Flock o Cockneys

Allo my old china's! :)

And how are we all today, looking spectacular I must say...have you been working out?
I haven't.

I did think about it and even went into the shed where the excercise bike has been abandoned relocated, but I was side tracked by a box of gubbins that needed a good rummaging so once again the excercise regimin has gone to big pants...quite literally in my case!

However I am still just about the right side of a muumuu cos my stitchy mate Sarah Terry, the artistic supremo behind Guerilla Embroidery, sent me this:

Yoink! Photo courtesy of Guerilla Embroidery

A beautiful unique frock, all the way from the land Down Under, hand made by her stitchy genius self! I coveted it the minute she posted it on her flickr stream and I was knocked off my socks when she very generously offered it to me as a gift...how bloody wonderful is that!?
Well I'm relieved to say it's even more gorgeous in the flesh/fabric and even better and somewhat incredibly, it fits...huzzah...so if that's not worth celebrating with a Mini Roll which were on offer in the Co'op this week, I dunno what is?!

Now, if you should happen to find yourself in the Australia area Sarah's having her first solo show
'Drawing Threads' - stitched drawings and fabric paintings by Sarah Terry
Orange Regional Gallery, Orange, NSW, Australia
Opening: Friday 13th August 6-6.30pm

The show runs until the 12th September 2010 which is a couple of days after my birthday...hold that thought!

Also in the Mimi news this week..mucho excitingness from yon side of the Pacific as my mate Ad and his wonderous creations are appearing at Art Box International show DOLL which opens Monday 9th Aug and runs til 19th August. So if you are in the region pop along, admire his work, say hello and give him a hug from me...better warn him first though, cos you might get arrested :)

So did you hold that thought?
Now regular readers of my grammatically challenged witterings (and I bless you all for sticking with it!) may be familiar with me n my bezzie and our infrequent trips out, so I just want to give you fair warning now, she is threatening another one!

Me n the sprog (just the one this time, as mummy's little soldier is far too teenaged and rock 'ard to be carted round a zoo by a pair of raddled old strumpets like us) are busy working on a list of excuses, but she's cunningly not letting on when it is...a stealth attack if you will...but I do know it involves Woburn Abbey. On the upside, they are celebrating their 40th birthday this year and so am I (aaaaaaargh) which means I apparently get in for free...result!

So if you're in that vicinity sometime soon and you see a puffy ankled misery guts in a lovely frock getting mauled by a lion that'll be me...come say hello and buy me a birthday ice cream!

Have to say I'm pretty bloody lucky to have such utterly fabulous friends, from the bezzie who goes back with me donkey's years, to the lovely people from all over the world whom I've met via this internet mularkey, you lot reading this for a start! So to chums; stitchy one's, internetty one's and bezzies who will not leave me to fester in my borderline agrophobic comfort zone, a stitchy Cockney Sparrow homage to you all!

Allo my old china!   China plate = Mate

Cockney Sparrow No.1
Acrylics and hand embroidery

Cockney Sparrow No.2
Acrylics and hand embroidery

Cockney Sparrow No.3
Acrylics, hand embroidery and glitteryness!

Cockney Sparrow No.4
Acrylics, hand embroidery and sequins!

Cockney Sparrow No.5
Acrylics, hand embroidery, sequins and beads!

Cockney Sparrow No.6
Acrylics and hand embroidery

This new flock of Cockney Sparra's are now available for your purchasing pleasure at another one of my mate's gaffs, the magnificent emporium for all things stitchy, Miso Funky, where you will not only find stuff stuffed by me but cross stitch samplers (as seen on TV!) and some rather spiffing kits from the likes of Sublime Stitching...

Flock O' Cockneys!
Stuffed and ready for your suspending pleasure

So if you've got 5 mins, pop along, splash some cash and then go give y' mate a Mimi hug! x:)

Now can't sit around here all day bloggerin' about with you lot, there's a 36 pack of Mini Rolls in the joint and they're not going to eat themselves y' know?!

Coming up in the next  thrilling edition: possible safari park action and the MOTHER OF ALL BUDGIES!!
Stay tuned and ta ta for now!
Thanks for droppin' by


Mr X Stitch said…
When are you going to Woburn?
I live in Milton Keynes, which ain't that far away really. The chance to say hello is one worth seizing if you ask me... :)
La Dolce Vita said…
what a great blog! and I really love your work!!
Lyn said…
Lovely-jubbly sparrows!
love them.
lots of 'love' in this comment!
Miz.November said…
I hope you rock hard on your birthday! Have a good one and don't start too much trouble.
Clare said…
MMMMMMmmmmmmmmminirolls...maybe you could eat the 'rolls while on the bike? No scrap that..sod the bike and 'yeah' for the rolls!Loving them birdies
Carol Q said…
reading your comment on my blog made me realise I'd completely forgotten to comment on this one (firewall at work etc!) I just adore your flock of cockneys. when I can afford it, I shall have a flock of my own LOL!!!
Carol Q said…
PS - 40th birthday?!!! PAH - a mere youngster!!!
Tyggereye said…
Okay that dress is fab! What a great friend to send you that. I want one. It looks so comfy, but such pretty colors. Totally. The rolls I will try not to think of because I am seriously trying to get back on the fitness wagon tonight. hahaha. I'm eating everything in sight at the moment! Good thing they aren't here! Gorgeous work as always. I LOVE LOVE no. 5 with that blue. Its perfect. My fav by far. Also the glittery touch on the one, genius. LOVE them all. :) I totally need to get one from you for my mom for Christmas before everyone buys them up for the holidays. I need to get to buying in advance. Have a great week!!
What a wonderful 'flock of cockneys' - I love them all. Have a great birthday day sometime soon Mimi - how can you not?!
we3 said…
wonderful wonderful wonderful - where do you get the time to produce such amazing pieces!!!
Anonymous said…

I had the pleasure of meeting sarah at the TAFTA forum in April....

lucky you!
iHanna said…
your artwork is oh so beautiful, and the whole flock of Cockney Sparra's are magnificent. Wow, you rock!
Thanks for raising yet another smile, top class birds... you and them!! Oh and have a fantabulous burpday :) x
Anonymous said…
This is one of my favourite blogs yet
lovey work (:
ArtPropelled said…
How could I have missed your birthday!? A belated Happy Birthday to you and I hope your health is improving by the minute. Your flock O Cockney Sparras are really tickling me. LOVE the whole darn flock.... a lot!

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