Ey up my bloggy chums! I hope you are all feelin' groovy and gorgeous? Well, you certainly look it, you're looking gorgeous today!

So you'll be pleased to know that since my last post, my arm has now fully deflated and is still attached despite kitty's best efforts, in fact it's been a pretty incident free month thank Gawd!

Things are starting to get back to (a sort of) normality, I've still got hideous mountain of paperwork/legal stuff since Bri passed away but it's almost dealt with and thanks to the bucketing rain we've had for the past 3 weeks I've tucked myself away and managed to get a bit more stitching and painting in!

Unfortuantely the garden looks like a jungle and the front lawn is about 4ft high, altho it's hiding the rubbish so I'm calling it a "meadow" until I can bribe a visitng in-law to mow it!

So what's been going on?  Well, I was contacted a wee while ago by
Andrea Wilkinson
of Graphic Design and Communications, Media and Design. As part of a 2012 summer residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Kasterlee, Belgium Andrea has set up a project looking at turning digital into analogue:

"Launched in October, 2011, for the next half year, KeepDelete will encourage people to turn text messages into artifact; turning digital messages that are on the verge of being forgotten, deleted, outdated or even lost into something tangible; an artifact. Collected together, these documents will combine to form a publication and/or exhibition.

In 2012, a book will be created highlighting the transformation of digital text-message into physical artefact. Designers are invited to design an artifact of a message that
is ‘wanting to be kept’, either from their own personal repository of messages or from their circle of friends and family. These artifacts (across various types of media: eg. prints on paper, fabric, hand-lettered typography…) will be collated together in book form and supplemented with written pieces which look critically at the ability for the graphic medium to archive the personal."

So I hit my I'll be honest, I hate mobile phones. I havent a clue what my number is and I only ever use it as either an alarm clock and an "in case of emergencies" travelling companion. My chums will testify to the fact I'm useless with it as I rarely answer a call or text...mainly because it take me a good 10 minutes to work out what the noise is when it's ringing and by the time I've faffed about trying to find my glasses to answer/read it they've usually given up and rang me on a landline!

That said, I did find a text from my bezzie that wasnt offensive which simply said "LOL!" with a smiley face, so that was my starting point for this fella!
Hot pre-embroidery action...yes literaly a case of he has no bottom parts! ;)

'Ere he is...a wee laughing gnome! Dunno what's set him off but it's clearly tickled him cos he's laughing so much he's had to hang on to his toadstool to stop himself falling over...bless!

I have hand stitched a giant "LOL!" in an old school graffiti style font and used a selection of embroidery silks in shades of pinks

To add to the fun there is a bunch of smiley faces bouncing about, hand stitched in shades of oranges and lemons!

I have hand embroidered the toadstools in a variety of threads, silks and cottons to give added texture.

 Fun-gi's to be with!

Also features metallic threads in red, silver and gold which sparkle when the light hits them. His garden is stitched in shades of greens and blues with splashes of turquoise blue and lime

So if you fancy a little something to tickle your fancy he's waiting for you at my Etsy shop!
It remains to be see if he'll be accepted to the project as he's up against a shed load of super talented submissions, but either way I shan't be too vexed as I had real fun stitching the wee fella :)

Waiting in the wings (titter!) for the stitchy treatment is this fella, a sloshy stylee watercolour Magpie...apologies to all you superstitious folks out there!

Now the general chaos and stressiness has kind of subsided, himself as been sent to the kitchen to knock up a trifle and I'm hoping to spend an indulgent Bank Holiday catching up with everyone's blogs, so if there's a dollop of custard in your comments box it'll be me! :)

Stay groovy my bloggy chums, big Mimi Loves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by :)


Freddie said…
I'm always amazed at how small your things are. They look huge and then you put the picture of you holding it and suddenly it's tiny!
Miz.November said…
Hey Mims! So glad to hear that things are setting themselves back to normal. Fabulous work, as always. I can't wait to see what you do with that magpie.
Raylee said…
gorgeous work, love those little smiley are such an entertainer.....your blog always makes me smile!!.....(i don't even own a mobile phone).
Faith said…
I LOVE your LOL Gnome! I wish I could afford him. I'm not much better about using my cell/mobile. Only just got past the "Who's that singing?" when I hear it "ring." (And I have no idea how to get a ring I would understand.)

And the weirdest thing happened. As I started to read your post when I got to "feelin' groovy" that's what Simon and Garfunkle were singing. The music was playing in the background, but to hear the words exactly as I read them really made me notice.
olisa said…
Oh my, the colors of this piece are particularly inspiring! Kind of makes my heart stop... beautiful.
Lyn said…
A fabulous translation of 'text to art'. It's a really happy piece and good luck with the comp.
I'm looking forward to seeing the bird finished - the painting is, as always, lovely.

I've got a mobile phone too...somewhere...ah here it is...oh, no battery...
Hi Mimi, glad that all is well with you - like your cute little Gnome and adore the magpie, it's terrific! Have a lovely weekend. Lesley x

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