Ey up our Vera!

Well Feb 29th seems like a good a time as any to start a blog, so here we go then!

I'm hoping this will be a wee window into my world and will try to update on a regular basis. I shall mostly be wittering on about my art n crafty type endeavours, there will probably be a bit of cat action (have 2 and make no apologies for use of impossibly cute photo's and stories of their various doin's...so there!), there may also be a bit of hardcore cookery...I love da cake! Bit of music mayhap, there may even be stuff that those of a nervous dispostion may find offensive...I will give due warning but if you don't like that sort of thing then you may as well f*ck off now ;0)...and general stuff wot I like...hope you will too...so let's go baby!!

OOO straight in there with a cute cat photo
So this is Mimi...Ciao Mimi....Mimi Love FOREVER!!

Bam! And another!
Big bitey Babe....Hey Babe!


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