What's new?...Pussycats!...

.. whoa a whoa whoa yeah!! Pussy cat pussy cat I love you...yes I doo-ooo...you with y pussycat nose!

(Yes quite....I know it's probbly wrong but Gawd I love Tom Jones)

So anyroad, way back there at Christmas the lovely folks at our local Cats Protection were out in force with their stall and raffle for the Dickens Night festivities. One of the prizes up for grabs was a watercolour portrait of your pet by a local artist...(ahem)

So I thought you might like to meet the winners wonderful duo...so may I introduce..

Coco and Basil...awww

And for the painting...

Wot no embroidery?! I know, it just doesn't seem right! However I've got to hold fire on the needlework for a while longer as I have a commission for a people portrait and also a wee doggy who has just sadly passed away :(

I get quite stressed when it comes to portraits, especially pets and people; it's a precious someone/something in peoples lives and I always get a fear that I'm not going to capture them and end up disappointing the recipient. I get quite tense and Mr.Mimilove has to forciibly remove me from painting otherwise I'll over work it and fret even more

I'm hoping Coca and Basil's "mum" will like it...I shall be hiding behind the sofa til I know!

I'm having withdrawal symptoms so hoping to get back into the stitchy groove asap... I've got chickens in mind but also squirrels and racoons...be back soon I hope

Thank you for dropping by x:)


Colorfuldayz said…
That is wonderful ... any pet Mom would be thrilled with it, so you should have no worries. I love the little sleepy faces.
Undaunted said…
I think your pet portrait is lovely! It must be so hard to paint an animal that is all black, but you've done a fantastic job!

I wish you could paint a pet portrait for me, but... I haven't got any pets! Unless you count Twinkle Toes :) He's my battery operated cat that purs at me when I stroke him!

The word verification is unchipit, which I thought was... interesting. Once you've chipped something is it possible to unchipit?
Louise said…
Here we go again! Another fantastic picture! You are so talented Miss Mimi! Oh how I wish I could paint like that. My drawing skills don't stray much further than from stick men and animals.
I'm looking forward to the chickens pics...maybe a Lou and her chicken?
Kayla coo said…
I think your painting has captured those sleepy cats beautifully.
I can understand the stress you feel when working on a commission.x
queencraftygirl said…
What a beautiful painting of such sweet kitties! Can't wait to see what you cook up next!

Hens Teeth said…
Hey toots,
You have captured these pussycats purrrrfectly. Truely, they are wonderful. You are one clever girly.x
Robyn said…
You are so clever! Coco and Basil's mum should be thrilled.
Phyllis said…
The painting is great! I did that a couple of times as a fundraiser for my groups and it's a good one.

Thanks for helping the animals!

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