5 go mad in Hastings (nearly)...part two

Ok folks apologies in advance; there maybe a few hold ups on the motorway this Bank Hols as the girls are off on their jollies to St.Leonards on Sea to stay with their new chums at the Aardvark Tea Room & Gallery and they're all a bit excitable, so anything could happen.

The first group are heading down as there's a spiffy Art's Festival going on this month and the girls felt they just had to be in on the action.

The other 5 are a bit put out by it but they aren't finished and they couldn't possibly be seen in public without their stitching on...you know how it is?!

So, you've met Bazza Manilow's Lola the Chihuahua so now I would like to introduce you to:
Lesley Gore vs Kojak Pugthankyouverymuch!

See puggy all watercoloured right up in shades of lilacs with dribblings of blues and lovely sunny yellowy oranges!

With a face only a mother could love and bit on the "vertically challenged" side (10cm x 12cm to be precise!), she's trying to keep her pecker up inspite of it all:

My life is:
Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way
'Cause you're in love, you're in love,
And love is here to stay!

Trying to stay positive there with her words all in rainbowy stitching and a positive deluge of lovely lollies bouncing around the joint

But hold on to your Chupa Chups! Would you believe it?

It's only bloody Kojak!! Look at that, he's choffed one down already! I mean really, how rude...I'll give 'im "who loves ya baby?" round the ear'ole....lolly choffing git

Mind you he's going to know about it in the morning, what with the stitchy sun bouncing off his bonce like that

Anyway she's got her lilo packed and she's piled into the motor with Lola (she's got dibs on the front seat) and now they're just waiting for the others....be blogged soon folks!

So if you're at a loose end during Sept get yourself along to St.Leonards, treat yourself to tea, cakey, culture and a wee bit of Mimi Loving!

Thanks for droppin by! x;0)


He's cute and the sun is shining too, as I'm sure it will be in St Leonard's! BFN. Lesley
beefranck said…
Gorgeous! I love the lollipops especially! :)
ArtPropelled said…
Now tell me...how did Kojak get in on the action? I love lollipops but I don't get my face embroidered anywhere. Great painting! Great sense of humour!
Gunnels blog said…
Wonderful! Your stitching and painting are great!
AeFondKis said…
mimi this wee bulldog is chuppa chuppa! great to see you in your own unique style immortalise this wee hairball!
Linda x
Miz.November said…
Ha! Flippin adorable!
Love it! So cute, adorable and brill!
Lovin' it. You cheer me on a rainy day!
You are hilarious.... AND a top class artist!

"We're all born bald, baby" - Kojak


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