gold sequin hearts and glittery blue glass beads and hand embroidered hearts in shiney,metallic threads...which put my teeth on edge cos they making a hideous scratchy nosie going thru the I suffer for my art I do :0)

It's destined as a Christmas prezzie, which is always a bit of a hope I wont be ruining anyone's Christmas this year...I'll suggest having a bottle of summin niffy on the subs bench just in case...*Aviance Night say

*you may be interested to know I still have the advert for that in my head..."I feel sweet n I feel good...I've had a whole full day of mother hood, but now I'm gunna have an Aviance Night!"...swing rubber gloves over head to illustrate point...

I'm off, I feel an embroidery coming on... x!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Uppy and downy...

And... queue UB40...

Wo woah yeah...there's a rat in mi kitchin what am I gunna do?

Embroider the bugger!!

Mouse?...Rat?...who cares?'s got Manhattan Transfer!!

Oh yes Chanson D'amour-Arific! (Had to be done I'm afraid...and did you know they're still going strong?

So you've already seen the watercoloury bit...well I've festooned him with embroidery hearts in reds n pinks n orange, French knots (natch!), musical notes, dinky red glass beads and a big old glittery crystal heart all dingly dangly off the edge of the canvas

I quite fancied a bit of off canvas action with this one, so I've taken the embroidery under the canvas and then back over..that's the kind of radical stitchery y' dealing with here!

Anyroad heading for Etsy this weekend if you're looking for summin a bit different on the Christmas front...nothing says "I love you" like a rodent....

....'cept maybe a bottle of Tweed

This week has mostly been:
Crappy... sad bye-bye to my furry mate Bruno :(

...Yay! Best friend visit fabby
...Boo! Best friend goes home, too far a-bloody-way! Car died

I've also been lumbered/ahem blessed, with I made Bond girls

ps. Wanna buy a car?

Sunday, 26 October 2008


You know the Simpsons... that girly giggle Homer does or the high pitched scream Ned Flanders does when he's excited?
Well that's the noise coming from MimiLove Towers lately!

The wonderous Hamish saw fit to add me as a guest designer over at the frankly f*ckng fabulous Miso Funky. I'm joining the wonderous Laura Donald and her amazing Eastenders themed embroideries!

Can I click it?...
Miso Funky
Yes, you can....and so on in a De La Soul stylee...

I'm also about to start work on a new piccy...waiting for some hot embroidery action...tap tap tap

OOO! And I've been tagged...thank you QueenCraftyGirl...I think!
Ok.. so 7 random factoids...hmmm...well

1. I have an irrational fear of submarines, boats and bouys
(had quite a turn in a garden centre once when they'd used a big old boat thing for display...makes me feel quite clammy thinking about it)...I blame Jaws and the countless afternoon war matinees my mum watched

2. I'm disturbingly good at robotic's a gift you know (I can also do the Hucklebuck)

3. I didn't have a Yorkie bar for 4yrs cos my Dad had me convinced you had to have an HGV licence to buy one

4. I once slept the night in the bumper cars at Brighton

5. In my head it's still the 1970's...(I'm watching the Sweeney as I type this Guv'nor!)

6. I've got appalling eyesight; I can't work past dusk and have to get Mr. Ben to thread my needles

7. I'm still using Nanny Grenfell's sewing's old than me, but probably not as knackered! :)

Now...TAG...YOU'RE IT!
(No worries if you've already been got!)

dropstitch, lou, brook,mooosh, laurel,colourfuldayz and crazyjane

Sunday, 19 October 2008


This one is a bit of stuff n nonsense...

Right, so anyway, Dada...had a fab sense of humour, he was master at coming up with daft poems, drawings, embarassing me in public that kinda thing, and I spent most of my childhood and part of my adult life collapsed in helpless fits of laughter.

When I was knee high to a Space Hopper he came up with this one based on the theme tune from the Mickey Mouse Club...

It's the one that goes like this:

Who's the leader of the club
That's made for you and me?

(Remember when Natalie Cole did that posthomous "Unforgettable" duet with her dad? Well I like to think that with this latest work, that I'm following in the footsteps of them and other illustrious father/daughter combo's; Frank n Nancy Sinatra say or

Well anyway bit like that, only not as tuneful......and a bit more sweary!)

