Bring it on Banksy!

Big shout out to my Brixton homies, MimiLove is in da house, and I know that for a fact cos it was delivered yesterday!

I have literally no idea what I'm talking about, but feel my *finger is firmly on the pulse as to what's all the pops with the young'uns these days

*(arthritikky old finger and is generally on pulse for checking the blood pressure)

Anyway...this one goes out to the supremely cool illustrating, street art-ing, designer duo Id-iom!

They gave me absolutely nothing whatsoever to go on, (thanks for that chaps!) just a free hand/needle, but never let it be said being totally clueless as to what I'm doing at any given time has ever stopped me before...oh no!

So where to start?
Well I knew the chaps hail from the Isle of Man so I used that as my starting point. I was going to do a portrait of my uncle Doug but thought that was probably a bit too obscure even by my standards

I was then going to do a Manx cat with the Be-Bo-Bend It rhyme...but realised they had beaten me to that with this frankly fabulous creation.

(yoink! Photo courtesy of Id iom)
Back to the drawing board then...literally. So after a nap and a bun, inspiration struck...and here it is:

A wee kitty, not technically a manx, I just didn't paint his tail!
See kitty all tabbyfied in grey's and lovely turquoisey blues with whiffs of pinks and yellows

As a lot of Id-iom's work is street art/graffitti based I've drawn on my memories of graffiti back in my day:
There's Chad poking over the wall...
"Wot no tail?"

Someone's scrawled "Mods"...(from the Chertsey Benches..not actually a place as was a bench in Chertsey they used to hang out at...we called it Chertsey Benches...inspired!)

From the door of the public toilets in Littlehampton:

"Here I sit
Broken hearted
Paid 10p
And only farted"
And finally;
"Mimi Rules OK!"

A big old mish mash of leafery, grasses all hand stitched in a rainbow of colours, with added french knots and tiddly glass beads for a bit of glittery goodness and a bunch Coshags (not a made up name..the national flower of the Isle o Man apparently!) in lovely sunny yellows

But hang on! Turn your back for two minutes and next thing you know bloody Banksy rocks up and you've got one of his stencilly kids whose lost her balloon popping up...tsk...I'll have to ring the council now!

There you go...that's wotcha get when you don't give me anything to go on.
However if you have a few ideas you'd like to see immortalized in paint n stitch or just
want a bit of my brain hammered to your wall, do drop me a line! x;0)

Stay tuned as myself and the Id-iom possee will be working on a collaboration canavs which, hold on to your seats, will be available for purhase! (unless I get cake all over it..which is kind of a signature now anyway)

Mr. Monsterosity's swap is hopefully somewhere over (or possibly, in) the Pacific and this fella is next in line for a good needling:

Alan is approaching somewhere in the region of a metric ton weightwise, however he is super lively and has ben having a few test drives round the garden so it wont be much longer before he's off into the big wide world/garden to do his hedgey thing....sniff!

Anyway can't be sitting round here blogging about with you lot all day...Mark n Sparks gooey eggs are 3 for £1 and they're not going to eat themselves you know?!

Thanks for dropping by!


Jude said…
I love it! I always feel inspired when I look at your work...then realise I'm absolutely useless at creating something so fantastic...I'll stick to my knitting/crocheting/photographss...sob!
Carol Q said…
OMG - you've had me in stitches (pun intended!) what a wonderful combination of artistry and graffiti. I recently tried inserting the homies thing into my conversation - just doesn't work for us more mature types LOL love your Banksy interpretation - so clever.
Tyggereye said…
Amazingly gorgeous as usual. Love that woman pointing. That really strikes me in the canvas. Its creepy, but cool. Gorgeous cat. Love the stitching.
Undaunted said…
Fantastic as always! Can't wait to see the Octopus done!

I think you'd enjoy looking at Jafabrit's art. She does lots of stitchery things too!
Monsterosity said…
La la la Lady! you have fickr mail... Cho Sugoi you! work you going on, lovint it!

Ps:Cho sugoi you...Tokyo cool boy speak for totally cool and man...

JafaBrit's Art said…
oooooooh, you are so cool, dope, I LOVE your work (I LOVE graffiti). Undaunted sent me here.
ArtPropelled said…
You inspire me with your crazy painty stitchery canvases and your humour. Thanks Mimilove!
Clare said…
Loving the stitchery here...I'm sure it goes 'dan phat in da hood' and all that jazz. Have a good week and give hedgey a 'from a safe distance' farewell hug from me.
Love it!....Any chance this one could get lost in the post?

Will write when I get more time but just about to do the big move

Love Tracy x
Jill said…
Brilliant, funny and entertaining as always - from one literal Brixtonian (bit past the getting down with the kids thing)enjoying your work and your humour immensly:)
Love it! Good to see Chad - haven't seen him around anywhere for a while!

Thanks for popping over!

Cecca said…
Brilliant! I'm down with it :-)
Miz.November said…
Oh, my my! I do love that octopus. One of these days I will have a piece of art done by you. One of these days.
What a beautiful breath of funny, fresh air you are my dear.

Hi Allan, I still love you!!!!! :0)
Joanie Hoffman said…
Very well done!
Is Alan named after Alan Price?
we3 said…
lovely fresh interesting blog that's a lot of fun and very creative! what a happy find!
Sholto said…
What a great piece of art! I'm so glad it's mine! We are even going to get it framed when budget allows and i will, of course, send you a pic. We will be getting the collaboration canvas done and posted out just as soon as we can but our laziness is an affliction its hard to overcome...


Joanie Hoffman said…
He's here! in North Beach!
He's incredibly wonderful and so are the extras.
And so are you.

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