2 Cockney Sparrows, a ton of blue budgies, a black kitty painting, Chas n Dave...

Reasons to be cheerful 1...2...3! x;0)

This week I have mostly been getting on down with a bit of Ian Dury...ooo I do love a jig about to a top tune!

I would love to have been a singer or a muso; my dad could carry a tune and was apparently a bit nifty on a guitar and his dad was one of those who could play any instrument you gave him, unfortunately the musical gene shook it's head in despair and skipped a generation when it got to me

I knew this early on when I was tossed out of the school recorder group at the age of 7...in my defence I had joined halfway through the term and did have trouble telling my left from my right, I even tried miming but was rumbled on an Ode to Joy solo.

Also, unlike Jeremy the only boy in the recorder group (surprisingly, not a euphemism) who had his own hand made, hand crafted wooden recorder, mine was plastic, covered in Starwars transfers and had been mainly used as a makeshift straw for sucking up not quite set jelly (Jello... for my American chums!)

Granted, my 3 Blind Mice may have been a bit screechy but least it tasted of strawberries...suffice to say it didnt go down well with the woman taking the class and my dream of playing London's Burning in the round was left in tatters...so much for my Rythym Stick..sigh

Anyroad got shedloads to show you today so tenuous musically link over with, here we go!
First off a new flock of stuffed birdies looking for new nests over the Olde MimiLove Curiousity Shoppe

Cockney Sparrow no.1

Oh dear, he's a little bit stroppy:

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a positive field of hand stitched grasses in blues, turquoise and greens with bright clashing oranges, pinks and reds for added oompf!

Inspired by the Cockney super duo Chas & Dave and their hit (well it was in my book!)

GERTCHA! = Get out of it or be off with you!

Cockney Sparrow no2

Something appears to be bothering him...

Some bleedin' tea leaf's half inched me jam jar! If I get me
camber sands on 'em, I'll kick their bottle and glasses!"

Oh dear I think we better get on the dog and bone and call the old bill!

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a big old bunch of hand stitched leafery in blues, turquoise and greens with bright pinks and reds. The painty background has a metallic acrylic paint mixed in it for a bit of glittery goodness too

Tea Leaf = Thief
Jam Jar = Car
Camber Sands = Hands
Bottle & Glasses = Arses
Dog & Bone = Phone
Old Bill = Police

A new batch of bright blue bouncy budgies to brighten up the grey days of summer!

Budgie no 1
(A big shout out Thank You for the mention! to my painty mate Alison over at  Eastwitching...check out her gorgeous paintings!)

All festooned with silky shiny garlands of hand stitched flowers in fruity shades of orange, tangerine and silky red and yellow combined with gold, bronze and red sequin flowers which shimmer when they catch the light

Budgie no 2

To keep them amused, dingly jingly bells hangs from golden hand stitched "chains"

Budgie no 3

A sprinkling of french knots, glass beads in shiny gold and tinsy drops of glittery gold give added glitz and sparkle!

And finally, the latest commission piece

Hot pre-embroidery action!

I was contacted by the lovely Judith to paint a portrait of their aptly monikered kitty "River" for her husband's birthday. The family had been on a kayaking hoilday and were having a leisurely paddle along the river when they heard a noise, they paddled over to the river bank and a tiny dishevelled kitten staggered out from the undergrowth and hopped onto one of the canoe's

He was taken home, cleaned up and checked out and was intitally going to be re-homed but endeared himself so much to the family that the rest, as they say, is history!

I had a few guidelines, colour scheme and faves list to choose from including, greens and blues, Get Fuzzy the comic strip, a Ben Folds Five song and a free rein...huzzah!

So here is River with a stitchy Satchel and Bucky from Get Fuzzy paying their own homage to that fateful day!

Stitchy details include shiney metallic threads for the water waves and splashes, wee french knot bull rushes and lots of grasses and undergrowth in various shades of greens.

Also in the news the Id-iom/Mimilove collaboration is finally complete and on it's way to the chaps in Brixton...it's still in transit and the chap's havent seen it yet so I will have to keep you all in suspenders til A: I know it's arrived and B: I'm not being sued for knackering their art work! :)

So as Ian and his magnificent Blockheads say, what with it being Sunday n all...why don't you get back into bed...1...2...3!

(ooo I've got a hankering for jelly n ice-cream...pass me that piccollo!)
Thanks for droppin' by


Lyn said…
You know you are as nutty as a fruit cake!
But oh so talented!
I just love the sparrows, and the detail you put into your work is excellent!
Reasons to be cheerful ...

... your absolutely bloomin' brilliant post ... larfed all the way down. I'm rather partial to budgies 2 and 3 and I loved your story about the recorder ... three blind mice and London's Burning were about as much as I could manage too! I watched the new Ian Dury movie the other night ... never knew he had polio! Live and learn ...

Bye for now x
Clare said…
Right lovely stuff there! I wish I was musical...I used to play the violin at school..except I didn't I just pretended..for over a year...maybe acting is the way to go!!
Carol Q said…
OMG - don't tempt me with more birdies!!! Love them both but you've made the sparrows so cheeky! The cat's fab. Don't know how you manage to catch their expressions and make them so life like!
Miz.November said…
Boy, have you got a lot done! How sweet the birdies are.
Joanie Hoffman said…
Beautiful stuff!
I don't know what half of what you wrote means, but I love you anyway.
Happy days,
AeFondKis said…
Hit me with your budgie stick, hit me hit me! Ian Dury would be twirling a merry dance if he could see your cockney sparrow tribute to such a top geezer!
Sparrows and budgies and rock and roll!!!
Linda x
meplusmolly said…
Mwahahahah! too cool for skool as normal me ol fruit!
Just wanted to let you know I played the recorder and the tennor, yep get your north and south round that! ;0 X
P.S 'pater' was my word verif too funny.... ;)
eastwitching said…
Karen! You have a nice comment on my blogpost about your budgies!....go and have a look. A x
Mimi, you are so good at painting sparrows and budgies and I love them all! And as for River, you have captured the likeness perfectly. Well done. x
Sholto said…
Loving the cockney sparrow! Lovely work indeed. Top quality, as ever.

JaneO said…
Fantastic - I would buy them all up if I weren't so boracic...
Claire said…
Oh Mimi when I need a good laugh I just have to visit your blog. Wonderful work as always, loving those budgies and cheeky sparrows.
Judith's hubby is going to love the painting of River.
As for recorders and jelly it will have to be didge's and dumplings in this household!!
ArtPropelled said…
Oh Budgy no.1..... I do love you! It feels like I'm on Who's Line is it Anyway :-)

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