Contains language of an adult nature and possible mild peril...those of a nervous dispostion look away NOW!!

Watercolour n embroidery...

Mickey Loves the cheese! He loves: Brie, Roquefort, Cheddar, Edam, Gouda and Dairylea

It's got a watercolour mousey, it's got cheese... hand embroidered and chunks of yellow stones and sequinney bits fashioned to look like cheese, it's got swearing...who could want for more?! x;0)

Sunday, 12 October 2008


So it's the hottest October on record EVER; windows are wide open, variety of petlife draped around the joint basking in shafts of sunnyness, I'm even considering getting me cozzie on... but what have I been doing? Yep...painting snow scenes...tsk!

Well anyroad, I'm on a roll and other half found a lovely Joanna Lumley documentary which involved the Northern Lights and Ponny the Penguin which got me by the inspirationals and wouldn't let go til I did summin' about it...

Is there anyone lovlier than Joanna Lumley? Ghurka supporting, vegetarian, animal loving, non-aging, top actress (hysterical in Ab Fab...and indeed Sapphire n Steel..oh yes!) posh totty in my book! a *Perry Como stylee

A beautiful sight...

We're happy tonight...

Walking in a Winter wonderland!

More watercolour and embroidery lunacy! Currently for sale over at Etsy with some of my other gubbins

*I know I was whinging about the whole Christmas thing in my last post...but this WAS Christmas for me as a nipper! :)

Sunday, 5 October 2008

If you've no place to go...

...hold that thought!

Firstly apologies for not dropping by to everyone's wonderful blogs or replying a bit quicker to posts and emails (SORRY!!) and also for lack of updates...but by 'eck I've been busy...not good painty/stitchy busy either, no! Crappy day job busy..."BOO!" to bills n crappy day job stuff!...

So I will be rectifying the former asap, promise! And I did find a bit of time to finish a painting I actually started yonks here goes...hope you like it :)

(*Did you hold that thought?!)

la la la la la...If you've no place to go...

Let It Snow!

Let It Snow!

Let It Snow!

Well it's October so obviously it must mean Christmas...(put those mince pies away til December supermarket loons!)

So in keeping with the wintery weather this is a watercolour of a fluffy polar bear in a glittery, wintery, snow scape...brrrrr!!

I've hand embroidered the painting with a selection of sequins, glass beads and natural stones to add to the general glittery sparklyness. There's also a wee silver sequin teddy bear to keep our polar friend company!

Currently for sale on my Folksy shop...where there will be no mince pies...just yet :)

Quick update! My chums over at Etsy for Animals have adopted a polar bear, so if anyone is interested in helping the cause click here for details

Monday, 22 September 2008

Thank you

Well a big thank you to the wonderous Fancy Picnic who has been kind enough to give me this award...thank you Fancy!'s taken me this long to work out what I had to, so apologies, but here are my top picks...and queue Alan Fluffman Freeman music...

Hensteeth: lovely lady n truly beautiful embroideries...just don't chuck any buttons away!

KaylaCoo: exquisit embroidery to die for and beautiful art works too

Gina at FanMyFlame more beautifulness and hats for Smoothies... also has the secret of wringing the last second out of a day!

ArtPropelled inspiration to the max!

EthelandEdnas Tearoom entertaining read, fabulous work, and a cookery too! ;)

Sharon B the encyclopedia of stitchery!

Wardi fab read, gorgeous stitchery and urinating squirrels...what more could ya want?! ;)

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Fishing for Compliments...

...yes, I can hear the groaning, but it had to be done I'm afraid! ;)

This is my latest, a goldfish in vibrant zingy shades of oranges, reds and yellows with contrasting tones of purple and blues

I've hand embroidered the painting so it's choc full of bubbly bubbles interpersed with french knots and two wee koi carp to keep fishy company. I've also added a hook and line to catch all the lovely compliments!

Further embellished for extra glittery kitchyness with tiny glass beads,sparkly sequins and crystal chips... (see, I resisted the urge to go with fish n chips there!)

Thought you might like to see a bit of hot before and after action...

so before...

