'Allo darlin's! Well you all look like a right bunch of bobby dazzlers today n no mistake!

Before I bore you rigid with my incessant drivvling I want to give a big Mimi Love thank you to the supremely gorgeous Olisa, stitchy Queen behind cocoaeyesthestitcher for featuring my flea as part of her Big Yes series.

Check out Olisa's beautiful embroidery work here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/22108593@N06

Thank you Olisa! x:)

Now folks get your speakers on cos you need to listen to this for my latest picture to make any sense as there's a bit of a tale behind this one and not just of the feathery variety!

Many moons ago when I was knee high to a Space Hopper, my mum was suffering from all manner of heavy duty ailments which required specialist treatment and general poking about by consultants, such was the rarity of her condition our local hospitals couldnt deal with it so she was referred to the big guns at St.Thomas' hospital in London.

The hospital is more or less smack bang opposite the Houses of Parliment & Big Ben and
on appointment days mum and dad would drag me off up to old London town and whilst mum was having her tests and so forth, Dad would take me for a mooch along the South Bank and keep me amused with his stories and rhymes.

You may have read some of the rhymes he made up for me in some of my other works

To the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club song:

And his version of Hickory Dickory Dock

This particular one, (without swear words!) he made up for our London visits

When Big Ben was due to chime the hour Dad would sit me down and sing this song to the bells:

Hello Big Ben! How are you today? Bye Bye Big Ben, see you another day!

Well it kept me amused! He thought I'd forgotton all about it until the pair of us were heading up to London on the train together some 20yrs later. As the train neared Waterloo we both caught a glimpse of Big Ben, looked at each other and smiled as we were both singing it to ourselves :)

I shall shut my face now and get to the picture, inspired by all things London and my folks

Remember this fella from the last post...pigeon post if you will...snigger:


Well here is again all stitched up, as with most pigeons he's been joined by a chum, ah bless!

There's a stitchy Big Ben in the background and you've hit it just in time to hear Dad's tune

Ding dong! Ding dong! ooo it's set the other birds off with tune too, wee stitchy musical notes drift off into the sky

The pigeon pair are taking a break from the concrete city and have nestled themselves down amongst a leafy, grassy undergrowth stitched in all manner of silks and glittery metallics. French knots a-plenty!


I lost Dad to cancer back in 1995, he was 49, Mum followed 4yrs later, she was 55, but I still sing it everytime I see Big Ben and altho there's a wee tear in the eye, there's a also a smile on my boat race too!

So there we go then, with 14 days left til Christmas Day (Dad's birthday incidentally) this will be my last picture of the 2011 but I shall be back in 2012 with a renewed vigour, 2 stone over weight and no doubt another excercise machine to drape my ironing off.

In the meantime I would like to thank you all for your support of my work over the past few years, putting up with my witterings and for all your lovely comments and messages, they really do mean the world to me xx


Big MimiLoves to y'all and thanks for droppin' by! x:)


jen said…
What an awesome story and such beautiful memories of your dad - what a great way to keep him in your heart, and still share him with all of us.

As always, love your painting and work and never were two pigeons so cool.

Happy Christmas! Can't wait to see what you'll be doing in 2012!

red road said…
A big poignant time for you. Loving the loving that's going on - will they have chickees do you think LOL? What are baby pigeons called?

All the best for 2012 love!!!! You have a lovely way of writing and your work is just amazing! i love it - as you know!!! Cheers Jay xx
gorgs graphic souk said…
Jellou! (A Spanish spelling of this word)(for your linguistic archive)
Centuries since I mananged a visit here, but you know how things are.
Loved every bit...as usual.
Much amorrrrrrrrrrrr.
PS. Your dad was fun!
Anonymous said…
Jellou! (A Spanish spelling of this word)(for your linguistic archive)
Centuries since I mananged a visit here, but you know how things are.
Loved every bit...as usual.
Much amorrrrrrrrrrrr.
PS. Your dad was fun!
Anonymous said…
Lovely post, Lovely memory!
Your dad was a treasure.

Wonderful way to end 2011, the piece is awesome!

Best of luck in 2012 :)
Carol Q said…
aw Mims, your story brought a lump to my throat. your pigeons are just stunners. wonderful colours and SO lifelike. your posts are such fun and I would miss them! PS - have you looked at the Aero Pilates machine on QVC - I've just bought one and I LOVE it! exercise without pain.
Claire said…
Hey Karen, such a poignant post...........childhood memories eh!!

Love your finished pigeon pic, gorgeous colours.........
Great work to finish the year on. Here's to 2012, a bigger and brighter year all round.

From a sunny corner in Oz...

Claire X
aawwww those pigeons!!!!! ♥
carorose said…
Reading your post I can hear your dad singing those songs and you giggling. Very special, just like your work. I use it to inspire my students, never fails.

Merry Christmas.
Miz.November said…
Love this story. So sweet. And what a great way to preserve the memory...in stitchery!!
My family raised tobacco up until I was out of school. When I was too little to do any of the work, I would ride the tractor with my dad while my mom and brother set the plants. To fight off the boredom, my dad would sing the do-re-me song from The Sound of Music. It worked for me!
olisa said…
Oh my, I LOVE the pigeons! The combination of words, paint and stitching... it is just stunning. And thank you SO MUCH for the shout. You have no idea how much this means to me coming from you. xoxox, Olisa
ArtPropelled said…
Phew I nearly jumped out of my skin when the bells chimed!Great to read your stories about your dad. I can picture little Mimi singing along with Big Ben. Love your pigeon pair!
All the best for 2012 Mimi Love!
Lyn said…
Love the pigeons - beautiful colours too.

Looking forward to seeing your 2012 work!
Jensters said…
Caroyln sent me over to your blog as i loved the Budgie you did as it reminds me so much of my Joey....ive had a look around and your such a talented artist....just love your painting and the stitchery too.....So glad you have fond memories of your parents...Happy new year.
I love this new one! Awesome.
I just added a new featured artist, Jean Truelove (serendipity?). Her husband is from London. Small world.
I have a new blog- www.fiberluscious.blogspot.com. I have you on that site as well.
Hope all is well!
Angie Larkin said…
Your work stopped me in my tracks the first time I saw it. It still does. Every time I see something new, I have to come check it out. You are brilliant!

Admiration and awe from Las Vegas,

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