...and so I'm back...BA! BA! BA!...from outerspace...BA! BA! BA!

...and so on in a Gloria Gaynor stylee

Well blimey O' Rielly it's been busy in Mimiville! As my dear, sweet, white haired Nanny Miles used to say, I have indeed been "runnin' round like a blue arsed fly"....(she wasn't y' average granny)

So I have mostly been ...

Stitching like the wind for intrepid out in all weathers/hours marvellous Miso, who's been knocking out my puggy purses n necklaces for all she's worth...BIG THANK YOU MISSY!! :)


And making a rather fabulous tutu for Christmas Eve fancy dress shennanigans...I'm going as a punk fairy...watch this space!

You may also like to know the elephant picture went down a bundle....although it hasn't reached the recipient yet, it made the lady who ordered it cry...I have that effect a lot...

And I've done a bunny!
Thought you might like to cop a visual on one before I go at it with the paint!

Watercolour Challenge(d)!...as Hannah Gordon might say (stood behind her in Waitrose once...she's very short)

I'm wrestling with the embroidery on this one...every inch of my being is screaming "CHAS n DAVE!!!"....but there's a small little voice in the dark whispering..."Doris Day...Doris Day"...(There's also a voice saying "Give it up luv"...that's there as a matter of course)

So I dunno, I'm torn...wotcha reckon?

Either way I'm saving it for the relative dodging over the Christmad period...so answers on a comment page please...no prizes just a warm feeling inside...I suggest Andrews.

So as Noddy Holder once said...IT'S CHRISSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!"...nearly...gratuitous cute cat picture...

Mimi tinsel duffing (3 of my favourite words...as well as pompom)



Joanie Hoffman said…
oh Chas & Dave~you gotta beautiful face! how many times can you embroider the word "rabbit"? : 0
Merry Christmas!
'fancypicnic' said…
Fantastic post! Great to read 'you' again!!

Hannah Gordon....that made me laugh...tee hee

PS - twiglets?!! That's great! Why didn't I think of that?? Brilliant!!
(...goes off muttering to herself...)
Kayla coo said…
Happy Christmas Mimi!
I do love your rabbit!
Run rabbit run run run....
queencraftygirl said…
So glad you are back! Love ur rabbit!! So cute!

Robyn said…
Do we get to see you in the punky tutu? I look forward to it! Love the rabbit! Thanks for the hug and good wishes. Hope you have a great Christmas Mimi.
Blue in Green said…
Hey mimilove, welcome back and you have a good one too. Haven't seen you in a while. Hope you are ok. See you soon.
.Blue in Green said…
Ha ha ...you lie. You can't be back. You are still in 2008. Happy new year
Louise said…
hey! Long time no read!

ooo I have my eye on those little purses, they are absolutely fab! But sold out, booo :(

Also loving your punk fairy self! I hope you rocked the night away!

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