HensTeeth Big Jesse...

...no offence! x;0)

So how are we all then; hope your New Year is panning out well so far?
I personally, can't stick Jan & Feb, not good months for me at all, just make me feel all grey and dank and I just slug about in a self pity, arm flaily, huffy, whiny strop.

Times like this I wish I could be more like the kitties are at the moment: sleep for 22 and half hours, wake, stuff face, wash bum and then belt a pingpong ball around the bedroom at 3 o'clock in the morning...I might try it the weekend

Anyroad, there I was, being a miserable arm swinging cowbag, when the call went up for budgie picture STAT!
It was just the kick up the wotsits I needed...I mean whose gunna turn down the opportunity of a trade with the stitchy LEGEND that is Viv from HensTeeth?!

I've been Viv bothering since her blog began so I had a headstart on the stalking and apart from a budgie, she gave me a free reign to do my stitchy thang

Hmm..to produce something for one of Viv's magnificence...no pressure there then!?
(He has since arrived at Casa Viv and she has assured me it's all good baby...phew!)

Introducing Big Jesse!

See Mr Jesse all sploshy in bright turquoisey greens and zingtastic contrasting oranges

Poking out from behind, trying to get in on the action, a wee Pinocchio presenting a big old pair of smiley noshers

Inspired by our mutual love of (very much missed!) Fast Show, a Jesse Diet:
This week I av mostly bin eatin' Millet!

And finally some wee hens clucking about in amongst the stitchy beady shrubbery

And just look at the bundle of love (literally!) I received...



Oh yes! It nearly came to fisty cuffs with the muv-in-law again; honestly, one whiff of a Liberty print and she's declaring DIBS...well step away from the goodies grandma...they're ALL MINE!
Just feast your eyes on all the wee details!

..I've always loved Viv's work (see more at her shop) but it's not until you see it in the flesh you really appreciate the exquisite workwomanship!
Viv has personalised the case too...

...but of course it's far to precious to store my manky, bent old needles in so I shall be using it to house all my wee precious knick knacks
And wearing my brooch with pride :)

So to Viv, an ENORMOUS thank you not only for all my gorgeous goodies but also for the inspiration, dragging me out of the doldrums and brightening up my world!

Also in line for 'normous thank you is my mate Kirsty over at the gorgeous meplusmolly for my very own jingly Santa...which I cunningly forgot to photograph...hangs head in shame..but he is tucked away with all my other precious bits on my tree of many colours ready for many more Christmas's to come!
(YOINK! Photo blatantly half-inched from Kirsty xx)

With re-newed vigour, this week I will mostly be stuffing sparrows (not literally...they're in decline and quite fiddly too), working on some ideas and fretting over the 60th Birthday portrait commission that I keep putting off

(I've even got the excercise bike out of it's box...haven't used it yet mind, but don't want to over do it you know...now, where's that pingpong ball??)

Thanks for droppin' by!


Gina said…
What a brilliant swap from both parties concerned! And glad it lifted you out of the January gloom.
Clare said…
Hee hee lovely post! Isn't 'Hen' bothering illegal in most countries? I am in total agreement about Viv's work, she's an absolute star!Hope March comes quickly for you ;)
Hens Teeth said…
Mimilove hates winter and so does hensteeth too.
So a swop was decided upon, to bring them both out the blue.
Mimilove painted a budgie and added her special touch.
Hens teeth made a needlecase that the mother in law loves very much.
Thank you Mimilove for brightening my life.
If I was Jesse, I would ask you to be my wife! ;-) x (Could that be the worst one so far?)
Miz.November said…
You are just brilliant. Another beautiful piece of work, of course. I am loving the stitchies on this one.
Kayla coo said…
Love your swap, all of it! x
I really enjoyed your little "swap story" :-) You both made wonderful things for each other!!!
LOL at the kitties' lifestyle suggestion! Great idea and very cheering on this wet and miserable night.

As to 'Big Jesse' - he's wonderful - you and Viv are such clever girls. Karen? You're definitely Mimi as far as I'm concerned! Bfn. Lesley
alcoholinky said…
Suits you sir! Hopefully Bellamy's people might make up for it but I have my doubts. Love your description of how Jan/Feb make you feel. Another gorgeous budgie to add to the collection and a fab needlecase in return. Off to have a look at Hen's blog.
AeFondKis said…
Mimi, Big Jesse is budgietastic!
Lovely to see two big embroidery stars swop treasures and make each other chirp with delight! I am trilled for you both!
Great post!
Linda x
Super duper wonderful stuff, you are a wee ray of sunshine on this dismal, dark January day!!!

Yes, I'd happily hibernate until March, watching old movies, stuffing my face and drinking wine ;0) xx
Dot said…
Your blog makes my heart sing Mimi! Such beautiful art and such humor in your words too!
Gorgeous gorgeous art - from both you and Viv (love her stuff).
Laughed out loud at your description of kitty life. That is so true!
Hope the winter gloom is over very soon.
Sending some Aussie sunshine your way.
Dot xx
P.S LOVED Viv's poem comment too he heee
Katy said…
Your work is incredible! So unique!

What material are you painting and embroidering on? Is is canvas?

Mike Jory said…
Great blog and work! Thanks for checking my blog out too, we're now mutual followers! :-)

Kind regards

Sam said…
Hello...I have just come across your blog via hens teeth...it made me chuckle and I love your paintings! (Glad i found it when I did as I was about to have a sewing strop...I'm struggling to cut stuff out in a very small space...with a nosey husband to boot!)

Happy Sunday

Sam xx
Fabulous post - Viv wasn't wrong when she said it was hilarious. Consider me filched!!

You're welcome to come and live in the shop, but I suggest you wait until summer. It's bleepin' freezin' there at the moment! M&S very cosy d/g. Love it! ;o))
Jacky said…
What a wonderful piece you made for Viv...gorgeous colours and I love your sense of humour/whimsy!
What a great friendship you two have...and what a great swap! I've admired some of Viv's work for a while now...you are two very talented girls!
Great post, made me laugh...and that poem from Viv!

Jacky xox
Lyn said…
I found you blog via Hens teeth. I love your artwork, your painting is so free and colourful.
Thanks for following my blog too!
Love, love, love your's and Viv's and I love, love, love to come and visit you for some fun and cheering up!

Carolyn ♥

ps. Viv's verse is a treat :o)
Angie Larkin said…
I'm not artsy at all. But I appreciate looking at your work. I even stopped by your etsy and bought some post cards to frame. What a creative mind! I wish I had more money to buy more!
A wee bit of sunshine to cheer up your January...


Have a grand weekend x
julie king said…
sweet new piece and aren't you the lucky one to receive such great gifts!!!
Victoria Stitch said…
i LOVE the little pinocchio! great blog!
ewa-christine said…
What a nice story from real life.
I am happy for you!!!!
Ruby Clover said…
Wow, you make some gorgeous things!
Anonymous said…



Look at you!

I popped by to say thankyou for having such fabulous taste in blogs, he he...

and wow!

I've never seen ANYTHING like this. Lovely watery splotchy color AND thread.

I'm knocked over and now I have to go to yoga so I'll be Omming for you.
Angie Larkin said…
I received my post cards! My five year old claimed the fish!
isabel Dias said…
i've to confess that i realy love your work... congrats for the original ideas...
what kind of string do you use!
good luke
nice to meet you

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