Ey up my bloggy chums! ;0) Well you're all looking flippin' magnificent, is that a new hair-do? Well it's knocked years off you!

Gordon Bennet where did July go?! So did we all enjoy the Olympics then? Now closest I get to physical exertion these days is trying to fasten my jeans, but I do love to watch a bit of Olympic going's on, specifically the synchronised swimming...it's my mum's fault for feeding me a steady diet of Esther WIlliams films when I was knee high to a waterwing. I used to try n recreate some of the routines on the living room carpet...not really that successful on me own, the carpet burns were a nightmare and I copped quite a nasty ankle injury diving off the sofa

I'll be honest, me and swimming parted company a long time ago, when I was about 18 in fact, after a supremely humiliating incident on a day trip to a local pool. It was a new fangled place which had a selection of slides and tube/flume things that flung you into the pool at various speeds. I spent most of the day on the beginners one which was nice n gentle and sort of gently plonked you into the water at the end of it, but I was happy with that!

However after a lot of coersion by the rest of the bunch, I decided to give the "Black Hole" a go. It was a huge. Full of twists n turns, speedy water jet going through it and the kicker was that you had to go down it head first. It was pointed out to me that pensioners and 6yr old's were having a go and after a chorus of "buck buck buckarrk!" chicken noises and much ribbing, I flounced off with an air of "'eff you all!" determination!

After a trembly walk up endless steps I reached the entrance to the Black Hole. With my heart (n thighs!) thundering I stood looking down into the gaping abyss, desperately trying not to show any fear in front of the dishy life guard and trying to look cool n glamourous in my rather fetching tankini....a very 1980's 3 piece halter necked swimming costume.

Off I went like a bullet out of a gun! Being flung around, up n down vigoursly, screaming the whole way down, til I was shot out of the end head first into the pool.

Oh, I was so thrilled with my achievement! I launched myself out of the water waving my arms about like a loon n screaming in a most excited manner; the rest of the people in the pool were obviously impressed too as a big cheer went up and there was much clapping and whistling and whooping!

I naturally responded to this enthusiastic praise by more arm flailing and more leaping up and down! Huzzah!!

It was only when I turned round n saw one of my chums, standing stock still in middle of pool, pointing his finger at me with a look of sheer horror on his face that I realised my super glam tankini had been dragged down by the force of water and was now flapping around my waist like a wet rag, thereby exposing myself not only to the folks in the pool but also, via the magic of cctv cameras, beamed out on the giant wall of tv screens, the people in the queue outside, the cafe...basically, the whole of Richmond on Thames.

Suffice to say I was out of that water, into changing rooms and back in the motor in approx 10 seconds flat. And that my friends, was the end of my career as a swimming star...bloody Esther Williams has got a lot to answer for!

Anyway! To the pictures and not before time!
Remember this wee fella? A fluffy, fiery orange guinea pig!

This little chap with his wild fur reminded me of a flame, so I coupled that with my dubious knowledge of Prog Rock and voila!!

 A mixed media piece perfect for any flaming Prog rocking guinea pig fan!

A crazy psychedelic themed, original mixed media artwork featuring our guinea pig chum surrounded by a blazing furnace of hand embroidered flames.

I've hand painted our fluffy friend in watercolor paints onto textured watercolor paper. I've kept the painting free and loose to keep the colors fresh and bright, sketchy pencil marks are also visible. Colours are shades of fiery oranges with delicate peach and lilac tones.

I hand embroidered his fiery flames in silky embroidery threads; hotting up the action are shades of reds and bright cerise/pinks interspersed with softer contrasting lilac

The words are from the 1960's song "FIRE!" by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown:

Hand stitched in deep purple (pardon the prog rock pun!)

This particular work is hand painted and hand stitched onto textured watercolor paper and wiill come matted with a white mount ready for framing. The piece measures approx 11.7 x 8.3 inch or A4 and fits into any standard 14 x 11inch frame so you can just pop him in your frame of choice and hang on your wall...huzzah!

Available for your purchasing, Prog Rockin' pleasure at the ol' Etsy shop, I thank you!

So talking of public exposure! Keep an eye out for number 38 edition of Revoluion Art magazine, out in October...if you haven't already checked out Revolutionart Mag, hop on over...it's chock full of fabulous artyness and what's more it's FREE to download..woohoo!!...There may also be someone's work you recognise...ahem! ;0)

Righto then, that's my lot for this month! Stay tuned as there's some hot Australian action to report including this fella:

And more exciting stuff in the pipeline...that doesnt involve halternecks! (If you ever happen to be at your local swimming pool and just happen to see a raddled old bag in a full length Victorian bathing suit, please lead me back to the carpark!)

Stay groovy my bloggy chums, big Mimi Loves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by :)


Sharon Whitley said…
Big LOL!! A very similar thing happened to me in Tenerife on one of those big rubber ringy things coming down to the end, loads of people waving at me and me waving back like a loony only to realise that my bikini top was round my waist! Love your hell rocking guinea pig, great to hear what you've been up to!
Laura Moore said…
Hi Mimi - How did you know I had my hair done??? lol Thanks for the compliment and yours looks lovely too. :-) Loving the parrot the most but the little guinea pig with all his attitude and all that fire is great too.
Lins Artyblobs said…
A chuckle post....
Miz.November said…
Great story. But hell, the people were cheering your exposed self, so really you shouldn't have been so embarrassed. You should have tugged that baby back up and went back to do it again. That's much easier said than done, though.
Glad to hear from you. Love the hell raising guinea pig.
Carol Q said…
OMG you do come up with them. You should write a book. That's cheered me up greatly lol. Your god of hell fire guinea pig is wonderful - fab colours as is your parrot.
Anonymous said…

Teenage humiliation - do we ever get over it??

I wondered whether the guinea pig may have sported a mohawk..
Ooh ha ha. Never a dull moment - love that a harmless guinea pig is transformed into the 'God of Hell Fire'. Lesley x
Lyn said…
I agree with Carol - you should write a book.
Your writing style is wonderfully entertaining.

Your swimming story is the stuff that nightmares are made of - poor you!

Love guinea pig - he's fab.
Raylee said…
you always make me smile , your stories are always entertaining!

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