Allo darlin’s….you're all looking mighty splendiferous today,  how’s it hanging? Wild and magnificently I hope?!

So WHEY-HEY!  It’s only been a month (isn!) since my last post…things are looking up eh?!  Thought I better do this now as himself has finally decided it’s time to start renovating the gaff…it’s only taken 7 years to start, still nowt like a bit of preplanning eh?!  Suffice to say I will probably be spending the rest of my days schlepping round Wickes the builders merchants with a haunted look in my eye and rapidly losing the will to live.

Anyway snuff of that! 
Most of my bloggy chums know the mainstay of my work is animals; from Aardvarks to Zebra’s, I’ll give anything a bash!  So I was a wee bit out of the old comfort zone recently when I was commissioned to paint a Jaguar…not the big furry kitty type…no, the swanky sporty car type!
The client liked my painting style and wanted me to paint her husbands favourite cars.  I approached this with my usual hardcore business woman/artist enthusiasm and pointed out “it’s not something I normally do, so if I think it’s crap you’re not seeing it!”, fortunately the lady took it very well and still trusted my ability….Gawd bless you madam! :)

So here’s the first one…client wanted to keep it quite abstract so we decided on doing just a segment of the car.
 Initial (nervous) first coat of paint
Final piece!

She and hubby liked it so much they commissioned another one!
Drawing stage

Have to say I really enjoyed working on them…waaaaay outside of my fluffy bunny comfort zone but made a nice change and certainly challenged the old noggin…change is as good as a rest as they say and it’s probably the closest I’m going to get to holiday for the foreseeable!

Lots of other bits and bobs going on; I was thrilled to the gills to be interviewed by the lovely Joanna Yeoman for her glorious blog recently: Click here to read!  Should warn you there’s a disturbing picture of me on there, so brace yourselves…and a big thank you to Joanna! 

Had immense fun running a couple of Mimilove Forever workshops at the Quilt & Stitch Village couple of weeks ago at Uttoxetter Racecourse.
Hot Quilt & Stitch Village workshop action:

(more photo's to follow soon once I worked out how to get them off my phone!)
Big thank you to Angela Price and Traplet Publications for inviting me!

POP! And last but by no means least a selection of my works appeared at Olympia's Spring Knitting and Stitching show...
(yoink! Phot courtesy of Mr.X Stitch)

and at the supremely fabulous BedPop Pop Up Gallery, which you can read more about here.  

So another BIG THANK YOU to the glorious Mr. X Stitch for his continued support of my work.

Now stay tuned as I've just started work on this fella...I think we all know where this is going?!

Better dash now, he’s wielding a claw hammer and has an air of destruction about him; brace yourself for the new “Mimiloveforever Blog-101 Ways to Murder Your Husband with a Tube of Grip Fill”!

Big Mimi Loves to y'all and thanks droppin' by! :) x


Carol Q said…
you are so flippin clever missus! love your jags.

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