Love Rat!

So we’ve been married for 20yrs, in the early Valentine days it was all so lovely; himself used to buy me little trinkets, even wrote me poetry. I painted him pictures, made mixed tapes (yes THAT long ago!) and lavished him with attention…it was borderline boho, although we stopped short of prancing around the garden in chiffon butterfly outfits.

Fast forward a few decades. I still paint him pictures and if you count cutting what’s left of his hair, then yes, I do still *lavish* attention on him, but the past 4 Valentines have tried my patience somewhat.

I have received: secateurs, wellies, a bowsaw and gardening gloves respectively…this year I got an incinerator….I was holding out for an industrial shredder to make getting rid of the body parts easier!!!

Fortunately for him I’m not a bitter woman, but I have poked him in the loft this morning to look for random items that I don’t really require! 

So in the spirit of all things Valentiney my Love Rat!! :)

A wee watercolour ratty all trembly and wonky lipped in anticipation of your adoration!

Soft shades in pinks, blues and lilacs with splishy-sploshy bits and pencil marks still visible.
Painted on a heavily textured watercolour postcard.

In his tiddly little paws he holds a little hand stitched love heart in pink embroidery silks.

This little chap does comes with a frame too and is available on my Etsy shop here…because nothing says “I love you my precious one” like a rodent! ;0)

So hoping your Valentine is proving marginally more romantic than mine…I’m off to fire up the incinerator…grrrr!

As ever, stay groovy my bloggy chums and a BIG Mimi Loves to you!
Thank you for droppin’ by!


Gina said…
You do make me laugh! And I love your little rat!
Crafty Carol said…
Love it, I too have been remarried for 26years, happily I add. Hubby retired end of last year and it took me several months to get used to him being home 24/7 as he worked 12 hour shifts previously. Yes he exasperates me at times but then I must exasperate him too LOL. He gave himself a new job - he took over doing all the cooking that was a bit of a strain to begin with having been queen of my kitchen before, but it certainly helps when I am sewing for next craft fair. One of my friends at Art club used to say 'How do you get your husband to do cooking and washing floors etc.' (her husband does none of those). So I told her I traded the first one in for a newer model LOL Love your ratty picture. Carol x

Lyn said…
love it! both the love rat and your words!
iHanna said…
Haha, you're too funny! Love the rat, and I think rats need lovin' too - they can't help being rodents. :-)

Happy Creating Days to you from me in Sweden

Sarah Owen said…
Lol! Loving the love rat! He's so cute. Have fun with the incinerator. ;0)

Sarah x

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