Wip-a-dee-yay....my oh my what a wunnerful day!! And may I say you are all looking particularly GORGEOUS today x;0)

Yes my bloggy chums Jan n Feb have finally slouched off and taken their poxy dark drabbyness with them; the days, nights and indeed puddings, are getting lighter and me and the gang have been soaking in the good sunny rays. OOO I feel better for it...I hope you are all feeling the good warm (ish!) sunny spring lovin too?

So talking of feeling good!
My New York chum, artist, jewellery maker and writer extraoridnaire Florence Wang....recently asked me if I'd be interested in being interviewed for the Profiles section on her blog...I naturally remained calm and dignified..."HELL YEAH!!!" and spent many days skipping round the joint giggling like a loon and feeling quite the celeb; this of course went completely unnoticed by the rest of Team Mimi, as do most things, unless *dinner is late or the remote is missing

Anyway, if unlike the rest of them round here, you are vaguely interested in the wittering of an erratic, cake stuffed bint then head on over to Florence Wang Designs and have a read...I hope I don't sound like a poncy arty type...you may feel free to issue virtual slappage if I do...and check out Flo's work whilst your there...she rocks!

Pic courtesy of Florence Wang Designs

Whilst we are on the subject of other people's work (it's not all about Mi-Mi-Mi you know) do check out Koi Creek Beads latest work; Elise recently lost her beloved kitty Henry and is drawing on her experience to offer comfort for those experiencing the pain and loss of pet bereavement, in the form of beautiful hand crafted reliquary/memorial beads, you can read all about it and commission her at her etsy shop.

Pic courtesy of Koi Creek Beads

Right, so you want some MimiLovin'?
These are WIPs..I should point out I had no idea what a WIP was until fairly recently when someone took me to one side, sat me down and shouted WORK IN PROGRESS DEAR...so thank you for that...I thought I was missing out on something...anyway:

Waiting for a good stuffing...and let's face it who isn't?...snigger...sorry:

Homey Gnomey

"Be it ever so humble, there's no place like gnome!"

A jolly wee fella with his bright red hat all pointy nointy standing around in his garden of hand stitchy bits in just about every colour I could cram on there. A couple of toadystools are lit up by his lantern, glittering away in gold french knots and glass beads. French knots and tiddly green glass beads add a bit of texture and a nice bit o metallic paint add a bit of sparkley goodness.
He will eventually be backed with black & white gingham, have a spotty pink & white loop and will be stuffed with hollowfibre for your squidging pleasure

Hypochondriac Cockney Sparrow

"Gordon Bennet!
Me plates of meat are killin me, I've been up all night with this pain in me Gregory Peck and don't get me started on me Farmer Giles!"

Moany old sparra sits amongst a big old bunch of hand sitched flowery, leafy stuff in bright clashy oranges, pinks and yellows with blues and greens and a smattering of tiddly green glass beads. The painty background has a metallic acylic paint mixed in it for a bit of glittery goodness too. He too will eventually be backed with black & white gingham, have a spotty pink & white loop and will be stuffed with hollowfibre for your squidging pleasure

Plates of Meat = feet
Gregory Peck = neck
Farmer Giles = answers on a postcard!
So there you go; stuffed stuff, painty parts, stitchy bits AND an English lesson..where you gunna get that for your Sausage & Mash?
(my shop eventually!)

Also in the Mimi news this week. Check Mi out! Never let it be said I'm not down with the kids. I've been propositioned, in the nicest possible way, by super cool design duo id iom for a bit of a collaboration. I've no idea what we're going to be doing but I'm super excited about it...which more or less sums up my life really...so stay tuned folks

I have also just fnished a spanky new painty/stitchy piece but that has to stay under wraps until it reaches it's destination...Japan..as part of a global swappery between me and this fella...which I'm also hugely excited about!

Looking for hot Alan action??
(Checkout his wee gnoshers!!)

Well he's doing very well, he's put on weight, somewhere in the region of 4 stone the way he's packing it away, and he's very lively now. We've taken advice from all sorts of wildlifey experts and will be aiming to let him shuffle off into the wilds of the back garden end of March time...loo roll at the ready-I fear it will be a Born Free moment!

Til then spikey fans, you will find us all soaking up the rays, *dinner's at half 5 if you're interested; Alan's having cat food, we're not.
Thanks for droppin' by!
(comments in rhyming slang if you please!)

PS: I've tried to keep the blog as a free love commenty place but I've had to add a comment moderation thingy now cos of severe Spam-o-lope attacks...gggrrrr!!


Sam said…
lovely work and oooooo what a cute lil hog xxx

Sam xx
Ansie said…
Apart from being super talented, you are really funny too!

Congracts on the interview and the collaboration!
Clare said…
Love the cockney waiting for a stuffing...heee's goorgeous. Officially the bestest name for a hog ever!genius...although he does sound more like an IT consultant..are you sure he's not moonlighting?
Jolie said…
Gawdon Bennet! Yaaahr drives me bizurke is gorgeous an' double glazin as always! OK? ;)
Well I'll go to the foot of our apples and pears. Can't think of any more rhyming slang just now, but thanks for whizzing over to read my latest post.

Don't think I've come across a sparrow suffering from a case of the Farmer Giles before. Nasty!

Sue x
As per usual a bonzer post...
Your work is im'peck'able...
And your interview was a darn good yarn, Mate.
Congratulation & Jubilations
no wonder the Happy Dance... well deserved... OOroo... B
Carol Q said…
ROFL - you always make me snigger! Love your WIPs (new to me too) specially sparrow - gorgeous colours. Must be fascinating to have a little wild creature in the house. He looks so cute. Off to read the interview now. Famous!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I'd love a rabbit and pork with you over a pigs ear or a plink plonk!

Too funny, too talented, loving the gnome xx
meplusmolly said…
Ere now!
Just look at these tutti frutti's
No lilley skinner you be with thread and paint
Can you adam and eve the talent you have?
Fancy getting your ted heaths round a slice of sexton blake over a cup of rosy lee??!!! ; X
ArtPropelled said…
Oh Alan, what a sweetie, catfood breath and all. Loving your new work, Homey Gnome.

I've decided to be generous and am parceling up a box of Summer sunshine especially for you. Just don't send it back please. I've had it up to here ---
Moniqui said…
lol!! ( that took me a while to figure out too lol!)
I love your WIPs! and cute little Alan!
ewa-christine said…
I am so sorry I cant wrigt (spell) all the beautiful words I want to wright about your work, but a small try IT IS GREAT, NICE, FANTASTIC, SUPERB, hope you get it!!
Bath, smoke'n bitter! Push and shove yer David Hockney Bow and Arrer!!

Do I get a prize for this Mimi?

Congrats and well done, Lesley.
Lesley Purcell said…
I have just discovered your work and blog via the UK Handmade site and I'm so glad I did! I just love your painting / embroidery work, so original... and as for Cockney Sparrow - just fabulous. I shall be following from now on :o)
Claire said…
Hey there, bit of gnome love goin on over here. Shall have to keep an eye on your etsy shop!!

You could just post without pics I am sure we would all visit just for the commentary.

Glad are enjoying the sunny rays as we enter the dark drabbyness. Any good syrupy pud. recipes you can recommend?
Mimi, here's the translation omitted from my previous rhyming slang comment above:

'Laugh, joke and titter' 'Love' your 'Cockney Sparrow'! Lesley x

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