..where did that go?!

Oh my poor neglected blog, I hang my head in shame for the lack of updates, but by 'eck I've been run off me tootsies, I shant bother you with all the gory details suffice to say it's been a right old bag of tights!

Most recently an emergency dash to the vets with our old girl Ruby resulted in having half her gnashers (and most of my bank account) removed only to find out she has hyperthyroidism too so now has twice daily meds, which the crafty old biddy has realised she can stash in her gummy side and spit it out when I'm not looking...grandma has been warned not to try the same trick!

Between the in-laws and the kitties with all their varous ailments, the scenes at breakfast time are somewhere between Carry on Doctor and All Creatures Great and Small and the stitching and internetting mojo has been a bit lacking of late; the overwhelming instinct being to crawl under the nearest duvet and not come out, but whinge over, cos I've had some lovely stuff going on too which has been like having a big virtual hug so I'd like to share some good stuff with you and thank you for putting up with my moaning! :)

First up to warm the cockles of my heart this week.  The wonderful Judy Darley (who wasn't put off by interviewing me last time!), featured me in this months issue of Cross Stitch Collection issue 203...yay and thank you Judy! :)

That was all the motivation I needed to crawl out from under the duvet and I have finally got my stitch back on!

So there's a bit of a Scottish theme with my most recent work, which is currently heading off to the wonderful Cathryn Sugg from the Glasgow Goodkind Gallery in Montana

Cathryn is very generously showcasing a wee selection of my work at the gallery and asked if I could produce a custom peice that represented the town..."Hell yeah!"

Cathryn gave me plenty of info to go on, including the local mascot of a Scottie dog, colours of red, black and grey and the local school song

So here is, pre-stitchy but keeping the chill off in his natty tartan scarf:

Watercolor on paper
And here is again all stitched up Jimmy!


A few lines from the school song:
"Aye! We're the Glasgow Scotties!
Proud to be the Scotties
Cheer all ye lads and lassies!

I also tracked down the school logo, a wee Scottie in his Tam o' Shanter

Keeping him company on his journey are a few of my prints and cushions including

No place like gnome with his lantern and snowflakes:

A very sleepy gnome...please do not disturb!

A glittery jingly bell budgie

And a very hungry Cockney Sparrow!

Fear not though, if you can't make it along to the gallery versions of these fellas are available over at the MimiLove Etsy shop

And whilst I'm on the subject of Etsy, a big THANK YOU! to Waterrose for including cheeky Cockney Sparrow in her beautiful treasury which made it to the Etsy front page!

So once again a big thank you to all the folks that brought a little sunshine into my life and to you folks for popping by and putting up with me :)

Stay tuned for some hot interview action from my stitchy chum, the lovely Jill from Fiberluscious ...don't you just LOVE that name?!

And some other exciting stuff that I'm not allowed to tell about yet...but when no-one's looking I giggle and jump up and down a bit I'm that excited

ooo and a chicken ;0)

Right well it's just gone 7pm so it's time for me to don my white coat again ...if anyone out there has any tips on time management I would seriously be greatful!
Big MimiLoves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by! :)


Lyn said…
Hello we missed you, Our old cat Bob was on Thyroid tablets for years and he was a bugger for spitting them out, sometimes up to an hour later! how come it didn't melt? anyhoo, love the stitchy stuff as always!
ArtPropelled said…
Congrats for gracing the pages of Cross Stitch Collection! The Scottie is stealing my heart. A fine job, my dear!
Claire said…
Wow, lot's happening in Mimilove land, some very exciting news on it's way....can't wait to hear what it is.

Congrats on the Etsy front page and love the latest stitchy painted piece. Can't beat a wee Scottie in his Tam o shanter, too cute.
Sorry to hear about Ruby, must be fun finding half chewed tablets around the place, little monkey..........

There is an email half typed, waiting to be finished, so pop the kettle on in a day or two, you'll need a cuppa to keep you awake, hehehe........

Claire :}
Carrie said…
Lovely to see you back, your posts always make me smile. Congrats on the magazine feature.
Carol Q said…
sorry life's having it's ups and downs at the moment Mims. well done on the Glasgow exhibition and the lovely black and red Scottie - I do love your birdies though!
Angie Larkin said…
I swear when I make my first million, I'll be buying up your stuff left and right!

Congrats on your magazine feature!
Anonymous said…
well done on making it to the front page -

as usual all your stitching is delightful, cheering me up no end..

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