You got fleas offence!

Well hello! Lovely to see you again and may I say, you are looking spectacularly gorgeous today!

Now before we get to the piccies and my usual drivvling on, I have a bit of a...drum roll....  


This is from my chums over at Cross Stitcher UK:
"With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, the team behind the UK’s leading cross stitching magazine has commissioned a funky commemorative sampler to mark the occasion with style!
Issue 238 of CrossStitcher will feature this funky and contemporary Royal Wedding sampler, designed by Jacqui Pearce.
Our feature spread will even include a full alphabet and calendar so readers can adapt the chart for their own wedding date!
Plus, it’s got a metallic gold crown, gold rings and a pair of Union Jack flags to give it a special patriotic finish."

CrossStitcher issue 238 goes on sale in the UK on 22nd March 2011 priced £3.99 so get yourself down to a newsagents today and reserve your and grab me a bar of choccie whilst you there...ta

Exciting stuff eh? Right. Gordon Bennet is it February already!?? Where did that go then? One minute I'm up to my ears in mince pies, Christmas puddings and tasty morsels, next thing I'm 2 stone over weight with another excercise machine to hang my ironing off and owing Richard Branson and small fortune...scary!!

Speaking of which (no,she'll love that), the bezzie has once again dragged me kicking n sulking into the 21st century and set me up with a Facebook fan page thing.
Now it's been a scary ride for me so far, bit like most of our trips out together really, and now she's had enough of me sitting in the back shouting directions and has shoved me in the driving seat with a "Well you effin' do it then!"...bless

So there I am all sweaty paws, clinging on for dear life with my nose pressed up against the windscreen. I am currently still in first gear and bunny hopping along the internet but I've got plans..oh yes...and hopefully will be crunching it into second soon but in the meantime come on over and friend me up..

...I think that's what she said?

Right!  Talking of hopping along...(oo I do love a tenuous link) wanna see my latest?

A big old leapy flea!

You got fleas (no offence), grafitti and a couple of wee characters from day's of yore

I've had this in my head for a while now, inspired by all my street art chums that I've made, a re-watch of one of my favourite films, Dougal and the Blue Cat and also the recent de-cooting of Team Mimi...(not including Mr. Mimi...I'll get him next time!)

See Mr. Flea preparing to leap off the canvas leaving a watercoloury trail and a blimming great bite in his wake!

Watercoloury in shades of golds, purples, blues and lilac's with big dribbly splashes of scarlet and crimsons...lunch maybe?!

Hand embroidered grafitti in a positive rainbow of stitches in a variety of silks, cottons and metallic threads for added bling!

There's Zebedee, my favourite character from The Magic Roundabout, with his whiskery tash and snappy bow tie, wobbling around on his spring


There's Space of the more annoying toys from my 70's childhood, mainly cos the folks got sick of carting me and it up to the local garage/air pump to re-inflate it...ah heady, dangerous days :)

Pinging off in all directions are lots of hand stitchy springs, flowers, glass beads and tiddly black French knot itchy!

So if you're looking for something completely unique to celebrate Valentine's Day this year hop on over to my Etsy shop...cos nothing says "I love you" than the gift of Fleas :0)

Stay tuned for my next bloggy installment for the giveaway I have in mind. In the meantime, I will be adding a few last minute embellishments to this...hint...hint...hint! :)

Bless yer 'eart's for dropping by and do come n say "Hello!" or "You're doing it all wrong!" over on that their Bookface thing!
Big loves to you all my homies!


jen said…
Only you could make me like a flea. Seriously. :o)
ArtPropelled said…
Well I certainly didn't expect you to commemorate fleas but you do it so well in your usual quirky style.

See you on the bookface thing.... if I can find my way.
Charlie said…
Thanks for posting that, it looks absolutely fabulous. As does your beautiful stitching - you're so talented x
Anonymous said…
the magic roundabout was such
a stoner show..

they did nothing for 22 minutes!

I loved Bill and Ben the flower pot men, they were total stoners...

Jill said…
wonderful and funny as ever - glad to see you on fb - hopefully i won't miss your posts now :)
olisa said…
This flea piece is so gorgeous and cool that it makes me drool!! You work is just stunning!!! Seriously makes me happy.
Who needs prozac when we have you!! :0) x
whaaaa??!?!? gurl, i don't understand a word you say, but i love you and your art none-the-less!!! lol

LOVE your work, every single damn thing you do! and i will one day make one of your pieces mine...!!

going to buzz off to your bookface, what-c'ya-ma'call-it...

big hugs

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