Happy Christmas?!

Allo darlin's..you're all looking mighty splendiferous today…new frock?!

So yes Christmas!  As with most festive occasions in the gaff I was woken Christmas morning by Mr. Mimi in what's rapidly becoming a traditional fashion.  He kissed me gently on the forehead, placed a mug of tea on my bedside table and whispered the words everyone wants to hear from their loved one's on Christmas morning: 
 "Wake up you old tart, the cat's been sick in the spare room"
Pretty much set the tone for the day. The kitties had been glued to the rockery for the two days in the run up, queueing up for the baby mouse bonanza that had obviously been occuring.  I came down to be greeted by the dog standing by her water bowl looking quite forlorn as there was a disembodied mouse head floating around in it., (the rest of it had been regurgitated all over the windowsill in spare room) and both kitties copped the right 'ump for being put straight back on Santa's naughty list.
We had a new team member this year too.  A "little" stray that had been abandoned by her owner and was being kept locked in a shed. She arrived the weekend I was away so had a 2 day bonding session with himself. We were told she's nervous and not used to human interaction and will probably hide away for while etc.  
I was a tad concerned until himself sent me this photo….
...that's my pillow she's got her arse on…charming.
Suffice to say she's won the kitty equivalent of the lottery and adores him completely…I'm still getting a "you still 'ere?!" look every time I try n get into bed but generally speaking I think she's feeling quite at home!  He optimistically named her Delilah but as she lumbers about the place with all the grace of a drunk hippo, I've re-christened her Big Lil…she did however like her Christmas present….Mr.Squizz... but as the other 2 clearly had the best one, she also spent rest of day sulking.

Himself excelled himself in the trifle department this year…it was huge.  He made his own custard and was positively triumphant when he announced he'd "doubled up" the recipe and ended up with a 4 pints of cream to 12 egg ratio in it.  The whole thing barely fitted in the fridge and it was virtually impossible to serve as it caused a kind of vacuum effect akin to trying to get out of quick sand, when trying to pull spoon out.
It's day 4 now, we've been served it at breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.  There's still half a bucket of it left, it's most decidedly on the turn and I don't think there's a Statin big enough to deal with my cholesterol level.  He's squirrelled himself away in his shed now so I'm taking the opportunity to get shot of it before it does me.
Generally speaking though, that's a pretty good Christmas by our standards!
Anyway s'nuff of my wittering, got loads to show you!
So first up I was commissioned waaaay back in August to paint these guys.  Mr.Bunny and his best mate Pooh the cat.

Hot pre stitch action: watercolour on canvas

I had a brief of veggies n narna's so that's what I did!

Stitchy details:

and also:
"...when we gave him a voice, it was sort of a slacker, surfer voice – he called me "dude," and my wife "m'am dude."As this was for a wedding anniversary I stitched 2 gold rings and "engraved" them with stitchy names!

I also finally finished the cow!

Whey-hey! Watercolour on canvas with all manner of stitch doin's including...

... a wee stitch meadow...
…walloping great daisies...
…poppies n cornflowers...

…and as it was all getting far too serious there for a while a big dollop of Kelis

(I stitched the price on as well…I'm good like that!) ;0)

...and for added measure a wee stitched Laughing Cow logo!
She's also delighted as she's now living in Northern Ireland which is kind of spooky as I took her with me when I went and so she is now officially better travelled than me!
And last but not least a Christmas commission…

...a wee beagle called Mollie…just a painting, no stitching. Watercolour on paper.

Have to say I'm still riding a bit of a high from my trip to Northern Ireland and choc full of vim, vigour and brimming with inspiration…and indeed trifle!  I'm currently working on a range of new cushions which will be hitting the ol Etsy shop soon and which will also be appearing in Cute Cross Stitch magazine soon, courtesy of my fabulous mate Judy Darley, who's also off to pastures new and concentrating on her wondrous freelance writing…check out her work here!
I've got all sorts of other bits and bobs in pipeline, including prints of my work and maybe even some wearable stuff…oooo!
So in the meantime I wish you all a happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year and thank you all once again for your kind comments, love and support of my work…also if anyone knows a good cardiologist drop me a line! :)
Big loves homies and thanks for droppin' by :)



Raylee said…
fabulous as always!!
happy new year!
Gina said…
Such fabulous work... and you do make me laugh! Wishing you a happy new year!
Maggi said…
Love your new work, and your new kitty. Have a great New Year.
Lyn said…
Your writing raised several smiles! I love the beagle and I'm looking forward to seeing it stitched.
Carol Q said…
you are so clever Karen. love the daisies on the dark blue background. hope you managed to get some peace amid all the animal and trifle chaos!
Wendy Ward said…
So glad to read your stuff again - missed hearing your voice, here in sunny Australia. I am so inspired by your work-just love it . Happy New Year
bonzogirl said…
gr8 to hear from you...your chortlings make me grin..:O)...work fab as per usual! keep up the good work!!
Catherine said…
Outstanding work as always. I love all of the flowers around the cow. I can't wait to see your creations this year - Happy 2014!

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