Sergeant Mimi's Gnomely Hearts Club Band!

Ey up my bloggy chums, how's it hanging? Wild n free I hope?

So firstly let me apologise now for the dodgy typing, occassional wimper and whiff of Germoline. I somewhat insanely intervened in a kitty fight yesterday between one of our kittys, Sid and his arch nemesis Outty Cat, both big buggers but Sid is a bit of a tart n generally comes off worse so I had to step in...unfortunately I copped the bite he was aiming at Outty and consequently my left arm is now precisely twice the size of my right one with enuff heat coming off it to melt one of my Easter if I suddenly drift off or start jibbering (you probably wont notice the difference!) but that will be the anti-inflams kicking in...I thought this pet ownership malarkey was supposed to good for your health/blood pressure?

Anyroad lets get to the pictures before my arm falls off or the lockjaw kicks in

I'll be honest March has a pretty crap month, more of which later, but there has been a highlight...specifically I finally managed to dig a small escape tunnel and get to the Stitching for Pleasure show at the NEC

OOO it was a fair tonic for a housebound loon with a fat arm like myself!

I had my lovely sis-in-law n wee niece for company, all the stitchy stalls my heart could desire and an ice cream...huzzah!

But best of all I finally got to meet some of the stitchy folks I've admired (and annoyed!) online, in the flesh....

YAY!! Here's me n Mr.X Stitch, my mate Taff1973 was stitching like the wind behind the camera!

(I would also like it known I am available for any modellin' assignments: knitting patterns, bingo wing reduction surgery (before shots) and bamitzvahs ;0) )

And it was a complete thrill to see upclose and personal, the works of Beefranck, Bascom Hogue, Crapestry, StitchFight, Eliot BK, Stitchalicious to name but a few...

('s courtesy of Mr.X Stitch!)

Talking of fun gi's to be with, I came back from the show all fired up with inspiration and finally managed to finish this wee fella...pre stitchy action shot

Wip shot...

And here is the finished piece:

Meet my gnew gnome! All bushy of beard and looking for love!

Our gnomey friend is leaning against the canvas waiting for the right gnomey gal to come along

He's even written a (cheeky) Lonely Hearts advert:

"I've got a mug that says World's Greatest Lover. That's my references, how about yours?!
Replies to fun gi box 1471"

I have hand embroidered a positive garland of toadstool in a variety of threads, silks and cottons to give added texture. Also features metallic threads in red, silver and gold which sparkle when the light hits them. His garden is stitched in shades of greens and blues with splashes of pinks and yellowy/orange!

What gnomette could resist?! He'll meet you under the lantern in the garden!

Or at my Etsy shop!

Right the painkillers are starting to kick in and I've got to try n shovel down my easter eggs before I slip into a cat gnasher induced delirium and find out greedy git husband has had it away with them wouldnt be the first time!

But before I go, I want to thank each and everyone of you for all your prayers, cards and lovely messages of support.

In my past few posts I've mentioned that we've been caring for my in-laws at home; I'm sad to report that my father-in-law finally lost his fight against cancer a couple of weeks ago. He passed away peacefully at home with all of us around him and we're now getting on with the task of trying to see past the last few months and remember him for the top bloke he, really, thank you all so much your support is invaluable xx

Now, go n give someone you love a hug and enjoy your Easter!

BIG MIMI LOVES MY HOMIES...and thank you for droppin' by! :)


Carol Q said…
aw, Mr Gnome is gorgeous. Hadn't realised he was so small and compact until I saw you hand holding him. Like the way you stitched your mushrooms and created the texture. He's really fab. Sorry home front has been hard. It's awful watching the parents etc get older and seeing ailments get hold of them. Hope your arm sorts itself out too soon! May your life be peaceful for a while.
Miz.November said…
Bless You! and your swollen limb. Crazy cat fights. They'll get you every time.
Awesome to see a pic of you. I love your hair. Even though I'm in the mad process of growing mine back out, I always want to whack it back off again.
As always, your work just blows my mind. You're such a talented chica.
Freddie said…
Hello! I put the postcards up on the outside of my bathroom door and I look at them every day. They're great and so is Mr Gnome and so are you :)
Glenda said…
Thank you so much for including so many photos! I loved seeing how it looked pre-embroidery, and I love seeing all the embroidery details. The stitching that created the red cap of the mushroom is really cool!

Great pic of you and Mr. X-Stitch!!
Nettan said…
Oh oh!!! But this is my true love ♥
When my grandfather presented me to him when I was just a little girl he captured a piece of my heart and never gave it back.....
So I just went to Etsy.....

And I'm so sorry to hear you got caught in the middle of a cat fight! Hope you get better real soon!!
oh mr Gnome, if I was but 5 feet shorter....

So very sorry to hear about your father in law. I hope you are yours are able to find some little pockets of peace in this turbulent journey.
Mr X Stitch said…
Sorry to read about your father-in-law. :/
Awesome to spend time with you though! Here's to more! :)
Jan said…
Have you heard of Cat Scratch Fever? Glad you are taking care of your wound, please don't neglect it. Always love seeing your work, it is so unique and funny and colorful. Sorry about your FIL, sad but inevitable. You are good to lend a hand, a home, a heart.
Love Mr Gnome Mimi and the humour as always. So sorry to hear about your Father-in-law. x
Raylee said…
hi mimi,
i saw Mr X Stitch on the Lifestyle channel last night.... made me think of you!!!
Lyn said…
I loved seeing Mr Gnome as he grew - fab!
Thank you for posting those great photos for us to enjoy.

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