Quantum Physics for Dummies by Dummies!

(Desperately hoping no-one will notice it’s been 2 months since last update!)

Ey up my bloggy chums!  I do hope 2015 is treating you well thus far?  Still no bloody jetpacks/flying cars…damn you 1970’s and all your broken promises!

So one of the many arguments we had over Christmas involved quantum physics.  If you’re anything like me you will have glazed over immediately already.  I was forced to watch some programme on BBC where some bloke tried to prove that nothing exists if we don’t look at it (it was probably bit more involved than that but I lost the will to live within 2 mins of it being on).

I simply pointed out that BBC could’ve saved matey a fortune on all the lasers, computer programmes and mind numbing equations by coming round here with the latest JML Cats Meow *amazing* rotating cat toy that I got rinsed 15quid for (at his insistence), and sticking it in front of our kitties, who not only ignored it, but by the *blank stare into distance/nothing to see here* looks on all faces, actually denied it’s very existence, even when it was poking them vigorously on their collective bums!

The conversation quickly spiralled into a supernova of a shouting match with me telling him to get Stephen Hawking, Brian Cox and the team behind the Hadron Collider to come round here and explain to me why I’m the only b*&£$*@ in this place who can put the frigging wheelie bin out on a Tuesday?!

That shut him up.
Anyway…lately I ‘ave been mostly painting cats.  Not mine, I’m ignoring them.

Igonring a JML rotating cat toy is this abstract tabby in shades of deep blue/greys and purple, soft pinks, delicate lilac and yellows with glorious green eyes. Watercolour on paper.

Fallen over on his back as is so disgusted at JML rotating cat toy is this abstract tabby gazes up at the world also in shades of deep blue/greys and purple, soft pinks, delicate lilac and yellows with glorious green eyes. Watercolour on paper.

This is pretty much the look of *if I can't see a JML rotating cat toy, it obviously doesn't exist* in shades of deep blue/greys and purples with warm yellow/orange eyes. Watercolour on paper.

Me: "Look. It rotates and everything!"  Cat: *singing the Meow Mix song in it's head whilst admiring the coving*.  Beautiful fluffy kitty in shades of cobalt blue, deep blue/grey and turquoises with flashes of soft apricot tones and striking orange/yellow eye.
Watercolour on paper.

And last but not least a Siamese kitty gazing up at the sky as there's an outside chance that it's owner will give up in despair as she has done with EVERY SINGLE CAT TOY EVER and remove the offending rotating JML cat toy and hits the Gin.
Watercolour on paper.

These furry feline fellas are all watercolour on paper and available over on my website shop and the good news is one lucky purchaser will receive an *amazing* rotating cat toy completely free with their purchase…unused…except the box…they love the box.

JML Cat’s Meow?  You’ll find them on Ebay under: *Unacknowledged Gift-owner bullied by cats-idiot husband* category.

I’ll be back soon…ish! :)

Big Mimi Loves to you homies and thanks for droppin’ by!


bazi bazi pat said…
bellissimi acquerelli!!!
Jan said…
I've been lurking around your blog the past couple of days and now am rewarded with a new post from you! You did say you had been working on some cats, back in November and here is the proof! Strikingly lovely cats they are too! Even if they don't appreciate all your efforts to entertain them. I'm entertained. Thanks for the new post.
Lyn said…
The watercolour cats are wonderful (and your cats are no different from most small children at Christmas - the boxes always provide more value for money at playtime than the contents!)

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