Inspiration: so my nan (Nanny Miles) had this budgie (Pippy...no idea) and it used to sit on the end of her knitting needles....she knitted like a demon on stimulants and all I remember is seeing the budgie clinging on for dear life as she clacked away franticly in the corner...as a kid I had a fine line of tank tops caked in budgie poo...

Anyway this is my tribute to the thrill seeking, mirror mating, knitting fiend that was Pippy...

"OOO's a pretty boy then?!?!"

Watercolour pic wot I have embroidered with french knots in contrasting zingy orange, metallic gold thread and black embroidery silks.

Further embellished for extra glittery kitchyness with tiny glass beads and sparkly sequin stars
Pippy also has a wee friend to keep him company in the shape of a tiny china blue glazed bird bead

A sweet little painting which will brighten up your wall, and possibly your day too!

Pippy says "Switswoo!"...and that he's still for sale on Etsy if y' fancy a bit of wall candy!


Kayla coo said…
This is lovely.x
Robyn said…
LOL....hilarious post! My nan also had a blue budgie that used to nip the living daylights out of me. I love the painting!
mvegan said…
Love, love, love it!

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