Ey up my bloggy chums!
Well I missed my *must blog in March* deadline but only by few days so things are improving eh?!

Bit of trauma today as all the brother-in-laws/partners/million kids all descended.  You know it’s going to be a bad day when you have hormones from hell arrive, then them and then himself announced he brought liver for the cats & dog’s dinner! *shudder*

Temptation at that point was to run for the hills, or at very least Tesco Express round the corner and stock up on Easter eggs and wine.

But anyway! Stuff to show n tell so pull up a chair and don’t mind me n the rustling of choccy egg foil :)

Tonnes been going on lately, cop a visual on latest commission…walloping great bear of a Newfoundland called Troy…dontcha just want to cuddle him?!

Bit of work-in-progress action shot!

I had a list of favourite bits and bob’s.

Wine…hence the grapevine which winds its-self around the whole picture and mystically witchy stuff, so a golden pentagram it is…I made sure it was the right way up too; apparently if it’s upside-down it’s well bad juu-juu!

Troy and his *mum* live in Mevagissey so I stitched up the towns lighthouse and included some wee boats.

And finally some Ultravox lyrics…all together now….ARRGGGGHHHH VIENNNAAARRGGGHH!!

I’ve also been knocking up some wee brooches!

Smiley kitties!

Grumpy Kitty!

And a flock of birds including jingly budgie, Cockney Sparrows and tits!

I’m running a couple of workshops to make these little fellas at the Stitch & Quilt Village, Uttoxeter Racecourse  on 26th and 27th of this month so if you’re in the area and fancy a bash, come and say hello! :)

I’ve also been taking a bit of time off here and there to spend time with a FABULOUS bunch of girlies and had a foray into the wonderful world of soldering!  I’ve even knocked up a chatelaine…stay tuned more details on that soon!

Right I’m off for now as I’ve got a Kinder Egg toy to play with and some offal to avoid!
Stay tuned though as I’ve got some exciting commission action to report and new paintings to show you!

Big loves my blogging homies and thanks for dropping’ by! :)


Lyn said…
You have been busy.....
Love your work as always. Xxx
Jan said…
love the new works! wish I could make it to your workshop but it is a bit far for me.

Flaming Nora said…
Think I may be in love with grumpy kitty.
Jan said…
Always fun to stop in here and see what you have been up to. Wish I could take your workshop but it is too far away. What is next?
Lyn said…
Your representation of Troy is beautiful!

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