Eating out...

Well hello you gorgeous bunch, may I say you are looking paticularly lovely today!
Now I hope you've all been trying out your new Cockney rhyming slang skills on folks and family members?! :)
Well I think it's time we moved on to a bit more advanced stuff, but don't panic if you've just joined as my Cockney for beginners Sparrows are available at my Ye olde Etsy shoppe here:

Allo my old china!

So as promised/threatened last time, we're moving on to eating out!

Mr. Sparrow sits amongst a big old bunch of hand stitched leafery in pink and browns, turquoise and greens with bright pinks, reds orange and purple.

He seems a bit peckish...(pardon the pun!)

Hand stitched words...repeat after me:

I'm bleedin' Hank Marvin!
I'm goin for a Ruby Murray, then off down the rub-a-dub
for a swift pigs ear!"

"Goodness me I'm hungry!
I'm going for a curry and then a visit to the pub for a beer"

Hank Marvin = Starving
Ruby Murray = Curry
Rub-a-Dub = Pub (public house/bar)
Pig's Ear = Beer

I will provide a translation with the item just in case of confusion! :)

Colourful, fun and food themed; send a surreal message via the language of Cockney Rhyming Slang, a unique gift for the fridge raider in your house perhaps...give the gift of Cockney Sparra this Christmas- nowt says "Luv ya me old trouble n strife/ pot and pan" like a Cockney Sparrow! ;0)

Big MimiLoves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by!


Claire said… your latest Sparrra' Karen.
Couldn't pick the Hank Marvin, so thanks for the translation.
Shall have to try it on a few of me cobbers and see what odd looks I get, or is that just their reaction to me, hehe.....

A weeeeeeeeet day here, hope you are enjoying a bit of warmth and sunshine.

Claire X
Bonita Rose said…
your work is so amazing!
Kayla coo said…
Brilliant love the sparrows talking Cockney makes me think of Mary Poppins!
Jean said…
Just found your blog from Handembroidery Net I do like your work very different please keep up the posts
Jensters said… a follower getting rid of

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