Spud U Like?!

Well hello my bloggy chums, how are we all today? Magnificent I hope?
I'm afraid I'm starting with a vent and a whinge this time, sorry but OOO it's been a right week of it as MimiLove Towers this week!
If the power shower packing up mid rinse-repeat cycle...(altho in all fairness it has been held together with sticky tape and limescale for the past 2yrs so it was only really a matter of time) which was closely follwed by a flat tyre in the hospital carpark which induced a Basil Fawlty hitting car with branch style attack, which nearly got me sectioned, if that wasn't enough!

On top of that, and probably worst of all in my book...I in advertantly ate a lump of parsnip...I HATE parsnip...there I've said it...it had cunningly disguised itself as a potato in a vegetable soup thing and induced, I have to admit, a pathetically childish hissy fit!
If ever you wanted to thwart n repel me from your door vampire style, then just thrust a lump of cooked parsnip my way...my dad was partly to blame after one of those sneak get your kid to eat vegetables attacks by "disguising" them in mashed potato but I knew summin was a bit fishy cos his moustache was trembling when I questioned the weird sweet twang!
This also sparked a heated debate between me n Mr.Mimi, lover of all the (wood based!) root vegetables too: Swede-ok but ONLY if mashed. Turnips - just plain insanity nothing more to be said. Carrots are a minefield all of there own: raw yes, grated no, cubed/circled and boiled - Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

The jury's still out on carrot cake...

I really should get out more....

So anyway!! One thing we did agree on was spuds...specifically this one:

Meet Spud, the furry companion of my chum luligirl's mum.

He's a Smooth Fox Terrier, which has tickled me no end as it conjures up the voice of Lesley Phillips in my head..DING DONG!
I have to say I was supremely nervous about doing this, not only because it was a birthday present, but luligirl is a fantastic artist and portrait painter too

You can see more of her beautiful photography and portraits on her flickr photostream

...no pressure there then?!

Anyroad, luligirl was generous enough to commission me to do my stitchy thing on a wee pillow this time. I had a few guidelines: mum's favourite colours of pink and green and favourite tune by blues legend Muddy Waters, then I was pretty much left to my own devices huzzah!
So here is Spud, hand painted in acrylics, surrounded by a hand stitched flowery garland in shades of pinks with leaves in shades of green

Sequin flowers and glittery glass beads for added bling!

The lines from Muddy Waters Hoochy Coochy Man:
You know I'm the Hooochy Coochy Hound!
Everybody knows I'm...Spud!

He's backed with black and white checked gingham and has a wee pink and white spotty ribbon

I have received news that mum loved him, so sighs of relief all round here and a big THANK YOU to luligirl for trusting me on such a special occassion :)

Once again I cannot tell you how much I love doing this sort of work. So if you have a furry, scaley or feathery chum that you would like festooned with stitchyness, hop on over to my shop or drop me a line

Which is precisely what my other chum Mud the jewelling genius behind It's a Lovely Cake has done...next up for the MimiLove treatment is this wee fella, Starsky aka Pig..

Hot pre-stitchy action!

So that's what I'll be up to for a wee while.

Now cast your minds back if you will where I was wittering on about a new Royal Wedding themed collaboration between myself and the street art chaps Idiom

Well we have finally tied the knot and are proud to announce the marriage of our stitchy and street arty skills...we are also announcing a Bank Holiday on Monday 30th May by way of a celebration...huzzah! :)

Yes folks I'm nearly a month late to the alter, but I've finally finished my part in our latest piece! The chaps sent me a fabulous hand stencil/screenprint:

And I did my painty stitchy thing.

Hand painted glittery Cockney Sparrows festooned with stitchy flowers cheer on the lovely Mrs.Prince William in her glittery stitchy crown

"COR BLIMEY! I can't believe me mince pies! You're a right Boby Dazzler and no mistake!""Goodness me. I can hardly believe my eyes! You are very beautiful indeed!"

The bride wore a fluffy dressing gown, the grooms patience wore thin! ;0)
A3 Hand cut stencils and screen print. Hand embroidery...and hand painted glittery Cockney Sparrows and available for your purchasing pleasure...if you'd like to have our collective wedding stitchy painty brains hammered to your wall let me know!

Now, cant sit around here all day bloggering about with you lot, I'm off for a slice of carrot cake...purely for research purposes you understand...

Til the next time folks, big loves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by!


Mr X Stitch said…
Love that collaborative piece! If I had the money it would be on the walls of Mr X Stitch Towers already! :)
Carrie said…
Thanks for bringing a smile to my face after a Pony and Trap Sunday morning shift at work! Love parsnips myself!
Don't like parsnips!! They're divine - though having said that, I hated them as a child, especially when there was a potato shortage (back in the mists of time) and desperate Mums took to frying parsnip chips....

'Spud' is beautiful Mimi, you have captured him and more. Well done with the collaboration too. Hope you have a peaceful trouble-free week, Lesley. x
Miz.November said…
I love that little Spud pillow. Too cute.
I'm sorry that you have had some crummy luck of late. And I actually feel for you on the accidental ingestion of unwanted foods. There are certain things that garner that reaction from myself as well.
Carol Q said…
Crikey Mims, you caught Spud's expression perfectly. You are so clever at painting. You did make me laugh with your conjured up image of retreating on backwards rewind รก la True Blue stylie out of the door having eaten parsnip. great work with the Idiom guys. very British.
Claire said…
If I could stop laughing, maybe I could type a bit faster.........

I can just imagine you whacking the car with a branch and then having a go at the power shower too. Without doubt it wasn't funny at the time, but.....

Must remember not to serve you my all time fave cake - Chocolate, Parsnip and Date when you head over this way for a holiday.

Congrats on the collaboration, looks fab and you most certainly have captured that Hoochy Coochy Hound Spud.

"twas only joking 'bout the cake........I would definitely whip one up if you came and visited, but to my knowledge there is no such recipe for chocolate, parsnip and date, blah,,,,

Claire :}
Your post gave me a laugh!
The first time I encountered parsnips was at school when one day we had chips. We had never had chips at school before (or since) so I piled my plate up only to discover they were parsnips! Yuk! We weren't allowed to leave anything so I had to eat them all. I've steered away from them ever since but a couple of years ago tried some roasted ones at my Brother's and actually liked them! I'm now a parsnip convert.
Annie and Lyn said…
As always, a very entertaining post, thank you!
And spud is gorgeous.
Kate D. said…
Have I mentioned lately how much I adore your blog? It just brightens my day every time I take a few minutes to scroll through your archives.

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