Brrrrr and Grrrrrr!

'Allo my bloggy chums I hope this finds you all magnificent and gorgeous as ever as we crash headlong towards to Christmas...arrghh!?

Gordon Bennet it's brass monkeys outside!  My garden looks like a walloping great leafy, twiggy bomb has gone off in it and quite frankly it can stay like that, I'm refusing to go out until the sun has got his hat on again, so looking around sometime next May...ish

Besides, I figure it's beneficial for the wildlife and over wintering insects...I also use this excuse for avoiding a wide variety of household chores including dusting, washing up and hoovering...Mr.Mimi is having none of it though and despite my best enviromentalist/save the planet/minimising our carbon footprint lectures he is currently writing something rude in the dust on the mantlepiece...sarky git

Anyway I can't possibly get involved with housework today cos I've got far more important things to do...there's a great big THANK YOU to the lovely Jill from first, whom I mentioned in my last post

Jill is a textile artist producing joyous fun filled pieces which are available from her brilliantly named Fiberluscious Etsy shop
From pin cushions and needlecases...

to my personal favourites fabric crowns and tiaras...

Her beautiful work that has also appeared on Martha Stewarts Dreamers into Doers website no less!!  Jill has most generously featured me as her Artist of the Month on her blog and it's such a lovely post I shed a wee tear that my folks arent around to read it *sniff*
Thank you so much Jill xx

So in between housework dodging and snivvling I have been at it with the needles and paints!I've been inspired by the chilly bones weather and all things snowy n's a bit schmaltzy too but hey what's life without a bit schmaltz...if it's good enough for Marks n Spencer!!

Here for your purchasing pleasure, a fluffy spotty snow leopard.  I've gone a bit wild and free with the painting here in the hope that I've captured the whole snow storm, blizzard I was having a bit of a sugar rush from a batch of Christmas gingerbread stuff that I've been "researching"

Anyway he's painted in deep blues and greys with whiffs of pinky goldy browns and soft lilacs and I've stitched up a storm in silks and cottons, glittery metallic threads

If you've no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...leopard!

Walloping great snowflake...bugger to stitch!

There's also some tiny glass beads and specks of glitter paint in silver and coppers which glint and twinkle when the light hits them  (no gingerbread crumbs, promise!)

 Watercolours and embroidery on paper and will be sent in his own alpine blue card mount ready for sticking in your favourite frame.
He's currently waiting patiently over at my Etsy shop hoping someone will take him home before he get's buried under a snowdrift n you'll only see his ears...come to think of it, that would've been an easier painting...

Also waiting in the this fella.
COO! A wee pigeon all sloshy in purples, pinks, greens, reds, greys and blues...pretty much any colour I could get on there really :)

I'm back on canvas with this one and really looking forward to starting work on it, it's been a while; I like working on paper but I can't let rip with the stitching like I can on canvas so forgive the delay as I will be relishing this one, and indeed gingerbread, for a bit

Stay tuned for more posts though as there's more exciting stuff that I might be able to tell you about...again much giggling and leaping around when no-one's looking! ;)

Righto, I suppose I better go and polish the swear words and cartoon genitals off the's not easy this domestic goddess lark...*sigh*

So until the next my homies, big MimiLoves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by! x:)


Raylee said…
love your style!......why does dust have to settle?....why cant it just keep moving?....far far away.
Miz.November said…
You are a stitchery genius, Mims. Now. Where's that gingerbread you speak of? Sounds like inspiration to me.
Lyn said…
He is gorgeous-you have such a talent.
How do you do it? Love the wordplay in your Snow Leopard piece, just makes me smile. The pigeon is great, captured in paint, well done Mimi. x
Anonymous said…
Fabric tiaras? I am off to check it out.

The pidgeon looks smart, and almost regal, for a pidgeon.
Gina said…
Great interview... your work is always so full of joy. It's funny but people write stuff in the dust in my house too!
olisa said…
The snow leopard is beautiful! Do you get sick of hearing how amazing you are? It is true! No one makes pieces like yours. I love the layers of paint, stitch and words. Just so awesome, Mimi. And I love your energy, too.
Josh Healy said…
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a said…
Your talent is amazing - the snow leopard is superb!

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