Oh Gordon Bennett, yes I know I was going to improve my blogging updates…*sigh*…still better late than never eh and I have been getting a lot of work done to show you in my spanky new studio:

Before: rancid pit of despair

After:  bit of an Ikea-fest, small but light and it works! :)

I wish I could tell you it still looks like this, but's paint splattered, threads everywhere and currently has our new rescue cat living in there too; still she's good company, if a little niffy! 

Right, so first pet portrait to show you is from the lovely Ruby the artist behind Maid in Cornwall.

This is Bill.  Her sweet and much missed rescue Jack Russell.  I loved working on this piece but it was very emotional as Bill passed away shortly after I started work so I wanted it to be extra special.

I had a brief of Lyrics from Somewhere over the rainbow.  Seagulls, St/Michael’s Mount (Cornwall) and Bill had won a rosette for being *Best Veteran* doggy in his local show.

Watercolour on canvas with hand embroidery.

I’ve also added a couple of new hand embroidered canvas prints to my Etsy shop: 
Little Donkey

Blue budgie with his upside-down mate (showing off quite frankly!)

Available over at my Etsy Shop :)

In between tripping over spare cats I have also been working on LOTS of new paintings which I'm really enjoying, which I will bore you rigid with soon! :)

In the meantime a big thank you for dropping' by!
Ta ta for now


Raylee said…
paintings are gorgeous as always.
renovated room looks so light & airy , pretty curtains.
Lyn said…
Lovely works of art! I am particularly drawn to the beauty of Bill's eyes - you've really captured his spirit.

I like your new studio too.
AWW thank you Raylee and Lyn! Sorry I'm not around much on here so thank you for bearing with my pathetic updates! ;) xxx

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