My heart going...

Boom! Boom! Boom!...and wuff a bit too (as Peter Gabriel once said.)

This week I have mostly been painting small dogs...not literally, I've found they don't like it...

So a new batch of wooden heart pendants for your accessorizing pleasure:

First off
A slightly adapted version of my original puggy pendant.
This time pugster has gone all 50's rocker stylee with vintage tattoo roses..huzzah!
See puggy all pokey up behind his tatt!

Same vintage tattoo roses different doggy. This is a tiddly Boston terrier all Rockerbilly Rebelious in the Roses...I've the divinely cool Brook and her wee Gus over at Knit with Love to thank for the inspiration for this one...cheers missus!!
(Go check her out her shop....embroidery and accessory lusciousness!)

David Soul Silver Lady yeahh!
A tinsy shitzu...and let's face it there's not a funnier dog name, all bunched up fur in a spotty pink bow, a bit o silver leaf detailing an a David Soul hit...what more could ya want?!

And last but not least...
Spoilt Bitch Yorkie!
Look it had to be done...I'm sorry!
Besides this one makes me's the slightly manical expression. Again furry fiend with pretty bow and teeth! Goldy lookin' love hearts and suchlike...spoilt indeed!

All stained and handpainted by my own (slightly arthritic) hand ...acrylics, silver leaf, sequins and so forth, shiney varnished for durability and strung on glittery organza and cord and embroidery silks and all for sale over at my Folksy shop and don't forget folks I'm always up for a commission so if you're looking for a Barry White Weimaraner or a tattooed Dachshund, I'm ya gal...sorted

Also in the news:
Chicken pops up on EFA blog Thank you folks!
New embroidery in pipeline!

Right can't sit around here blogging all day, I've got Easter Eggs to attend to!
Have a choctastic Easter!!
Thanks for droppin' by! x:)


little dear said…
:D your posts crack me up! I bet you are a fun chick to hang with. love the tiny dog hearts!
queencraftygirl said…
I love the little dog necklaces! So fun and cute!

Lovely little dogs! Wishing you loads of Easter Eggs and smiles!!
Undaunted said…
Blimey lady! You are so talented! These pendants are gorgeous!

Have a good weekend!
Jude said…
Thanks for visiting.
Fabulous necklaces!
Jill said…
Oh these are just wonderful - love your humour too :)
Anonymous said…
Love your dog pendants especially the spoilt bitch one!
Kayla coo said…
Happy Easter Mimi and Happy Chocolate Eating too!
Cute pendants.xx
meplusmolly said…
Hope you had a good easter and are now chocc-ed out, I know I am. Thank you so much for the lovely comments on my blog, I LOVE your work, so fresh, original and inspirational! I'm allocating myself some time this week to have a good ol' browse of your blog.
Talented lady and beautiful work ;0 x
Miz.November said…
I just discovered your work on Etsy and I am completely twitterpated. So much so that I just had to do a post about it on my own blog. I hope you'll check it out.
emma lamb said…
Spanner says 'woof, woof, WOOF' - thank you so much for the birthday wishes! i love your new work but wheres the cocker spaniel!? ;)

happy sunday,

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