Funky COOL Medina!


Ey up my bloggy chums! ;0)  How's it all hanging then...wild, free and groovy I hope?

So kicking off today with some jolly exciting MimiLove action!

I'm a subscriber to the online magazine Revolution Art; the magazine is bi-monthly and put together by Nelson Medina, artist, art director, Cool Hunter and general all round good guy.

The magazine is chock full of inspiring artwork, photography, design etc. and has interviews with well known designers, photographers, film makers, rock get the idea...and highlights global trends, issues, politics etc.

The most fabulous bit; it's COMPLETELY FREE to generous is that?!

Anyroad, each issue has a different theme and absolutely anyone can join in and submit pieces for consideration, October's theme was "Animal" so how could I resist?

To be honest I was little apprehensive as the mag has featured some pretty hardcore artists of the "proper" variety as opposed to work from an old bag with failing eyesight, aversion to excercise and rocking a hair-do/fashion sense which I'm far too old to pull off but far too old to care about

But I thought "Stuff it, let's give it a bash!", so I dropped Nelson a line with a few images and then hid behind the sofa in a panic. Well he very graciously replied and included not just one but 8 of my works in the latest issue!

I naturally responded with my usual grace and dignity by skipping round the house and "woohoo-ing!" for all I was worth...not a pretty sight!

So a huge public THANK YOU to Mr. Medina not just for including my work but also for his continued efforts in putting together such a valuable publication and resource and giving it to the world for FREE

You can download October's issue here and also back issues here

My euphoria over all this was pretty shortlived however, as I went down with a stinking cold at the beginning of the week. I HATE colds, partly cos there's never soft tissue in the gaff when I get one, so I end up using kitchen roll to staunch the perpetual nose dripping..."Juan Sheet" may do "Plenty" but it also leaves me looking and feeling like I've been going at my hooter with a cheese grater.

But I mainly hate 'em cos I get little in the way of sympathy from himself, unless you count the occassional Lemsip thrust at me at arms length with head turned away and breath held, followed by death threats if he catches it.

Having said that, by day 3 and feeling particularly rancid, he did make lunch, although I suspect it was mainly because there was imminent danger that he wouldn't eat that day.

I requested a plain piece of toast as it was all I really fancied and drifted back into a snot induced coma. An hour later he came into the room slightly flustered but looking quite proud of himself and presented me with 5 slightly overcooked scampi and a slice of bread...

"I found them in freezer! I gave you some of that mayonnaise from the back of the fridge, I think it's on the turn"

I was too feeble to argue and figured if I did I'd never be fed again, so crunched my way through what were essentially burnt breadcrumb balls as any actual scampi had melted away after the hour in oven at reglo 9 (he only knows the one setting), fortunately the rancid mayo helped them to slide down and I eventually slipped back into an uncomfortable daze, slightly bewildered and a delicate tang of burnt fish in the back of my throat...bless 'im!

Anyway the cold hasn't been the only reason for my snivvling as I was moved to teary eyedness by my mate Claire ...(you know Claire; Aussie bird, International jet-setter, makes gorgeous stuff, super talented son and lives in a positive paradise!)...Anyroad we've been mates for nigh on 4 yrs now and I've been clogging up her inbox with my painfully long, boring emails and generally off loading all my misery on her and Gawd bless her, she's not changed her email address or anything!

So as you've probably gathered, I'm not much cop on the ol' wordsmithing front and I really wanted to thank her for putting up with me and supporting me with her love and kindness and especially over the past few months, so I did what I do!

I've had this planned for a looooong time after I secret squirreled a photo she posted of her No.1 son Rich (you know Rich, international jet setter, makes stunning music, lives in positive paradise!) and kitty Tig.

No.1 son having a wee cuddle with Tig


Lyrics are from The Doobie Brother's "Drift Away"

Stitchy Zinnia's (apologies to Rich for sticking walloping great pink flower behind his ear'ole!)

Stitchy chooks


So once again a big public THANK YOU to my bonzer cobber for putting up with me, your friendship means the world to me! x

Now stay tuned homies cos more exciting news is a-brewing involving chickens...

...but I shall save that for next time as I'm still trying to shift the taste of burnt scampi and he's heading for the kitchen with a disturbing air of determination!

Stay groovy, big Mimi Loves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by :)



Miz.November said…
Congrats on the feature! And, please, try your best to get better. It would probably happen quicker if you weren't eating burnt scampi with rancid mayo. Ick.
Claire said…
Now that I've seen the photo together with the portrait I am more in awe than before .......

Colds....blah, hope you're feeling better ASAP. Blokes they don't seem to do the tea and sympathy thing quite so well as us gals. Great scene on Big Bang Theory about such........

Now if you're not an artist of the 'proper' variety then no one is.....congrats on your work in the mag, awesome.
Must go and download it and check it out........

Claire X
Aussie Bird, hehe
Old Chook might be a better tag!!

Lyn said…
That's a stunning portrait! Wonderful! I had to look at it for ages just to take it all in.

OMG - you summed up a female partner's cold perfectly.

Thanks for the link to the free download - off to have a look.
Carol Q said…
the usual hilarious post Mims. Sorry you've been feeling down under (lol) men are rubbish aren't they? mind you - I'm completely unsympathetic myself....Congrats on the being featured and your Aussie mate is going to love that portrait. You are a stunning painter and stitcher!
Raylee said…
congratulations!!......portraits are my favourites.......yours are so good!!!!
Your blog is awesome! And your creativity is even more awesome!
Nice to meet you...
Teresa in California
Your blog is awesome! And your creativity is even more awesome!
Nice to meet you...
Teresa in California

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