Be it ever so humble...

...there's gno place like gnome...titter

Well this is probably one of the more unusual requests I've had but oooo I've had fun doing it!

I was contacted by a lovely lady via my Etsy shop who wanted a portrait of a gnome.
I was pretty much given a free rein (my most favourite of all!) with just the addition of her favourite lyric from Nothing Better by The Postal Service and also to give him a kind of wistful/heartbrokeny look, which I hope I've managed to achieve...see wotcha think

So introducing with a bow...


Mr.Gnome, despite his increasing sense of abandonement, is resplendant in shades of deep bluey grey against fiery red/orange with whiffs of pink and purples and a rather spiffy orangey belt

Well and truly stitched up

Aww, see him there, all unsure of foot in his pointy-nointy hat, standing under a tiddly lantern waiting for his girlfriend...will she show or swerve?

A smattering of glass beads amongst a silky undergrowth, starting with gold and working the way through the rainbow, add extra glittery may have noticed, I do like a bit of undergrowth!

I cannot tell you how much fun I had doing those toadstools..which are edged by the Postal Service lyric and a few tiny blue hearts (see what I did there!?)
There's also a couple of wee lanterns dotted about to help him find his way home in the dark...alone

Currently winging his way to his gnew home in the US of A...where I hope he will find the love he is looking for :)

Stayed tuned folks as there's some hot embroidery swapping action currently in progress and some spiffy Mr.XStitch blogging action to report!

Thanks for droppin' by! x;)


meplusmolly said…
What a FAB piece!!!!!! I'm sure the lady in question will be over the moon with her commission, how could she not be??!!!!! love it ;0 x
I like the toadstools too, great to see your work on MrXStitch! BFN. Lesley
Hens Teeth said…
Mimilove has been painting and stitching away,
a sad little gnome has been made this way.
Off to USA he wings,
lots of joy and laughter he will surely bring!

Cool stuff girly x
Gina said…
I'm rather taken with Gnorman the Gnome!
Joanie Hoffman said…
Gnobody paints gnomes like gyou!
Agnother fine work of art.
Happy gnights,
Kasey said…
I love this! Your work is excellent!
Ansie said…
I just found you over on Feeling Stitchy. wow!! I love your work. I am definetely adding you to my favourites. I love the combination of paint and embroidery. I mean, I really LOVE IT.
Sylvie said…
I discover your art on "feeling stichy" blog, and I am a fan!!!
This piece is sooo beautiful...

Kayla coo said…
Great gnome and the toadstools are brilliant,like a fairy story.xx
Anonymous said…
He is gorgeous, I think the lady will be very pleased!
Jackie said…
It fab but you've got to wonder about the man in her life.
bliss cocotte said…
I love so much this one!!! Your work with painting and stitching is amazing! fabulous!!!
Kim said…
Holy smokes! This blows me away - it's WONDERFUL!

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