Hello my bloggy chums, I hope you are all feeling fine and dandy? May I say you are all looking particularly gorgeous today!

So yes, it's still all a bit on the hideously disorganised side of chaos front at Casa MimiLove! As some of you know, my in-laws are both in the advanced stages of cancer and we're caring for them both at home. There are beds where there were once sofas, oxygen tanks instead of coffee tables and there was a bit of a close shave when kitty nearly ended up with a blood thinning injection and a slice of toast and granny with an insulin jab followed by a bowl of boiled cod, but apart from that and the impending nervous breakdown, it's all good in the hood...*cue derranged/hysterical laughing*!

I'll be perfectly honest, with everything going on, I have been dangerously close to giving up the painting/stitching but it's about the only thing keeping me sane at the moment (I heard that snort!), so when I recieved this latest commission it gave me the perfect excuse to lock myself away from all things medical for a while and lose myself in beads and pretty stuff for a bit!

But before I unleash my chicken on you all, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my stitchy mate Carolyn Saxby for sending me this...

Innit gorgeous?!...It's been a wee ray of sunshine in our lives made me go all snivvly with love!

If you arent familiar with Carolyn's work get yourself over to her Love Stitching Red blog or flickr stream for a feast of mixed media textile art, handmade beads, a whole bunch of glittery gorgeousness and some jealousy inducing photographs of Carolyn's Cornwall...I feel a new escape tunnel coming on...that's not to say my one to my mate Claire in Australia isnt still in progress! ;)

Right, whinge over, ready for some hardcore chicken action then? Brace y'selves!

Pre-stitchy hen started life as just a plain ol' watercolour painting on canvas. Colours (free) range from warm golden browns, bright oranges and reds to soft lilacs and deep purples

I was given a few ideas to play with including: French knots, beads, plants, people and the quote of: "Dont you know the earth stops spinning if you don't dance on it?!"
So I hoofed the walking frames and wheel chairs out of the way and got cracking...(ooo chicken/egg pun there...still got it!)

So here she is all stitched up!

I took the quote as a starting point and stitched up a glittery, French knotty planet Earth in the corner. I used blue metallic and turquoisey toned silk threads for the sea bits and the continents are made up of French knots in different shades of green including a eye walloping fluorescent one!

Keeping Earth spinning are a retro style pair of dancers having a bit of a Lindyhop and in the background is a universe of glittery gold stars again made up of French knots and gold metallic threads

Henny stands amongst a bushy leafy undergrowth in shades ranging from greens and blues through to bright oranges, yellows and reds and a dash of cerise. Tiddly glass beads and a few more French knots for added texture...and lets face it you can never have too many French knots!

After a feather ruffling flight she is safely nestled in her new home in USA and I'd like to thank the lady in question not only for her commission but for saving my sanity...even if it was just for a few hours!

Having said that I have been working on a new piece for the ol' MimiLove shop....meet Babsie my new Baboon with a facial expression that pretty much sums up the whole vibe here at the moment, I'm not entirely sure what's upset her but I'm pretty sure it will have summin' to do with bananas!


There we go then, that's my lot for a wee while but once again thank you to all you lovely folks for your messages of support, love and general lovliness, I really can't express how much it's helping...and if any of you are heading off to Sewing for Pleasure, Embroidery and Stitch Show at Birmingham NEC on the Saturday 24th March and see a red head loon in a sequinned cat jacket hovering around Mr. X Stitch's stand, come and give me a hug, I need one! :)

BIG MIMI LOVES TO YOU ALL...and thank for droppin' by! :)



Oh cripes, the times are bad. Poor everyone involved :( BIG MEGA HUGZ to you xxx
Jan said…
I haven't been by your blog for awhile so didn't know these things were going on in your life. Hard times, I cannot imagine it and hope I never have to endure it. Your chicken piece is adorable and life saving! Sanity saving? Wonderful, anyway. So sorry for what you and your family are going through. You are building good karma, it will be returned to you 3 fold. Be well.
Carol Q said…
oh Karen SO sorry. can't begin to imagine the near insanity you must be going through. glad to hear the creative gene hasn't disappeared. it sometimes does when life is difficult! fab pieces - your imagination is boundless! and POO why couldn't you go to the NEC on Friday when I'm going!?! (seriously - big hugs to you!)
Hi Mimmi,

I'm so sorry to hear about your family members being so ill it must be terrible.
It is very important for you to keep stitching.
I will be demonstating at the NEC on the madeira thread stand so I will try and find you for that hug!
Claire said…
Hey Karen, sounds like this commission came along at the right time to give you a break from the day to day...

Now I know I am biased big time, but I have to say I think this is one of your best pieces yet......Love the colours you used in the hen.When you see the sun glinting on their feathers, there's such an amazing array of colours.

Great stitchy action going on and those Lindy Hoppers are kicking up a storm it all looks wonderful.......

Babsie, now there's one Baboon I wouldn't want to steal a banana from, hehe......can't wait to see the finished picture.

Fab heart from Carolyn too, I recognised her work straight away. I would love to visit Cornwall, so no complaints from me if you want to link up the two tunnels.

Claire X
Raylee said…
i understand how you must feel sometimes as i went through the same with my mum. her smile kept me going.
your work is "gorgeous" as always.
i will keep an eye out if you come to australia!
Anonymous said…
Hi Karen,
Please keep painting and stitching these wonderful things. I'm sad to hear of the current trials in your life. Your family is so lucky to be able to be at home. Take good care. With love from me and all my fur-footed beasties in Australia.
Faith said…
The NEC is a bit far from me (in Oregon) so... Virtual hugs to you! ((((())))) I can only imagine the chaos and related stress. Glad you have stitching and your sense of humor to see you through.

LOVE the chicken!
Miz.November said…
Oh, Mims. I am so sorry for all the chaos going on in your life right now. I agree with what Jan said about building good karma, though. Just hang in there.
I love the chicken and that little quote. Too fabulous. You have a knack for painting our feathered friends.
Much love and huge hugs to you.
Ro Bruhn said…
Your work's fantastic, sorry for your family difficulties, it's so hard to sit back and watch people suffer and struggle. They are very lucky to have you around.
JafaBrit's Art said…
I am rarely inspired by watercolour and have had little desire to try it, but WOW, your work continues to inspire. It's gorgeous. I am glad you are able to do "some" work and find comfort in it during such a challenging time (and both of them too).
all the best
Corrine aka jafabrit
The toughest of times Mimi and you still manage to see the funny side of life!! Great work - keep on keeping your pecker up, you trooper. Lesley x
Sarah aka Chestnutgrey said…
Definitely big hugs coming from down under! Doesn't seem much compared to all you are doing. Still loving your work and and pleased you are squishing in a teeny bit of you time, so very important at times like this. Lots of love from Sarah aka Chestnutgrey (flickr)
Sarah aka Chestnutgrey said…
Definitely big hugs coming from down under! Doesn't seem much compared to all you are doing. Still loving your work and and pleased you are squishing in a teeny bit of you time, so very important at times like this. Lots of love from Sarah aka Chestnutgrey (flickr)
really sorry to hear that :(


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