Buck. Buck. Buckkarkkk!

Painting. Sewing AND bird impressions...is there no beginning to this gal's talents?


Here she is!

As I quite often used to have levelled at me at school, I have indeed gone "Mental.Mental.Chicken Oriental"

It might be a bit too jazzy for some, but I have to say I had a real ball doing this one! I guess it's because I've had it on the back burner for so long, plus having to be quite restrained what with the pet portraits and so forth

I've kept the painting free stylee to keep the colours fresh and bright, sketchy pencil marks are also visible cos I like that! Colours are shades of ochres, orangey/browns and lavenders with pinky red detailing.

Henny is peeking round a bushy undergrowth of hand embroidered greenery using a variety of silks and cottons in various shades of greens and yellows and a whiff of contrasting lilac. A ribbon of embroidered circles and glittery glass beads in a rainbow of colours runs through the middle of the picture to give added texture ........('ark at 'er!)

I've also added a smattering of hand embroidered hens amongst the grasses to keep her company!

The embroidery and painting continues over the edges of the canvas cos I like that n'all!

Hope you like it! :)
(Headed for Etsy)

Also in the news:

Page 12 of The Skinny people...oh yes, my foray into the fashion world is out in print (also available to view on line in case you're not near Scotland!)

The "have to laugh or I'll cry" farce and ever increasing repair bill on my heap of crap car continues a pace and the shabby tabby cat has hurt his leg fighting again which has made him even more bitey than he usually is...so any offer's in the region of 2grand for the chicken would currently be gratefully received...and providing I don't completely lose the will to live I'm about to start work on a piece inspired by The Who!

I'm off under a duvet for the forseeable future

Thank you for droppin' by x:0)


queencraftygirl said…
What a wonderful chicken! He's gorgeous and so is it all! Amazing work again.. :)

Colorfuldayz said…
OMG he is totally fabulous ... and I am not a "chicken" person. Your talents and imagination amaze me ...
'fancypicnic' said…
Okay I'm back to try again...

I hotfooted it over here as quickly as I could this morning(those thighs weren't built like this for nothing!!) to have a good read about Chicken, having ogled him (her!) lots over at flickr.
Karen - it's amazing!!! I love the wandering stitches and clutches of beads. Fabuloso. xx
'fancypicnic' said…
Now look - that's where the damage starts, 3 for £1 and all that.

Hang on, did you say 3 for £1???? See you, I'm off to the Co-Op right now!!!!!

ps - word verification is 'menly'. Feeling a bit 'menly' at all at the moment?!
Oh, cluck cluck cluck, love it!!!
Blooming beautiful, put a smile on my face.

Thanks for your comment, just finished pricing-if sale goes well tomorrow i'd quite like that chicken for my wall......

Emma :~)
Undaunted said…
Wow, your pieces are so inspiring! I can't believe you make me want to water colour! I love that you go down the sides of the canvas too.
Joanie Hoffman said…
Ahhh, car bills, you know i've had my share cause i barked about it on the blog. my best thoughts go out to you. i hope mr. bitey is doing okay, pls give his belly a rub for me. the chicken is magnificent and having recently seen the movie *21*, my first thought was "winner, winner, chicken dinner", pls ask the chicken to forgive me. happy days,
Hens Teeth said…
Hello sweetie,
Soz I haven't been around but thanks for the concern.

Ahh, my fav..... beautiful henny. Clever you x
Zoe Woods said…
Budgie & Oh so pretty Pug, loving their new home and everyone loving them!
Fab chicken, you clever thing you!

Zoe x
little dear said…
another amazing piece!! I love that negative space leaf. beautiful work!
Mieke said…
WOW So lovely!!!! Glad I found your blog ;o).
Undaunted said…
You have earned yourself an award, lady!
Robyn said…
Is there no end to this gals talents?? You really are a clever girl! Love it!
Don't get lost under that duvet!
This comment has been removed by the author.

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