I got 99 problems but...

...the stitch aint one! 

So. He’s got himself a new video game…**insert rolling eyes/ head shake here**..some sort of shoot ‘em up war type thing.

Not a problem per se as we go through this periodically; possibly in an attempt to re-capture his childhood, but I’m never unduly bothered as a combination of poor eyesight, deaf as a post and a case of severe tennis elbow invariably means it’s all over and done with fairly quickly.

I knew this time was no exception as it took him 2 weeks to get off the training level, because he immediately fell out of the helicopter as soon as it started and then killed 2 of his own men.

He finally got to grips with not falling out of the helicopter and arrived at level one where he spent most of his time wandering around empty rooms completely bewildered and at a loss of what to do and an awful lot of hiding behind crates and bashing at walls in case there was *hidden stuff*.

Pretty much every time I went past his desperate, hunched up figure on the computer there was frantic mouse action and much panicking swiftly followed by a side view of the scene where he’d fallen over/been killed again.

I don’t really know why he bothers with them really as it’s pretty much what an average day is like for him anyway (sans immediately falling out of helicopter) and I fully anticipate it being back on Ebay by tomorrow evening.

Anyway!  What have I been up to I optimistically hear you ask?!
Well, I’ve recently noticed I’ve got quite a lot of rappers following me on Twitter, which amuses me no end cos I’m sure if they could see me trudging around in pink cat print pyjamas, tea in hand and struggling to thread a needle then they’d be hitting the *unfollow* button pretty sharpish! ;0)

But as a little nod to my new homies and to prove that I am also down with the kidz I have been working on these little fellas!

I do hope this is the only watercolour blue tit painting with hand embroidery and hip-hop luminary Jay-Z you see today??

A wee little blue tit, painted with watercolours onto a lovely textured hahnemeuhle watercolour postcard.

Hand embroidery features little flowers in shades of pink, tiddly French knots and sketchy stitchy leaves in green cottons.

Lyric reads *I got 99 Problems but the Stitch aint one!*  See what I did there?! I've picked out the word *TIT* in a contrasting turquoise shimmery silk...yes, I'm that hardcore! ;0)

And who's that?...It's only Jay-Z in a NY baseball cap popping up behind him!
(I've added a stitchy hashtag Jay-Z in case you're not all down with kids like what I am!!)

If you've ever thought *bugger me, that's what my life's been missing...a hip-hop blue tit with embroidered stuff!* then he is currently awaiting a new home on my Etsy shop  here if you'd like a peek!

Stay tuned for Snoop Dogg and crazy ol' Kanye West action!

Right I'm off to slip into my tracksuit, drop some heavy beats and then probably run the hoover round.
Thanks for dropping' by my bloggy chums!


Jan said…
You are so funny as well as talented and unique!
Ally said…
I have just found your blog and you are hilarious. I have a hubby who plays on his games consul on and off and your description of your own hubby had me laughing out loud, i can so relate lol.
I have no doubt that as i read further i shall enjoy more chuckles lol
Ally x
Thank you Jan and Ally!! I'm hoping the arthritis in his fingers will eventually put a stop to it all! ;D BLESS 'EM!! xx
Ally said…
sorry but my other half has arthritis in his hands and fibromyalgia but he still resurrects his games periodically and gives me a running commentary of his frustrations, failures and kills :(((

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