Hello Sailor!

Warning this post contains mens business! :)

Ahh Gawd bless ya Sir Henry Cooper

I was a bit too young to remember ever seeing him in the ring (I heard that comment at the back!) but I do vividly recall this:

My poor Dad had to endure a Brut gift pack pretty much every Christmas...technically his own fault as it was all my pocket money would stretch to and Denim was considered a bit to racey, but it's a niff that takes me right back!

And talking of going right back...(show me tenuous and I'll link to it!)...many moons ago before this stitching lark took a hold I used to paint portraits of celeb's, film posters that kinda thing, great big walloping things they were and I had the honour of painting Our 'Enry which he very kindly signed. The painting was then sold on and eventually ended up being auctioned Sotheby's, (blimey!), so I owe Sir Henry a big debt of gratitude for sending me on my painty path and my Dad an apology for years of reeking of cheap aftershave!

Now whilst we're on the subject of the wonderful menfolk I have the pleasure of knowing, I'd like to introduce you to my stitchy chum Mark, also know as FilmResearch.

Mark uses hand embroidery, fibers, and vintage fabrics to create his glorious work. Inspired by, colors, textures, fabrics and the natural world, which makes him my stitchy soul mate too! :)

His work has been exhibited in shows including Highline Community College in March 2011 "99 Coelacanths." Tacoma Community College 'Post Pop' and Portland Oregon's Redux shop 'Lovesick'

You can read more about Mark at Feeling Stitchy and Mr.X Stitch too  and see more of his work over on his Flickr photostream

Mark is also a fellow budgie botherer (no really, he'll love that!) and we've recently had an exchange of feathery friends!

He is currently squidgin' one of my wee fella's...

...and I'm the proud owner of a wee budgie smuggling sailor! ;0)

Mark says about the piece: "I love budgies, we call them parakeets here in the US. In Australia, the indigenous land of the budgie they call Men's speedos 'budgie smugglers.' Wait, visualize, you got it.That phrase made me so happy"

Well happy doesn't quite cover it, I'm delirious with joy!  The phrase is a personal favourite of mine too and combined with Mark's divine stitching it couldnt be more perfect and I'm thrilled to the gills to own a piece of his fabulous work!

Now talking of squidgin my wee fella's....matron!

 Yet another quick reminder that to celebrate her birthday the fabulous Carina from Polka and Bloom is holding a series of giveaways featuring pieces fellow stitchers and a wee budgie courtesy of moi, so if you want to join in the squidgin' fun head on over to Carina's blog this Friday!

Also in the Mimi pipeline...

There's been a sudden surge...well, two...requests for Audrey Hepburn, (naked...without embroidery!) this is the first, a watercolour on paper

Audrey in her titfer.  Tit fer tat = hat!

The second, I am about to start work on, which is a thumping great 1 meter acrylic on canvas, bit of a shock ot the system as it's a been a while since I worked on such a big scale!

And a stitchy commish featuring a wee doggy, sadly no longer with us, nicknamed Pig!

Now can't sit around bloggering around with you lot all day, there's a packet of Toffee Crumble ice lollies that need attending too...well, they might melt and that would be a waste, so really I'm saving money n the planet n stuff...

So til the next time big loves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by!


UK said…
This layout is so stellar. How did you manage to make a blog that as smart as it is sleek? I mean, it’s like an Aston Martin --smart and sexy at the same time. I’ve got to say, the layout alone made me come back to this blog again. But now that I’ve read what you’ve got to say, I’ve got to share it with the world!
Anonymous said…
well you have a lot on your plate...

And good you spread the word about our word for Speedo's - budgie smugglers indeed. No man would be seen dead wearing a pair.
JafaBrit's Art said…
I prefer the word budgie :) and I love reading your blog.


budgie smugglers!!! LOL!

Loved ready about Henry too, such memories.
Miz.November said…
Oh, doll. The Audrey painting is divine. But the badass boxing ring painting is speaking to me!!! I love it! And so cool that it was signed and auctioned off!
The budgie/speedo saying is quite funny. I would be so tempted to ask a fella "so how big is your budgie?".
greg said…
What a fantastic post, and not just because I'm feature in it. Thanks for the shout out MimiLove Deluxe! Been squidging my budgie until the stuffing if leaking out (metaphorically).

And your AH portrait, awesome! Can't wait to see the mega-canvas you're working on. ~Mark aka FilmResearch
Mark said…
These are really fantastic. The toile is your original design, yes? The male/female figures are really amazing, and the embroidery really punches up their personalities and eeriness.
Carrie said…
Mmmmm, toffee crumble ice lollies. I didn't know you could still get them! Love the painting, I'm in awe of anyone who can use water colours without turning the paper into a grey soggy mess.
Annie and Lyn said…
The Henry picture is amazing!

seriously, deadly, ADORE.
Jensters said…
Just WOW love your work.

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