Goodbye my friend

A lot of folks think I am actually called Mimi, unfortunately my folks weren't that exotic and I was christened Karen. The story goes that my mum wanted a name that couldn't be shortened; she was the first one to call me Kaz.

Anyway when I first started this internet mularkey with the painting and such I was a little nervous at worldwide exposure etc so I hid behind a nom de plume/brush and my kitty Mimi was my helper, from poking my paint brushes, chin rubbing the canvas edges and sleeping in my floss box, she seemed the perfect choice!

She's been my constant companion for nigh on 16years. She was found by the local vet, she'd been abandoned and was in a pretty bad way. A bag of bones, riddled with just about every parasite known to kittykind, bald as a coot and a VERY bad tummy. The vet had put her in a cage on the reception desk with a sign saying "Please take me home" I did.

Despite her issues she was a purry love from the minute I got her back and within a few months weight was creeping on, various cooties gone, the tum settled and the fur was growing back.

She's was a trooper from day one, became a one kitty champion ratting machine, survived a nasty anesthetic overdose and took our 2 long distance moves around the country in her stride.

When she was diagnosed with diabetes 2yrs ago I fretted about how on earth she was going to cope with injections/blood tests etc. We needn't have worried as she hopped on my lap every morning/evening, waited for her insulin to be mixed and took her jab with a shrug and a purr.

Just before Christmas we noticed slight changes in her, nothing major but just not quite right. A blood test revealed hyperthyroid on top of the diabetes and an infection that followed a couple of weeks later, her health went downhill rapidly. Despite everyone's best efforts she eventually stopped eating and became very weak, very quickly. With a seriously heavy heart we said no more. The vet came out to us and she slipped away peacefully with her head in my hand on January 25th.



She'd been by my side, sleeping on my pillow with her paw wrapped round my arm, poking my nose til I woke and loving us both without conditions 24/7 for the past 16yrs. I still expect to see her around the gaff and there is an awful big gap in our hearts and lives.

I miss her so much it hurts but I'm thankful we met and for the joy she's given us for all those years. So it will always be Mimi love forever

So before the snot n tears that are dribbling down my boatrace at the moment hit the keyboard, I thought I'd finally unveil the latest commission. I've hauled myself back into some sort of routine now, albeit a little hollow, and have been stabbing away at a bit of stitching etc to keep the brain from mulling.

This was finished just before Christmas but what with everything happening the blog and everything else was stuffed away.
So if you're still hanging on in there, I'd like to re-introduce Pidge, a fluffy white persian. She was described to me as having an underbite which "reminds me of my grandma", gunky eyes and a nasal problem which causes her to make a kind of "cooing" noise.

I was asked to include a pigeon, gerbera daisies and given a few photo's of the recipents decor to give me an idea of colours etc, and this is what I came up with.

Pidge accompanied by a feathery friend and festooned with flowery bits

Pigeon detail...all sorts of thready bits
Flowery bits
Watercolours and hand embroidery on canvas.
I've recently started work on these girls too...

I've decided to work larger this year, a decision I instantly regretted, but I'm ploughing on with it...swinging between really enjoying it to threatening to throw it out of the window, but it's keeping the brain distracted and that can only be a good thing at the moment.
Nowt much else to report although I am off to my very first Embroidery Guild meeting in Lichfield soon which I'm looking forward to, so stay tuned for stitchy news.
Apologies for the downer guys and thank you for putting up with me...again!
Big Mimi loves homies and thanks for droppin' by :)


jo said…
So sorry for your loss. Mimi was lucky to be loved and looked after by you.

Jo x
Lyn said…
Oh wat sad news. They do become part of the family and leave huge gas when they go. I am sure she had the best life and you saved her when she most needs a loving home. Hugs to you. Xxx
giddy99 said…
I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss; I know how painful it was to lose my dear Butch to a sudden illness. :(
JafaBrit's Art said…
We just lost our faithful little dog of 14 years last month and I understand :( so sorry for your loss,she was blessed to be so loved.
Claire said…
Wow, you have a big heart missus.......taking on that little scrap of a thing and loving her back to good health......
Sounds like she was quite a character too. Sorry she's no longer around, 16 years was a good innings.
Pidge is looking wonderful loving all the detail you added........
Can't wait to see the 'big reveal' on the chickens too.
Sounds like you needed a challenge and something to focus on at the moment. I think the decision to try the larger canvas came along at the right time.

CLaire x

Ilix said…
Hugs. Cats are amazing souls, and you were amazing souls for making her a home of love without conditions. Thanks for all you do, the world needs more folks like you.
Big hugs! I ♥ your Art and will always hang around your blog, no matter how much happens in real life and how long I have to wait for a new chapter...
I'm sorry you had to say goodbye to Mimi, it hurts forever! Hang in there!!!
Gina said…
Sorry to hear about Mimi. I know what a huge hole our dog left in November so can imagine how you must be feeling. Love the new work though... it was also great to see some Mimilove canvases for real at the Milton Keynes exhibition last month!
Beverley said…
so sorry you have lost your friend. I lost mine last week, very suddenly, and too posted on my blog. A rescue cat too.
We've had animals all our lives, but this loss feels so much more desolate.
Your talent to record animals for others I'm sure brings lots of comfort, perhaps Mimi will appear in stitch.....
Lynette said…
I am so very sorry for your loss. I've been through it myself and have deep empathy for you, and my current little love sleeping inside my sweater to keep warm as I type. Thank you for sharing and God bless you as you grieve.

I love your work and always marvel at the talent God has given you and the amazingly unique style you have created.
Miz.November said…
Oh, darling. It's so hard to lose a little furry friend. My heart goes out to you. It's good to see your stitches and brush strokes are still as bright and beautiful as ever.

Hugs to you. xoxo
Carol Q said…
aw Karen. got a huge lump in my throat just reading your post. I feel your loss.

your latest creation is lovely. he has such a beautiful blue eye and the pigeon detail is a fab texture. the chickens look perky!
Jan said…
Awful that you lost her but so wonderful that you had each other for so many years. it is rare to be allowed so many years with our beloved furry friends. I'm glad you have so many good memories of your friend, she will live forever in your heart and soul.
Lisa said…
So sorry to read about Mz. Mimi, it really is one of the hardest things to let go a beloved critter. My own kitty is very near 19 years old and until recently, spry as ever, but things they are a'changing and I fear it won't be long til I lose him... Anyway, sending big hugs! Viva la Mimi!
Raylee said…
i read your post a few days ago but couldn't tell you how sorry i was because i couldn't see for tears.
my cat is 18 & had a similar experience from anesthetic, it took a lot of nursing to get her going again.....but nothing like she used to be. while she is still purring, i hope she is happy.
sending my deepest sympathy.
Melissa B. said…
I'm sorry you lost your sweet baby Mimi. She was lucky to have her as her mama. Hugs.
Melissa B. said…
I'm sorry you lost your sweet baby Mimi. She was lucky to have her as her mama. Hugs.
I'm very sorry for your loss. A big hug.
♥RINI♥ said…
I love , love ,love your work !!

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