Lovey-Dovey, Lovey-Dovey...

Lovey-Dovey all the ti-ime...oo-ee baby I'll sure show you a good time...

Well actually I wont but I will show you my latest picture I've had a right old time of it lately, some good; new hounddog pendants have hitched their way to Glasgow and will be appearing at the forever fablus MisoFunky real soon....and some pants; vat/accounts/day job brain spoiling bleurgh (apologies to my bloggy chums as I've been a bit slipshod with my visits lately!); but I did eventually find the time to sit in the sunshine for the 2mins we had of it (damn you British summertime!) with the brushes n pointy sticks and do my stitchy thang!

So with flourish n a TAADAAA!!


I started out thinking "I'm gunna go all soft n gentle; muted palette mmm, peace, love n harmoniousy", but then I thought "Stuff that for a game of cowboys!"

So, sloshy freestylee watercolour dove all flappy in the wind. Haven't really painted the dove as such, more painted around it! I was going to be a bit more precise on the eye, beak and tootsies but I'm kind of digging the abstract vibe without it

I've festooned him with a big ole flock of colourful shiney chums all a-wheeling and a-whirling to keep him company

It's all going a bit Alfred Hitchcock!

Some have shot off the edges and one got a bit too close to the front of the canvas so all you can see is a big lump of wing...bit like having your thumb over the viewfinder :0)

Hope you like it!
Heading for an Etsy shop near you!

Tap.Tap.Tap...waiting patiently in the wings (snigger) this wee fella:

...for a change I know where I'm going with one so stay tuned cos he'll be appearing real soon

Thanks for droppin' by! x:)


little dear said…
ooh pretty pretties!
Gina said…
Your work is so much fun!
Miz.November said…
Love it! Its so alive. Your stitching just amazes me.
Well Helllloooo there,
Love the fab new style of the dove.
Good to have you back!!
Look forward to seeing new design soon!
Emma :)
Joanie Hoffman said…
One day, soon, I am going to be the purchaser of one of your ever lovely creations! Probably not for a few months, but I am going to do this!
I may be a mimilove whore, but I am proud of it! lol
There, dear Karen, I have joined the ranks of those women!
Happy days,
meplusmolly said…
Fabulous work!
Just love the marks you make with brush and needle so much.
Can't wait to see how the mouse turns out.
I love that Joanie says she's a mimilove whore! too funny! ;0 xX
Undaunted said…
Ooh, this is gorgeous! I love all your pieces. You clever lady :)
The mouse is good but the rat wins - 'Chanson D'amour' in your Etsy shop, I love it.
Anonymous said…
love it!
Louise said…
I know I'm rubbish, and don't visit my fave blogs for a long time...then when I do, I'm a bit out of touch...but HELLLOOOOO to your new banner. Love love loving it!
hooray for mimilove again! Lou :)
Miz.November said…
Just let me say, thank you for being the only person paying any attention to me. I'm feeling like a middle-school outcast. That seems to happen a lot in the blog world.
Hens Teeth said…
Hello Pet,
Sorry haven't spoken much just lately.
Hope you are ok.
Lovin' the slisshy sloshy, absolutely gorg.
viv x

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