Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sonic the Ironic Hedgehog

Sonic boom boy...sonic boom boom boy!

Allo darlin's how we all hangin' then...magnificently I hope?! :)

So this is 40 eh? Well if the past few days are anything to go by, I'm giving it back thank you very's been a prickly old month so far...injections, blood tests, vampire hedgehogs,'s had it all!

Ailing relatives, the loss of our beloved tabby chappy Babe to hyperthyroidism and now our other kitty, Mimi (THE in "MimiLove Forever") recent diagnosis of diabetes which has meant testing, injecting and a steep learning curve for us, it's not been the best of starts to this spanky new phase of my life...stress levels are as high as her blood sugar and vet bills!

Suffice to say the aforementioned visit to Woburn is well and truly on the back burner at least 'til both kitty and me are stable!

But if our brilliant new vet is helping kitty feel better then my most excellent flickr chum Dolores is taking care of my mental health and well being with her wonderous work, not only a prescription for general blues beating in the shape of her Shoggoth compadres but a birthday card/cake too...and let's face I LOVE DA CAKE! x:)

If you're not familiar with D's work then you really need to visit The Graphic Souk and have a good old wander through her magnificent imagination, I cannot recommend it or Dolores highly enough!

So in between hospital/vet/poor house trips I have managed to get a bit of painting in.

Now it's either a spooky coincidence or I'm a natural diviner of hedgehogs, cos there we were buggering about in the garden of a Sunday...can't really call what we do gardening, more thrashing around aimlessly with blunt instruments, but judging by the 3 million (roughly) sparra's and various pests n such, the wildlife seem to like it (neighbours are none too impressed but then we live nextdoor to a pub so it's hard to tell the difference sometimes)

Anyroad there we were, thrashing around, when wee this fella staggered out of a bush thing (technical latin garden term there)

Meet Mr. Humphries..."I vant to suck your blud!"

It was only a fleeting visit though, cos unlike Alan who just needed a few weeks of kitty dins and de-lungworming to get him back to the wilderness, this poor wee sod had a duff leg, so it was straight to vet next morn for some professional poking about
Anyroad we haven't heard how Mr.H is doing but I have finished my poking about with his painty counterpart, so here he is with all the stitching n stuff...

See him there getting ready for a bit of hibernating action in amongst the hand stitchy leaves...

He's just nestling down on his bed of glittery glass beads (ouch!) to catch a few zed's when... what the bleedin' hell that?!?!

It's only Sonic the soddin' Hedgehog shooting through racing off to me Etsy shop leaving a glittery gold trail in his midst...tsk...ruddy blue loonie!

Blasting from the pasting Westworld lyrics a-plenty...leaf one:
Cos I'm flying high
On a rocket in the sky

Leaf two:

Heading for the Mimilove Emporium...a mince pie free zone for the time being at least unlike the supermarkets from 01st Sept!...I mean, you know me I'll have y' arm off for a cake/Christmas based morsel but c'mon!

Righto that's me then...I'm off to apply a few more Shoggoths to rest my achey brain and then I shall be starting work on a ferret with political leanings...stay tuned folks
Ta Ta for now my bloggy chums and thanks for droppin' by!