...Avon calling!

ooo there's nothing I loved more as a wee lassy than an Avon catalogue...mainly cos I usually copped a freebie when Mum was doing the housekeeping on lippy.

My particular faves were the novelty bits they did; my collection included a pig in a hat that dispensed handcream, penguin perfume (not literally, altho I've never sniffed a penguin, so I might be wrong)...and a frankly outstanding collection of pommanders...we're talking Spanish fans, hats, a Victorian boot (just the one), bells, balls...you name it and Avon stuffed it with lavender for your sniffing, hanging pleasure

So with that in mind, I have combined the painty/stitchyness with my love of the Avon novelty pommander to bring you...Niffy Budgies

These are hand painted with acrylics this time, but I've kept the paint watery so you get the same sort of watercoloury effect as my canvas pieces, but will be washable without the picture disappearing!

I've then hand embroidered with all the usual suspects; glittery bits, french knots, glass beads and even bits that jingle to keep them amused. Two have a whiff of lavender whilst the other has a niff of clovey/orangeyness for a change.

So you've got bright cheery budgies, you've got jingly glitteryness and you've got stinky stuff to soothe away the stresses of the day...what's not to love? :0)

Appearing at MisoFunky real soon

Also in the news... looky what I got!

I've been hankering after one of these for a long time so when the wonderous Aimee Ray, author of Doodle Stitching and all round stitchy genius, recently got in touch to offer an art trade, I was there like a shot! So Chas n Dave bunny snuck through customs, avoided quarantine and is now resident in the US and I have my very own personalised Mimi Love Fat Kitty...Yay for Aimee Ray!

I've also been mucking around with my website, there's still a few bits that need tweaking, but think I prefer it to it's previous incarnation...all comments and offers of free web design are always welcome...

TTFN x:0)


Colorfuldayz said…
These are great! You certainly can paint some fabulous birds.
Kayla coo said…
Hi Mimi,
Great idea,love the budgies.
My parents have a parrot a scarlet macaw.
They got him in 1971 and he is still going strong!
Undaunted said…
Ooh, these are fantastic! You're doing a great job on the website too! You clever lady!
Jude said…
Wonderful.... love them.
I also remember the novelties from Avon, Victorian boot!! Yeah!!! Where is it???
Hens Teeth said…
Hey sweetpea.....lovin' the budgie poms.
Joanie Hoffman said…
The budgies are wonderful.
I have to admit I am down in the dumps because the bunny is gone, but happy it has a new home. And I'm happy that you're happy with the fat kitty which is very cute.
Well, so much for my quick little pity party. I love your stuff, your art is fantastic. : )
Happy days!
Kitschen Pink said…
lovely budgies! t.x
Anonymous said…
I love the budgies, they are great, and thankyou for your lovely comments on my coursework

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