Uppy and downy...

And... queue UB40...

Wo woah yeah...there's a rat in mi kitchin what am I gunna do?

Embroider the bugger!!

Mouse?...Rat?...who cares?...it's got Manhattan Transfer!!

Oh yes Chanson D'amour-Arific! (Had to be done I'm afraid...and did you know they're still going strong?

So you've already seen the watercoloury bit...well I've festooned him with embroidery hearts in reds n pinks n orange, French knots (natch!), musical notes, dinky red glass beads and a big old glittery crystal heart all dingly dangly off the edge of the canvas

I quite fancied a bit of off canvas action with this one, so I've taken the embroidery under the canvas and then back over..that's the kind of radical stitchery y' dealing with here!

Anyroad heading for Etsy this weekend if you're looking for summin a bit different on the Christmas front...nothing says "I love you" like a rodent....

....'cept maybe a bottle of Tweed

This week has mostly been:
Crappy... sad bye-bye to my furry mate Bruno :(

...Yay! Best friend visit fabby
...Boo! Best friend goes home, too far a-bloody-way

...boo! Car died

I've also been lumbered/ahem blessed, with babysitting...so I made Bond girls

ps. Wanna buy a car?


hens teeth said…
Bloomin' heck girlfriend....I went from laughing to crying in the space of 30 seconds. What a week you have had!
Poor Bruno, poor you x
Love mousey/ratx
Kayla coo said…
Hi Mimi,
So sorry to here about your sad week and about bruno, your dog?
Brook said…
love it love it love it!!!
queencraftygirl said…
Hey Mimi,
I love your mousie!! So cute! I am sorry about bruno!

Queeny C.G.
R.E.II™ said…
Your blog is very interesting. A lot of creativity and I love it.
Robyn said…
The mouse canvas just gets better and better. Sorry about Bruno.
Undaunted said…
Great finishing touches to your painting.

Sorry it's been a roller coaster of a week for you x
R.E.II™ said…
Ill put you down as the rat owner

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