Uh-huh it was the Manfreds

Hello pop pickers!

Many moons ago of a Sunday, my folks would switch telly off n the 3 of us would sit around playing cards or board games n listen to tunes on the *stereogram, a big stack of 45's would be dragged out n we'd all sing along (can i point out at this point it wasn't as Waltons like as it's starting to sound)...anyroad, one of the tunes that stuck in my head was Pretty Flamingo by Manfred Mann...have to say at the time I had no idea it wasn't actually about a flamingo but whatever...my point is....is there anything nicer than a flamingo?

Yep, two flamingoes! Painted in the watercolours on canvas with a bit of Manfred lyricry and glittery beads chucked in...I've also embroidered a couple of wee shrimp in case they get...peckish...WHEY HEY!!

For sale by the way! :)

*Stereogram...for those of you born in the age of cd/mp3...thumping great lump of furniture, closely resembling a gigantic chest of draws that also played records...genius!


hens teeth said…
Lovely watercoloury loveliness going on there girly. Hope it flies out soon ;-)
Gina said…
Love the flamingo picture... and yes, I remember a stereogram!
Kayla coo said…
The water colour and stitch combination looks great.x

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