After...gone all embroidery on it's ass!

Bit o detailing...


Currently for sale at my Folksy shop

Monday, 15 September 2008

Uh-huh it was the Manfreds

Hello pop pickers!

Many moons ago of a Sunday, my folks would switch telly off n the 3 of us would sit around playing cards or board games n listen to tunes on the *stereogram, a big stack of 45's would be dragged out n we'd all sing along (can i point out at this point it wasn't as Waltons like as it's starting to sound)...anyroad, one of the tunes that stuck in my head was Pretty Flamingo by Manfred Mann...have to say at the time I had no idea it wasn't actually about a flamingo but point there anything nicer than a flamingo?

Yep, two flamingoes! Painted in the watercolours on canvas with a bit of Manfred lyricry and glittery beads chucked in...I've also embroidered a couple of wee shrimp in case they get...peckish...WHEY HEY!!

For sale by the way! :)

*Stereogram...for those of you born in the age of cd/mp3...thumping great lump of furniture, closely resembling a gigantic chest of draws that also played records...genius!

Sunday, 31 August 2008

This time it's personal!

...need a little vent first, so a big thank you to the mindless moron who smashed my windscreen with a bottle on Fri night and has cost me £500...a pox on you! (What is wrong with people?!?!)


Anyway to lighter (and brighter) matters!

Today I'm loving my new, albeit temporary, hair colour...over the past years I've had it black with blue, pink and blonde, dark blue with purple extensions and dark red with white bits, but have to say this probably my fave so far....voila! :0)

...would madam like to see the back?

And finally I give you my Jimmy Saville impression: "Jewellery.. Jewellery.. Jewellery!!"

I've had these wooden hearts for a while now and didn't really know what to do with them so after a bit of head scratching, drilling and painting I came up with these...I threaded two onto organza and made them into chokers. (For sale if you're brave enough to wear one...they're quite large!)

I painted the pug with acrylics, the wording is in ink.


I used silver leaf and a line from "Who killed Bambi?" by the Sex Pistols.

Punky Bambi!

Karma Chameleon is same acrylic painting but I used Dutch gold leaf to pick out the "Karma"; threaded onto spotty ribbon and currently being used as a bag charm....

Snapped up by my lizard loving chum...thank you Lucy! :)

I'm on a roll at the moment so some are being turned into Christmas tree decorations too...I'm chanelling Slade and Roy Wood and general 70's glam rock, so watch this space!...

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Molly's Frog!

ooo froggy went a courtin', he did ride ahumm!!

This was a commission for wee Molly and her shiney new pink bedroom.
I've been threatening to do her a picture for a loooong time...better late than never though eh?!

So this is a big old slippery froggy, watercolour on canvas. I applied very watery washes to the background which I then dropped chunky sea salt into to give it a sloshy watery feel, kept the rest of the painitng very free, pencil marks visible etc and then gone for it with the embroidery!

So it's got pond weed, it's got tadpoles and it's got a little glass turtle to keep froggy company...


Monday, 18 August 2008


Firstly I'd like to send a big shout out to all the people who have left me lovely comments on my work; good for the heart and keeps the old motivationals going you know, so thank you everyone for dropping by and taking the time! And a special thank you to the wonderous Hensteeth too...home to Huglies and top notch stitchery, if you haven't visited her store I urge you to grab your paypal account and do so forthwith! X:0)

So anyroad, this was my first go at embroidery (back in 2007), as you can probably tell by the sheer amount of stabby needle holes, although happen to think they add a rather charming touch of texture...I'm sticking to it!

(Apologies for the's not my strong point!)

This is a abstracty stylee portrait of my Dad...Dada!... much loved and deeply missed. He was a wonderous person and made me laugh like no other and the photo that I copied this pose from is one of my faves; he was taken from us unexpectedly by cancer at the age of 49, followed 4yrs later by Mummsie at the age of 55, and their abscence in our lives is sustained and unequalled...

But enough of the mawk! he was a constant source of joy and inspiration (he was my main model for practising my portraiture!). My bestest chum loved him and always called him her 2nd Dad so this was a wee canvas that I did for her as a house warming prez