Funky Mother Clucker!

Ey up my bloggy chums. 

First off, I just want to say a truly heartfelt thank you to all you lovely folks who commented and emailed me after my last blog. It was a horrible time, on top of what is a pretty crappy situation already. The temptation was to pack the art/stitching/internetting in, crawl under a duvet and never come out but your kind words and messages really touched my heart and have helped and encouraged me to keep going with all this really, from the bottom of my crunched heart, thank you. xx

 Right, s'nuff of all that serious stuff eh? Let's get... FUNKY!

Remember the BIG chickens?

Well the girls were getting restless so I thought I better get stitching. I decided after seeing my work on display at the Hemmed In exhibition that I really should start working on a larger scale...a decision I instantly regretted as soon as I started stitching! But inspite of the sore fingers and the hating one minute/loving it the next I'm kind of glad I persevered. So here they are embroidered within an inch of their lives!

Putting the FUN in funky! A walloping great stitchy "FUNKY" outlined in an olivey green silk and then filled with a range of threads and cottons in various greens including my favourite luminous one. I've also added wee pink sequin flowers and tiddly green glass beads for bit of added fun!

Hand stitched wheat or possibly corn in just about every colour I could shove on there!

Stitchy chicken wire...very fiddly!

A big, fat silky white egg with a small but very glittery golden egg waiting to hatch out to join their fellow chicks!

There we have it...chock full of colours and textures and chickens, check 'em out over at the ol' Etsy emporium.

I'm currently working on another larger sized piece which I thought you might like to see in the really early stages... MOOO!

...and also franticly putting together a few more pieces for the British Stitch and Quilt Village in Uttoxeter.  The show takes place April 26th, 27th and 28th at the Uttoxeter Race Course.  I will be visiting on Sunday 28th so if you are in the area pop along and if you see a badly dressed lunatic with a purple mohican (I've had a radical new "do") come and say hello! :)

I'm also putting together a wee collection of bits for a chickeny/birdy themed giveaway which I hope to announce on the next blog so stay tuned!

So once again yet another HUGE thank you for all your love and support...really does mean the world to an old bag like me
Big loves homies and thanks for droppin' by! :)


Claire said…
Missus you certainly know how to stand out in a crowd....a purple mohican....wouldn't happen to work for a hairdresser would you, hehe?!!
Lovin' the funky chickens....can imagine how sore your fingers were with all that stitchin' but it looks amazing.
Lots of wonderful details.......well done.
No Moooo can't wait to see how it all comes together.
Don't mind a cute little calf or a bovine beauty or two.
ALl the best for the S & Q show in April, wish I was closer so I could pop by and check out that 'do' and your fab work, but sadly.......

Claire XX
Carol Q said…
OMG - you way with words has me rolling Karen. love the wonderful bright cheerful colours. fabulous piece. I've added the S&Q show to my calendar - I would love to go.
Claire said…
Oops, forgot to say really love that chicken wire....
Your work is fantastic, so much detail!
Lyn said…
Love the funky chickens! Your colours are fantastic.
Miz.November said…
Oh, wow! I do believe that this is my very favorite piece so far! I adore the Funky stitchery. Absolute madness.
Funky Chickens!!!!! Yay!!!
Jan said…
I do hope you are feeling better and if you are getting back to making art that is a good step. Love the funky chickens! Always love your work! Such wonderful colors and themes. Wish I could attend the show and meet you.
i hope you've been well, i'm sorry ive been away from blogging but you still make beautiful and fun things i see :))) takecare, hugs <3
Clementina said…
Me parece un trabajo espectacular, felicidades
MnM.Books said…
Hi from an Aussie artist. If you like animals, art, colour and even chickens. You must be OK! Love your sense of humour too. Shelley

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