He's my Japanese (toy) Boy!

And so warbled very strange 80's songstress Aneka..(gawd, my mum loved her!)

...no need for panic though, I haven't ditched Mr. Mimi for a tasty bit of Oriental stuff...altho that's not say I wouldn't think twice if offered a deep fried banana fritter from The Fortune Garden round the corner...mmm narna...

So! You may recall a few posts back, I made a fleeting mention of a bit of shennanigans between me and my mate Ad? Well in between Cockney Sparrows (hold that thought!), budgies and collaborations (hold that one too!)...there's been going's on of the most thrilling nature between myself and the stitching GOD that is Mr.Monsterosity

We've been stalking each other's work for a long time and are both fully paid up members of the MimiLove/Monsterosity Mutual Appreciation Society so after much grovelling on my part an exchange of brains was decided upon

Now based in Japan creating the most incrdedible art dolls, which you can admire on his flickr photostream, Ad is a former senior costume maker with the South Australian State Theatre and has worked on all the grooviest of shows including The Lion King, Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia...(blimey!)...so we're talking hardcore talent here and a combo of nerves and excitement in equal measure on my part!

So I came up with this...it's a Japanese Woodsman spider...which comes from Australia and Japan...just like Ad!

Big leggy spider just hanging around in his silver and gold web..

right slap bang in the middle of a fight between...

Godzilla and Mimzilla!


And this is the art doll that Ad made for me...I cannot express how much I love this

(Maruhanabachi..Japanese for BumbleBee!).

He's made from a soft stripey orangey yellow suede and gold leather. A deep soft plush fun fur in black and yellow and super shiney patent vinyl
The attention to detail is just beyond gorgeous...from the honeycomb legs and refracted eyes (all of which glow in the dark!), his poseable arms, the attenae..and the wings..oh the wings!

He's even got a wee buzzy flying fishy friend!

There are more of Ad's magnificent art doll creations at his Etsy shoppy and he also has a range of fashion accessories and the world's grooviest soft furnishings including couch candy cushion and leather lights!

If you happen to be in the Tokyo vicinty in August pop along to the Art Box International Gallery and you will be able to marvel at Ad's creations in the flesh/fur!

(Psst...can you keep a secret? We are also planning a little something together too...a MimiLove Monsterosity Mash if you will!)

This week I will be starting work on a new line of Cockney Sparrows (which were very kindly mentioned by Guardian journalist and all round top chick Perri Lewis ...bless y 'eart missus!) heading for my homies over at Miso Funky a commission of a wee doggy too and an exciting update on the idiom collaboration front!

Anyway can't sit around here blogging about with you lot all day I've got a nap to catch up on and someone mentioned narna fritters!

Big loves people and thanks for droppin' by!



beefranck said…
Fantastic! Your work, as always, is amazing, and Adam is so incredibly talented. This is a swap that will go down in history!
Well thank you very much Mimilove

I've know got that "he's my Japanese boy" song in my head .... arrrrggghhhh!


Great work both of you!
Carol Q said…
hoo hoo, soundsl like you've been having an exciting time. those spider legs look pure evil, you've captured them perfectly. love the two tone fur on your little bee chappy. isn't he gorgeous!? off to check out Ad's work
Kayla coo said…
So creative!
I don't really like spiders but yours is quite friendly looking!
M x
Tyggereye said…
So amazingly cool!! I love this. I swear everytime you make anything it makes me want to drag out my watercolors and embroidery floss EVERY time!! LOVELY!
bascom hogue said…
I have to agree that this is one of the great swaps of all time.
Miz.November said…
Oh, this is going to be one exciting colabo! Can't wait to see what's in the works.
Joanie Hoffman said…
i love the beautiful spider & your bee is so wonderful.
happy days,
cinnamon rose said…
oh i haven't been on your blog in forever!! :(
Love your new work, amazing as always!!
Claire said…
Hey Karen,that spider is sending shivers down my back! Reminds me of walking outside on a summers night, smack back into a web and thinking 'where the heck is the spider?"
Another great picture, love Godzilla and Mimzilla.
Ad's art doll - bumblebee is amazing all the detail. You guys are just too talented.
Now did someone mention banana fritters? Maybe I will settle for a slice of white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, I know there's some in the fridge somehwere.....
Anonymous said…
its a bumble-zilla, isnt it?

Dont you loveit when you swap with an artist you adore?


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