It's not all about me Mi mi...

...well tis a bit! :)

Hello my bloggy chums, I hope you are all feeling most groovy on this sunniest of Sundays?:)

So readers of my witterings may remember from my last post that I have recently been contacted by the lovely Carina from Feeling Stitchy to take part in their July Stitch-a-Long.

It was a new venture for me and I was a little nervous as it's not something I'd ever done before, but with a helping and very patient hand from Carina, I created a pattern based on my Tom Jones Gnome...

Well I'm thrilled to report folks have been stitching like the wind and there is a positive Army of Gnomes to show you, so pull up a toadstool and let's get started!

I love Jen's use of watercolours and stitching...a gal after my own heart....and check out his fancy shirt detail..wish I'd thought of that! :)

Carolyn from favourite_things chose a beautiful soft colour palette so Tom could blend in with the other gnomes that hide in her garden and I do love a before and after action shot! :)

Jaimebarks gnome is hitching a ride on her little boy Henry's backpack. Jaime made me laugh with this comment from her blog:
"When I showed Jason the bag his first response was that he needed to teach Henry to fight because he is gonna get his butt kicked. Of course I informed him that in preschool I am pretty sure gnomes are bad ass."

I hope Katy from Miss Pixie Craft's has her feet up and is enjoying a well earned rest with a cup of tea and cake...look at all those glorious fill in stitches...awesome work!

Snifferooski this little fella just melts me! I just want to give his big belly and beard a big old hug...I love Keni's stitching and the French Knot beard is just inspired!

A very dapper chappy in his stripey shirt by Aimee and I love the wee tassel adorning his hat too!

Another fabulous beard and Dunderklumpen's mix of applique and stitching which has been applied to a cushion gives him added cuddle factor! :)

Carina and her joyous colour palette...diggin' those yellow booties madam! :)

Once again I cannot thank Carina and Feeling Stitchy enough for inviting me to take part in their Stitch a Long and I also want to say a big THANK YOU!!! to all those who joined in and very generously gave me permission to yoink their photo's too, it's been such a thrill for me to see everyone's work!

If you fancy a go at your own gnome, the pattern is still available for download here and make sure you send me photo's of your work because I would love to see them and share them here on the ol' blog!

Also in the Mimi news this week yet another big THANK YOU!! to Victoria from Freedom of Stitch for featuring my Dean Martin Octopus... epsiode 2 of her epic Sinister Stitch Chronicles project on youtube...

Work is still on going on the walloping great Audrey Hepburn painting...


And a public apology to my bezzie for making her cry! (It was in a good way though when I gave her this portrait I'd painted for her birthday, of her sadly missed furry chum Floyd)

So I hope you all enjoyed meeting my Gnomie Homies as much as I did?!
Happy stitchin', big loves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by!


Oh I love em all ... especially french knot beardie bloke. Also love Audrey Hepburn and Floyd. You are so lovely :o) xo
Lins Artyblobs said…
Yes I enjoyed meeting all the Gnomie Homies!
keNi said…
i cannot thank you enough for such a rad pattern! my little gnome going to live up in the U.P. with my mom to run free in the wild wilderness of glorious Michigan!! but you can bet i'll be stitching up another one soon for myself to keep!!
<3 keni
Miz.November said…
That french knot bearded gnome is pretty genius. Everyone did such a gorgeous job.
I love the sweet dog portrait,too. How darling.
Carina said…
Well, Ms MimiLove, we can't thank you enough from the bottom of our Feeling Stitchy hearts - it was a pleasure to have you! :-)
olisa said…
I love seeing all these interpretations of your wonderful design!! Yummy! Talk about tactile inspiration...
Chloe said…
just wanted to drop by n say your work is just beautiful! so vivid, textured & full of life and colour (^_^) i love it =)

Thankyou for the inspiration =)

Chloe x
Fantastic! You are so talented, creative and clever. Well done 'U'

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