Pen ...ny...Pals!

Now, as you may know I do like a bit of custom, personalized portrait action; be it cats to caterpillars, terriers to turtles, chickens to childrens, you got 'em I'll paint 'em!

Well, this piece is actually for two imaginary furry cool is that!?

So this is an Etsy, (imaginary) pet portrait commission from my Phat Quarter homie Donkeywolf (aka Penny Nickels); arty,printy, stitchy, spinny genius all wrapped up in a lovely laydee package!

The painty/stitchyness is a wee gift for THE one and only Manbroiderer: Johnny Murder, Penny's man of her heart, stitcher extraordinaire and currently recovering from pokey spinal surgery (just saying those words makes me feel all shoogly!)

The main painting is of a bear cub and his wee piglet chum as requested and the lyrics from John's fave tune. I was let loose by Penny for the rest so I had a good old rifle though photostreams and blogs for inspirational bits and pieces! :)

Once again just to reassure you, if you would like to commission a piece of your own, I do keep these things the right side of stalking, so fear not, you wont find your pin number and dental records festooned with beads and Barry Manilow lyrics!

So without further ado I present...


Meet the guys! Bear cub there, all soft blue and grey tones with hints of lilac and tan and sitting in front Piggy in delicate pinks and lilacs with whiffs of cobalt and red!

And here they are again!
Just sitting amongst the undergrowth, shooting the breeze and wondering what to get up to next!

A flurry of leaves and Fleetwood Mac lyrics run through the canvas and wrap themselves around the 2 friends

"If you wake up and don't want to smile,
If it takes just a little while,
Open your eyes and look at the day,
You'll see things in a different way."

There's all sorts of leafery and various bits and pieces; a scattering of red, gold and pink beads in amongst the undergrowth and some wee glittery french knot berries for them to chow down on for lunch...there's also a Dr.Pepper bush should they get thirsty!

Off in the distance wee piggy n his cubby chum are discussing the days events whilst walking home into the Telethon sunset! :)

I am relieved to say the guys have made their way through customs, quarantine and a long haul flight and are settling in nicely in their new home in the USofA

So a huge THANK YOU to Penny for trusting me with her imaginary friends and a big healing,not too hard "hope you're feeling better soon!" hug for Mr.Johnny x:)

Now can't sit around here all day blogging about with you lot, I've got a selection of small dogs to stitch...(obviously, not literally as clearly that would be wrong)
Thanks for droppin' by! x;)


giddy girlie said…
Super ultra fantastic! I love it, love it, love it!
julie king said…
that is just so sweet and colofrul and all the details make it magical. lucky penny and friend!!
Penny Nickels said…
Oh Mimi! It's so beautiful! We love love love it, and I've been making everyone jealous with it! I'll be hitting you up again come Christmas time!
Mr X Stitch said…
The Dr Pepper bush is genius. :)

Well, the whole thing is genius, but the Dr Pepper Bush is particularly well done...
Kayla coo said…
Hi Mimi,
Great stitching as ever.
It must be hard work stitching through the canvas.
Have fun stitching your dogs!
I'm off to walk mine.x
Undaunted said…
I just don't know how you do it. Every time I read through the build up and I'm always gobsmacked when I scroll down and reach the painting. You're a genius.
Mz. Spider said…
Mimi!!! I was just thinking about you. I thought, "she hasn't posted in awhile and I haven't been over to visit & say hello."

This is always. The color description you gave of piggy reminds me of the newest addition to my daughters' bedtime story books. It called "Wait! No Paint!" It's a hilarious twist on the classic Three Little Pigs.
alcoholinky said…
gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous
meplusmolly said…
*sniff* not another masterpiece, it must be so tiresome being this good! mwahahahahahah!
blooming glorious work as always laydee!! ;0 X
Mz. Spider said…
thank you for the well wishes, sweetheart. it meant the world to me.
Love those two little personalities, how prolific are you?! Best wishes. Lesley
You make me smile :o)
ArtPropelled said…
Whimsically wonderful genius! You must be fun to let loose at parties ;-)
Do you strut across tabletops and sing?
I love the colours, they're fantastic! And there is real movement in them! There is an award for you over at mine if you accept high accolades from a warty old woman in a sack....x
Jolie said…
"fear not, you wont find your pin number and dental records festooned with beads and Barry Manilow lyrics!"
Damn...and this was *exactly* the look I was going for!...*slumps shoulders and has a wee sulk*
Seriously, love it, as usual - especially piggie's rendering!

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